Don’t be fooled by deceivers

All that red on the maps of both the Arctic and Antarctic doesn’t mean it’s hot there – it never is – it is just a “fabricated” anomaly.


Don’t be fooled by deceivers

Rosco Mac

You can’t trust National Geographic and you can’t trust any of the graphs they present for several reasons.

One reason is in Antarctica there are a mere handful of actual weather stations.

The temperature graphs they present are anomaly graphs not actual temperatures, because they don’t actually have any of those, based on divergence from an historical average which they don’t actually have as well.

So all that red on the maps of both the Arctic and Antarctic doesn’t mean it’s hot there – it never is – it is just a “fabricated” anomaly.

This is easy to confirm every time a graph showing red all over the Arctic is released by comparing it to the Greenland Summit Camp webcam at

Often alarmists show the Arctic swathed in red to indicate climate emergency. Yet right now (4 June 2019) in Greenland it is minus 16°C (3°F), the Sun is shining at 8:07 PM and there is snow and ice everywhere !

It is always colder than this at similar locations in Antarctica despite the red blobs of fake data maps.

It was well below minus 22.7°C at the Davis weather station on June 4 at 8:00 PM and dark!

Or look at this one

Over the month of May the highest temperature was minus 58°C and the lowest minus 75°C.

The coldest temperature ever recorded occurs in Antarctica – minus 92°C.

Seems really deserving of all that red crayon on cartoon maps to me !

Don’t be fooled by deceivers.

8 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled by deceivers”

  1. I always ignore all that anyway.
    NOAA lied about those standard deviation charts in March 2003. They painted areas that were 3 to 4 degrees below average up North as above normal!

  2. we call em out and they keep doing it regardelss. its for the gullibles who look at the pics but either are too lazy OR just can’t read a chart, and frankly who dont have the nous to actually KNOW what theyre talking about, seeing a talking head on TV is their idea of “ITs real” and we need to panic.

  3. What the people pointing out the apparent warming of the Arctic and Antarctic are failing to discuss is that warming of these regions is exactly what Svensmark predicted in his “Cloud” hypothesis. Increased cosmic rays cause increased clouds. Anyone who loves in Northern climates knows that cloudy skies in winter means warmer night temperatures because the heat cannot escape. When NOAA adds the habit of using a peripheral weather station as the proxy for a large area and “adjustment”, they can create a whole lot of “manmade global warming”.

  4. Unless my memory is failing me – always a possibility – I think the lowest temperature ever achieved could be lower because the recording instrument stopped recording as it was too cold, -92C being the lowest it had recorded so far. The battery froze up most likely.

  5. “… it is just a “fabricated” anomaly.”
    More than that, it’s just a computer model generated “fabricated” anomaly.
    The computer models or “climate assumption machines” do not know or understand the basics of how the climate works or evolves. They just follow the myriad assumptions programmed into them.

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