Don’t let them con you – It has been cooling for 8,000 years

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Expanded record of temperature change since the end of the last glacial period

Source of graph (I added the red arrow):

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  1. The main problem is people can’t consider data over such a large time interval. They only see climate on human-based timescale. Or even less.

    • Indeed. If they can’t get instant gratification they make the statement to the effect that it won’t happen in their life time. Not sure how long they will continue to get away with that. Don’t want to hear their complaints when they discover how foolish they were.

  2. Exactly and the cooling trend is still intact. The latest relative warmth being one of the weakest spikes in an otherwise overall cooling trend since the Holocene Optimum.

    The big climatic picture which is land /ocean arrangements as well as Milankovitch Cycles(obliquity decrease, aphelion coming during N.H. summer) / weakening geo magnetic field strength have all favored cooling since the Holocene Optimum.

    In the intermediate climatic picture we have solar activity which from 1840-2005 favored warming. Post 2005 it has favored cooling . The spikes in warmth over a few centuries since the Holocene Optimum or so in an other wise cooling trend since the Holocene Optimum correlate to strong solar activity during those periods of time. Example would be the Medieval Warm Period 1050-1250 approx. A.D.

    Superimposed on the entire trend are items that influence the climate in the short term over years/decades ,those being volcanic activity , ENSO, and overall oceanic temperatures.

    Oceanic temperatures lagging solar activity changes by at least a decade.

    Everything is in place in year 2017 and moving forward from here for cooling.

    • Quote: Oceanic temperatures lagging solar activity changes by at least a decade.
      Comment: This is reported in a series of papers regarding the LALIA Grand Solar Minimum, in that papers they refer to the abrupt (in climate terms) change between warm and benign of the Preceding Solar Warm Period and the first cycle of the Grand Solar Minimum as it is for all named GSMs.
      The paper reported a 10 year period before the climate effects are locked into the fossil records of Shell fish in European lakes.
      The three T6/T7 volcanic eruptions commence during the solar climate changeover period
      The resulting eruptions compounded the effects of a deep GSM.

  3. Which of course has been predicted by many respectable scientist. There is now no doubt in my mind that we are in for a hard cold time by 2030. Nobody knows what will be the result of the cooling but little doubt crop failure will be the norm as these failures have already started.

    It is surely the ultimate irony that just as the warmist/alarmists predict death by heat that the Sun cycles into a cooling phase at a rate not seen on this planet for reportedly 9300 years.

  4. ironic indeed Chris,
    bit hard to laugh more when many lives will be harmed BY their inane insistence its warming and meanwhile they do nothing useful to protect a damn thing from the effects of increasing cold

  5. I see a Tee shirt in the making. Cooling for the past 8000 years Tee Shirt. Ya. The graph or graphs show it all.
    Thanks, David D. Did a 2nd reading of your book and loved it. Monsoon is over but maybe some snow this year for Tucson. Thanks. David D.

  6. Regarding the cooling trend, while there may be little we can do about a very severe downturn (can’t fit 7bn people between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn) it might be wise to look at agriculture investments. I don’t know individual situations so this is just general information. There are ETFs for Soybeans, coffee, cocoa, cotton etc. I own WEAT (wheat) CORN (corn) and SGG (sugar)

  7. Didn’t have to be a scientist to figure that out. The world has warming and cooling phases and probably has since the beginning of time. Blaming global warming on human beings is just a money grab for politicians.

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