Don’t know how cold it was because thermometer only went to minus 40

“Russian cold blast finally hit Italy,” says Dr Mirco Poletto in Italy. “Here are some low temps from the northeast. Note that in Campoluzzo (near Vicenza) was recorded a low of -40°C only because sensor could not go lower!

Temperatures below zero throughout Italy.

On Mount Zoncolan the thermometer dropped to -21.5, on Mount Lussari -19.5, in the Tarvisio (-13), and in Trieste -5 degrees. However, in Trieste it feels much colder because wind gusts in the night exceeded 120 kilometers per hour .

Even in other cities the chill mades itself felt: in Udine -5, at Pordenone -7, and on the Carso -8.

In Veneto, the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection (ARPAV) announced that the temperature sensor had dropped to the minimum detectable, -40 degrees below zero, and the value should be even lower.

Other points in Veneto, however, have recorded thrilling temperatures such as Pian Cansiglio(1028 m) with -18.1, Val Visdende (1240 m) with -22, Passo Cimabanche (1530 m) with -20.7, Passo Pordoi(2155 m) with -21.8, the Marmolada (3256 m) with -28.9 and Piana di Marcesina (1310 m) with -29.2.

Thanks to geologist Dr Mirco Poletto for this link


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  1. i loved the use of “thrilling” to describe the cold;-)
    bet anyone having to go out didnt use that word;-) lol

  2. IA “Meteonovosti”
    The calendar winter is over, but the frosts doesn’t give up, and in some places they gain strength. Abnormal colds will persist not only in European Russia, but also in the Urals, Siberia and the south of the Far East.

    Frosty in the Magadan Region, in the continental regions -19 to
    – 24°C. To the south of the Far East, spring does not hurry, there will be snow, the wind will increase, and the air temperature will drop to -20°C, which is 4-5 degrees below the norm.
    It’s not springtime weather in Siberia either. In the Irkutsk region, where an anticyclone is established, in some places there will be a slight snow, with cloudiness during the day to -20°C.
    On most of the ETP (European Russia), abnormally cold weather persists, 8-10 degrees below the climatic norm, and in the eastern regions and 12 degrees.

    Records of cold on ETP
    The Scandinavian anticyclone keeps the anomalously cold weather on most of the ETP. In the central strip, the air temperature is below 8-12 degrees below the climatic norm, and in the northeast and 16 degrees. The past night, from 26 to 27 February, has become the coldest since the beginning of winter in the Central District. Record cold was recorded in Tver, -28.4°C, more than 2 degrees below the previous record, held in 2000. Another record was held in Ukhta, where the air cooled to -32.5°C in the morning. The previous record, -32.2°C, remained in the distant 1960. Abnormally cold weather will remain on most of the ETP and on February 28, it is quite possible that this day will replenish the treasury of absolute lows.

  3. Question. When such a mass of cold air leaves the polar region and flows south is it replaced by warm southern air, or is some other mechanism at play?

    • The polar region is now a tropical paradise as all the cold moved south……..
      I guess this is not the answer you’re looking for.

  4. I wonder what the Pope has to say about that… given that he apparently is a big believer in “global warming”…

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