Do you trust government guidelines for ANY thing?

Let us remember that government guidelines (including the global warming idiocy) are often not based on science, but on a drive for political power.

Do you trust government guidelines for ANY thing?

This lady doesn’t
Jean S

I was skinny as a child. I was skinny as a young adult… but starting around age 25 I started gaining weight.

At the time I was following the absolutely stupid Federal government nutrition “guidelines” aka, the Pyramid diet. I ate mostly whole grains, then fresh fruits & veggies, with moderate amounts of proteins (meat, poultry, fish, & soy), 3 cups of milk a day plus other dairy, and small amount of fats. I almost never drink alcohol. I was at that time physically mobile and walked at least 5 miles a day (and often walks of 15 miles on a weekend) with frequent bike riding up to 20 miles a day. Despite all that I continued to gain weight, until I was 100 lbs overweight. No matter what I tried (increasing walking, very low fat diet as then suggested)… nothing worked at all.

Eventually the “guidelines” changed but it was harder by then to change my supposedly health behavior. I finally got so frustrated by not being able to lose weight I started going to doctor’s about it. I went for a few months to a diet support group where the leader insisted that what I wrote down I was eating in my food diary that I was lying. I was not lying. She also made totally unhelpful suggestions like “If you eat a whole chicken at a meal, eat half the chicken.” or “If you eat a whole pie, just eat one piece”. In my whole life I have never come close to eating a whole chicken in one meal or a whole pie… I only had 2 pieces of pie for Thanksgiving, and usually kept them small. I told her that, she claimed I was lying so… I quit going to that program.

Then eventually I developed osteoarthritis and started having mobility problems and gained more weight. I considered bariatric surgery but it freaked me out when I found out what it entailed… basically the “gold standard” is to remove most of your stomach… despite the fact there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that having a stomach is what causes you to become obese.

Then I went for a year to a medically supervised weight loss program, was put on a <900 calorie keto diet which consisted of specific food products (not normal food) and weekly meetings. I lost 130 lbs and went into the maintenance part of the program which transitions you to eating regular food … but then moved two months later and found that it was harder and harder to eat by the recommended maintenance plan which made me feel constantly hungry (I never had that problem on their low cal keto diet). Enter the stupid lockdowns and over time I ended up gaining back most of the weight I initially lost.

SO yeah, I’m disgusted with government guidelines on a lot of things these days.

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  1. I watched Rural KY Farmers (and others) eat taters fried in bacon grease with 3 eggs and bread with preserves…they never gained weight because of two things – 1 They were active from sunup to pat sunset and 2 their stress levels (compared to city Folks) is close to Zero.
    I moved from a big city to rural KY and my triglycerides etc all went down to low normal range. Before they were in the EXTREME range. I ate what they ate and lost weight and stress. Stress is the worst factor for Health.
    Move to the country (not suburbs) and raise your own food.

    • I agree on stress being the worst thing for health (although mind you some stress is needed for optimal health, just not too much).

      I hate cities and I lived in the boonies for about 20 years… pretty much since 2001 but it doesn’t necessarily reduce stress. It’s easy to fantasize that moving to the country would solve all your problems… but I know otherwise from experience.

      Growing all my own food was something I always wanted to do… but never possible for me personally and is less so now. I haven’t got what it takes physically to be able to do it even tho now I have more time since not involved in the workplace.

      In a lot of rural places many or even most people have to deal with severe economic issues and a lot of things like domestic violence, severe drug problems or alcoholism are common … which are both causes of stress and may be caused by people trying to deal with stress. Oxy, for example is a huge problem in KY (I’m surprised but it sounds like you don’t seem to know that). In other place I know rural places have problems with heroin and meth in particular. Where I live (southern AZ) you are a lot more apt to run into drug cartels and the problems they bring when living in a rural place than in town. My town is relatively safe, but a family I know who lives remotely has been told by Border Patrol that they should consider moving away from where they are… because it’s a “war zone” because of the cartels. And for example… a lot of Indian reservations are in rural and remote places and they have a ton of problems with some of the highest unemployment rates and crime.

      My current place is in theory a suburb/retirement community or small town but there are so few people actually living here (at least year round) and the town is surrounded by country… so it does not feel urban at all. Especially so in summer when it becomes a ghost town of sorts.

      In my case the stress over the years was mostly job related either from not making enough money to live on or the job itself which was mostly people problems. In order to live in the country…I had to commute (sometimes as much as 70 miles a day) to a city to get to work most of that time… and the jobs were all government jobs (which is why I know something more than I might have about how screwed up the government can be).

      I’m finally retired and the stress has been a lot less but there are also other stressors…. health and mobility problems among them… and now dealing with isolation from the stupid shut down/lock up. Hopefully in time that will get back closer to normal… but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. I recommend 2 books written around 7-8 years ago, each with a Sequel:

    WHEAT BELLY by a Dr. Davis

    GRAIN BRAIN by a Dr. Perlmutter.

    They are wonderful.

    Another source of information is Dr. Jordan Peterson and his daughter. Listen to their discussion with Joe Rogan, on Rogan’s podcast. The daughter, Mikhaila, has a blog “Don’t Eat That”. This will require a bit of research to get their entire story, but it is amazing.

    • I also recommend the above books.

      For an eating pla, Trim Healthy Mama. Books, website, Facebook group. But the best of their books to learn the plan is Trim Healthy Table.
      I lost 85 pounds in 9 months on this plan.

    • Carbohydrates in the form of breads, rice, pasta, corn and potatoes do two things. First, they give you energy to do physical work. You should think of that energy as a contract that you make to get moving. The other thing these powerful carbs do is to stimulate the production of insulin. Insulin production encourages fat cells to grow whenever you aren’t active. When you aren’t active reduce your carb servings. Instead of eating 2 or 3 servings of pasta, eat one. Weigh or measure to provide an accurate portion. Eat more vegetables when you aren’t physically active and less fruits. I’ve read that today’s fruits have more fructose than the old varieties of the past. Eat less often. Two meals a day may be enough with a snack in between. Reduce stress. Be kind.

    • Dr. Valter Longo is the Edna M. Jones Professor of Gerontology and Biological Sciences and Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California -Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, Los Angeles, one of the leading centers for research on aging and age-related disease. He is known for his studies on the role of fasting and nutrient response genes on cellular protection aging and diseases and for proposing that longevity is regulated by similar genes and mechanisms in many eukaryotes.

      Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist. He’s a world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carb, especially for treating people with type 2 diabetes. He has written three best-selling health books and he co-founded the Intensive Dietary Management program. Dr. Fung has his own website.

    • Hi Centurion. I haven’t heard of ‘Wheat Belly’ but I’m guessing the title is telling me something important!
      As for Dr Perlmutter’s book, ‘Grain Brain’, my wife swears by it, along with ‘Take Control Of Your Health And Escape The Sickness Industry’ by Elaine Hollingsworth.
      I haven’t read either of these myself but I’ve heard PLENTY from my wife about both of them. All good stuff.

      I tend to think: “If it’s natural, it’s probably OK”.
      The human species is thought to be around 200,000 years old, which means we’ve spent about 90% of our existence surviving the last two glacial periods. We’ve only had the Eemian Interglacial and this present one – maybe 20,000 years in total – as a respite from the ferociously cold weather!
      The farming of crops such as wheat wasn’t invented until maybe 7,000 years ago and the climate probably wasn’t conducive to it over large areas of the world during the glacial periods anyhow.
      So, what did we eat? … A lot of roasted meat with whatever root vegetables and seasonal fruits we could find. Carbohydrates were probably a minor part of our diet and most of our calories came from animal fat. Hence our love of fatty foods to this day, which we’re told will kill us. We love the ‘mouth feel’ of fats because we’re programmed that way. But the doctors have turned everything on its head; pushing carbs and demonising saturated fats.

      If we’ve evolved to eat meat and fat over a period of 200,000 years, with minimal carbohydrates, I think it’s small wonder that reversing all of that in less than a century has produced the fattest unhealthiest-looking humans in history. You mess with nature, you run into trouble.

      My understanding is that eating saturated fats is NOT bad for you. Cholesterol in your blood is made by your own body in accordance with your physiological need. You don’t get it from your food. You manufacture it. It’s not dangerous (at some arbitrary level dictated by the pharmaceutical companies) until you start consuming highly-processed poisonous stuff like vegetable oils – especially canola, which is in ALMOST EVERY PROCESSED FOOD.
      Vegetable oils and other abominations like powdered eggs oxidise your cholesterol and turn it into oxysterols. It’s the oxysterols which cause inflammation of the cardiovascular system, which in turn leads to arterial plaques – blockages in your blood vessels. Hence the high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks.
      And I’ve been told that taking statins to artificially lower your cholesterol is a pointless and damaging thing to do, while you’re busy consuming vegetable oils and carbohydrates instead of the foods we actually evolved to eat.

      BTW Robert, my wife was saying the Aspartame in diet drinks can cause serious auto-immune disease. It occurred to me to ask you whether that could possibly be contributing to your particular problem(?).
      Anyhow, we wish you well and hope a cure can be found very soon.

    • I had a similar experience.

      For me, the solution was to base my meal around lean meat and non-starchy vegetables. THEN I added a small but reasonable amount of carbs and I started feeling very much better.

      So. I eat a baked potato with my sirloin steak, and as much salad as I wish. Last nights dessert was a cut up baked peach and before eating it I sprinkled a crumb topping on top: it was less rich and not quite as sweet as slice of peach pie but it was very, very good. I still eat carbs but much less of them, and if I get hungry between meals I grab 2-3 crackers to tide me over. Only 2-3, though. And the weight slowly went away

  3. Losing weight requires a reduction of calorie intake, a change from certain foods such as carbohydrate-rich foods, and exercise on a regular basis. It is tough, but can be done.
    One thing to realize is that much of our problems with our bodies are caused by our gut flora, the microbes that live in our guts. You can change these, but it takes work. You need to change the diet you eat, add probiotics and such things as Kefir and other probiotic sources, and eat more fermented foods. These will gradually help change your gut flora. One thing they don’t tell you is that stuff like Metformin work by changing your gut flora over time. So do other medications they give you. Right now, there is no one pill, capsule, or food that can cure your gut flora problems, but one day soon they will work all this out.

  4. … despite the fact there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that having a stomach is what causes you to become obese… or having a brain is what causes you to become intelligent. Both can safely be removed without adverse effects. Try Brawndo… it is good for everything… plus it has enzymes.

  5. As far as I can see most Western governments’ advice to the public is predicated on backing from large commercial concerns, consensus thinking, and too many ‘pie in the sky’ theories.
    Western Governments and their lumbering dragoons of bureaucrats with their ‘tick box’ idiocy don’t necessarily want you fit, or knowledgeable — They want you controlled! More often than not the hagfishes of Main Screech Media are party to this effort by accepting the government propaganda but never properly analyzing or questioning it!

    So, stay fit, knowledgeable and healthy by doing your own research and thereby assess your own risks and benefits. Don’t rely on governments to do it for you as recent history shows that they’re incompetent for such tasks.

  6. I had the same problem, even went down to 500 calories a day for six weeks, lost 2 lbs which went on the week I came off the ‘diet’. Eventually found that the Dr Atkins diet was the one for me: protein of all kinds, salad, green veg., fruit which ended in ‘-berries’. Great diet: eggs and bacon for breakfast, cheese or meat and salad for lunch. My favourite dinner is prawn cocktail, followed by steak and salad, followed by strawberries and CREAM, lots of it as it is protein! Then, if on the maintenance diet, a glass of wine and a small brandy!

  7. Jean S.
    Just go low carb, eat as little flour products as you can. It’s the damn Carbs that make us fat! But they are also the ones that taste So good, like donuts, cookies, chips are fattening too.
    I did this on my own( I don’t need gov. advice on anything) and I lost 10lbs. a month for 6 months, then leveled out at 185lbs. I also ate a lot more fruits and Veges. at that time too. Right now I am up 20 lbs. and need to get back to my dieting. There are lots of foods that have no carbs at all and you can eat all you want. Like Eggs, cheese and others

  8. Robert go back to the Keto diet! It is high glycemic index carbs that induce blood sugar level swings and produce the cravings and hunger pains. On the Keto diet these swings go away because your body is using stored fat to produce glucose and not sugars or starches. On the Keto diet it is very easy to forget about meals altogether if one is working on an interesting project. The Keto diet will not solve the problem of boredom eating however.

  9. All my life I’ve been in kind of diet and I still am 100 lb over “acceptable” weight. Best results I got on high protein, mainly meat and high fat.
    Two years ago I started a low cal diet. I lost 87 lb on 500 cal/day. In two years I am back to square one. I decided not to die hungry! I am 67 and in good health. Only high blood pressure – under control.
    Good luck to you. I do understand your frustration.


  10. I would say that you can trust the government. Exactly as far as you can push a fully loaded aircraft carrier, on dry land, uphill, with either your manhood or your boobs.

  11. Replace milk with half-and-half. It tastes better. It contains no sugar. Instead of drinking a twelve ounce glass of milk with a meal, I sip about three ounces of the half-and-half. It winds up costing less than milk and I believe that it is better for me. Best of luck to you.

    P.S. Nina Teicholz’ book, “The Big Fat Surprise,” is a great source of information for topics like, what to eat, and why to avoid medical doctors when seeking information about nutrition. She is also on YouTube. (Another good source of information is Tom Naughton.)

  12. My guess is that you weren’t getting enough fat on that keto diet. Most diets called ‘keto’ are high protein and very hard to sustain. I’m on a moderate protein, high fat, low carb 15-20 carbs per day, diet. It is pretty easy to maintain as long as I stay away from any form of artificial sweetener. The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung does a great job of explaining metabolism, digestive hormones like insulin, and how they should work. It’s counter intuitive, but you have to eat fat to lose fat.

  13. If it’s FREE, you usually get what you paid for. But I don’t care for institutional food. Or fluoride anyway! And wtf,, Turkey Bacon, I gotta laugh. But hey, low sodium is good for my dog.

  14. We are essentially carnivores with an omnivorous side to us. We are NOT plant-grazing herd animals. Even dogs and cats eat grass now and then, and my cat goes nuts over catnip. (The warbling is ridiculous.)

    I have been through the ILL mill the last year and a half and finally got past that, but that was a medical issue and had nothing to do with gubbmint guidelines.

    Depriving yourself of animal fat and protein is not healthy, never has been. Grain products make you feel full and stave off hunger pains, but plants as a sole food source are NOT the way we evolved.
    And for irony, my mother insisted on putting margarine on the table. It always had the wrong flavor to it. Butter was BETTER. It’s a natural fat, we’ve been using cow and goat milk fats (and even sheep fats) for millennia, to make butter and cheese.

    Ma was appalled, when she visited me in Chicago in the 1970s, that I was using butter. Well, margarine and the soft-spread version of it make your platelets sticky and I won’t touch it, period. She would never touch it. She had a mild stroke and heart attack at the same time, and became bed-ridden, couldn’t remember who any of us were. Her mother knew who we were and things we did when we were 5 or 6, right up to the day she died at 97. Grandma put butter on the table. I have followed my grandma’s example.

    Not making any criticisms, but I suggest this poor woman get off all those “diets” and start using real butter, because her body is craving fats. And drop those groups, because they are a waste of time and money. Get off the grain carbs, too. They increase weight gain. Beer was the first fermented beverage, you know, made from the water that grains like barley and wheat had been soaked in. (See the History of Food site.)

    Veggies and fruit are fine, because there is such a thing as wild celery and peaches and apples will grow anywhere. Our caveman ancestors were foragers as well as hunters.

    Fat does NOT make you fat. Following government guidelines WILL do that. I want to see the gubbmint try to pry my cheesecake and ice cream out of my freezer. 🙂

    • Eewww: clicked too fast:

      She would never touch it – should be She would never touch butter.

      My bad, sorry.

  15. Most medications and many medical procedures are poison too. They don’t make most people any better or cure anyone of anything. The best cure is to cut out most carbs and PUFA’s, and eat only fresh fruit, vegetables, raw milk, fish, grass fed beef, free range eggs, and drink filtered water with squeezed lemon every day.

  16. I think that the qualifier “often” is regrettable. Government do not “often” lie and deceive their electorate. They “always” lie, deceive and manipulate the populations that “ostensibly” “elect” them.”

    The American people were lied to about Pearl Harbour, they were lied to about the Korean “war,” (“officially” an United Nations “police action”). Americans were lied to about the Vietnam War, the Gulf “War,” and they are currently being lied to about Syria, and everything else that occurs in the Middle East.

    Americans, and “kanadians” are habitually lied to by their respective “governments” about the inflation rate, the rate of unemployment, “government” debt, and household income. As well as “Free Trade,” “Immigration,” and “refugees.”

    In the 1960’s “kanadians” were lied to about Thalidomide,” an drug that relieved symptoms of morning sickness. As an result, an entire generation of children were born without arms and legs.

    Remarkably, however, when I have, on occasion, discussed these issues with “others,” often, non obstant these enormous moral defects concerning the malefic and malevolent behavior of government toward citizens, they respond that “We need government.” (sic).

    I think that it would be instructive to such people, as well as for everyone else, if we experimented with an “Day without Government.”

  17. Outdated info my eye! The Nutritional Guidelines are FALSE if health is the goal. First, because they follow the Cholesterol Hypothesis in advocating ruinous omega-6 vegetable oils instead of the saturated fats that’ve nourished us for millennia. (AND the soy & safflower oils are GMO.)

    Second, the grain-heavy, high carb aspect increases triglyceride & insulin, which ARE associated with heart disease, not cholesterol. You make your hormones and vitamin D from cholesterol & sunshine, and your liver MAKES cholesterol. High cholesterol is an indication that one of your hormones is too low, often thyroid– or that your veins/arteries are inflamed. Cholesterol is used to emergency-patch them, not clog them.

    The Cholesterol Hypothesis was already disproven when the public and medical schools were first propagandized with this hoax. The studies are conclusive and available free online. I started reading them in 1964 before computers were available. Here’s a couple videos as a guide. Nina Teicholz, author prof Tim Noakes

    The chronic illnesses arising out of inflammation and excessive insulin would be greatly decreased if we ate saturated fat and meat raised on their proper food.

    We would then have only to normalize our electrical exposure to banish the remaining inflammatory disease by the following:
    –cut down on emf exposure by minimizing wireless
    –switch back to leather-soled shoes so we have a little contact with the earth as a source of free electrons
    –sleep grounded

    Chronic inflammation produces lots of free radicals which ultimately create more inflammation. Free radicals are by definition unpaired electrons, and grounding the solution to any excess free radicals.

  18. With Intermittent Fasting + daily walks/physical activities or cold showers + Low Carb/Keto Diet I’ve control my Diabetes mellitus type 2. Carbohydrates are addictive and do not satiate hunger.
    But…no doctor Government will tell you about this.
    It happens the same way with AGW, they want only to tame and manipulate us.
    I like this videos:

  19. A friend of mine who I sang with in a chorus for about 25 years struggled with his weight when he got to over a hundred pounds over weight he went to what he called a “Fat Farm”. He stayed there about 3 months and lost 50 pounds. He paid a lot of money, many thousands of dollars to be taught how to be the right wwight.

    My friend discussed with me what they did at the “farm”, they didn’t exercise, they didn’t go on a “Keto” diet, they simply studied food. They were limited to what they could eat but only that they could only eat so many calories a day. The main thing he came out of the “Farm” with was that calories make you fat. If you multiply your weight by ten then that is how many calories you can eat each day to maintain your weight. If you have a target weight, say 180 lbs then eat 1800 calories a day and you will eventually get there. He says it isn’t exact because some people have different rates of metabolism than others, but that it is pretty close.

    Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas I pack on the pounds and then take some months to get rid of them by reducing calorie intake. Calorie counting works but it’s a chore.

    click on other zc carnivore blogs
    click on just meat michael goldstein
    start reading

  21. I would humbly suggest you start counting the calories every day. Quantity matters. You might find out that you are eating way more than you need.

    click on other zc carnivore blogs
    click on jusy meat – michael goldstein
    start reading

  23. My Grandmother told me that trust is earned, not given. Neither our government nor any other has earned my trust.

  24. I spent 25 years in the Army as an infantry soldier. Retired at 48.
    Did between and hour and 3 hours of physical exercise everyday except Sundays and when in the field (which is physically demanding in and of itself) for 25 years.
    I’ve always struggled with my weight. Always. As a teen, as a young soldier, as an old soldier.
    I am 5’7″. When I retired from the Army at 48 I weighed 195lbs (which is overweight). At 50 I weighed 243lbs. I resolved to get my weight under control. I dieted, I exercised I did everything I’d always been taught and had taught my soldiers and children over the years.
    At 51 I weighed 268lbs. I had high blood pressure, I was pre-diabetic, had no libido, had nonstop indigestion, and could not sleep through the night without going to the bathroom 6 times. Despite nearly a year on a calorie restricted diet and lots of moderate to intense exercise.
    I was very depressed.
    Then I tried keto.
    I went from 268lbs to 169 in almost exactly a year.
    Keto saved my life.
    Now I am low carb, I enjoy exercising and have no problem maintaining my weight.

  25. If anyone has the time, “The Cambridge World History of Food” is arguably one of the most informative books ever written.

  26. Hope you will get a better feeling about your weight and get a better idea of what to eat. It is not the task of Government to produce guidelines how to live. That is just what communism was and is, favoured by (democratic)socialists too: submitted to an ideology in the same way being submitted to a religion.

  27. On losing weight, I am diabetic and have been for years. I am determined to lose enough weight to get to the point I will not need insulin and hopefully other meds, if it is not too late. In the end I have learned that it is not what you eat but how much. PERIOD.

    The part of food you use for energy, fuel is all from either fat or glucose and anything else in the food such as amino acids and vitamins and minerals and such are used to build cells or hormones,etc. Whatever else is left over, like roughage, is waste and should be eliminated.

    So, you eat too much your liver stores it as fat. And too much fat can cause problems and for some people they do not have to be “obese” for those problems to begin. For some a BMI of 25 is too high and for others maybe even 22 might be. We are all individuals with different characteristics.

    The problem today and has been for many years an abundance of food. People are never forced to fast, they can eat from daylight to midnight if they desire and much of the junk available has concentrated calories which means you get too much but it does not satisfy your hunger. Raw, non starchy veggies are the best food, not many calories but filling.

    –Airlines considering banning recently vaxxed due to their experience w clotting & bleeding problems. (–
    –Wales: 60-70% of hospitalized & deaths in the Fall expected to be among the fully vaxxed!! (
    –Australia: Jan-May 2021 Covid deaths 1 Vax deaths 210
    Jeff Berwick video 5 minutes

    And while we’re in Wales: 29-yr old football star goes into no-contact full cardiac arrest on the field. Required CPR right there. What are the odds?

  29. “Do you trust government guidelines for ANY thing?”

    Not a letter, not a number, not a word, written or typed. Same with the rest of the establishment and their supporters.
    My being civil or diplomatic with them is merely being polite pending getting into a better situation and not a matter of approval. Given what is going on lately the hang man is under employed. Genocide and crimes against humanity are being committed one jab at a time. Trials and punishments are required.

    Grieving parents speak out…

    “When a Child Dies From the Vaccine, You Will Be Accountable for Murder” – Bromley Police Confronted

  30. Hi this is a bit out there but I’ve up my salt intake its helps loose weight it’s a fact that in some cases salt or lack of prevents weight loss

  31. Hello;
    The “CENTURION” post is correct.
    When the USDA produced it’s “My Plate” guide it recruited actual nutrition experts to form a commission to set the correct diet macronutrients protocol.
    Then the USDA DOUBLED the ‘recommended’ carbs to appease ‘commercial interests’.
    Many people think they are following the ‘correct’ guideance when they are being deliberately MISLEAD!
    I had a similar experience w/ medical issues that resulted in steroid drugs prescribed.
    Since going low carb my weight went from 280 lb to 212 lb, as long as I follow low carb w/ extended fasting I continue to lose.
    I highly recommend that ALL ignore “government guidelines” because the ‘government’ is corrupt.

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