Does this mean it’s okay to lie when journalists are in the room?

Short video – Does this mean it’s acceptable to lie during debates?

Dem VP pick implies she was lying during the debate, and that it is OK for her to lie during debates. It also implies that you can’t trust anything she tells journalists

You may not think this post is climate related until you realize that this liar strongly supports the Socialist-inspired Green New Deal.

Thanks to Winston Smith for this video


15 thoughts on “Does this mean it’s okay to lie when journalists are in the room?”

  1. Was there a debate, I mean really was it like really a debate?
    She’s so phoney and so is Colbert because he is lighting her up but is such a phoney aswhipe that he laughs along with her instead of pounching all over her lack of integrity. Notice how uncomfortable she is until she tackles like a school girl.

  2. Kind of like Al Gore supporting ethanol fuels because Iowa is the first caucus state.

    As far as standing on political principles go, the only principle followed by most politicians is they will say anything that will get them elected. Nothing else matters.

  3. Joe Biden shares what his dad told him in 1963 [when he was almost 20 years old] after he first saw two men kiss. “He just looked at me, he said ‘it’s simple, Honey. They love each other. It’s just basic.’”
    What a great dad… my dad called me “Sonny Boy” one time when I was about 17 while trying to sneak quietly back into the house in the “early hours” after being out a bit late raising us droogie’s blood octane with a bit of milk-plus while bombin’ around in the old ’63 Stude [with some non-trans-girls]… I never did enjoy getting the “Listen here Sonny Boy” talk too good. Guaranteed though, he never did call me “Honey”… thank “goodness”… guessin’ thangs are a bit different up here in Canada. Pity, eh?

  4. guess she is looking at being the next black president, female,
    gee wont that have hillarys knickers in a twist.
    of course she will get in when Bidets proven senile shortly after the big event IF they manage to get to election, adnd get the botes
    I dont see it happening but you do have a huge “feelings over sense voter set
    and a huge risk of votes being rigged far worse than normal or even thedodgy machines this time around.
    dems are desperate

  5. So she lies when it suits her like trying to win a debate. WHen else do people lie?

    Seems she she has a lot to gain right now by lying. Is she lying? Do the ends justify the means?

    • It’s a Global Reset… so… yes. What does it matter how you get the cattle into the corrals?… they end up in the same place anyway. I would start to triage your priorities right quick… like the decade before yesterday already. No joke. (I was at these exact locations [last two vids… have some great memories… when the Club Meds were still wild and wooly] and up and down the Carib in my youth when lots and lots of folks used to be at the resorts… very, very glad to be on the ranch now though)

  6. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., used the Kavanaugh nomination in 2018 as a springboard for her failed presidential campaign. Focusing on her support for abortion and position on the Senate Judiciary Committee that handled the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Harris strongly opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination within moments of it being announced, and long before she had a chance to review his record.

  7. It is called doing anything, saying anything to land a powerful job. She and others like her would be all over their opponents like flies on a carcass if they pulled such stunts.

  8. This is the “What difference does it make” quote for the next unsuccessful run at the White House. “It was just a debate”

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