Don’t mess with mama goose

Short video – Protective goose attacks girl

7 thoughts on “Don’t mess with mama goose”

  1. that was funny!
    would guess it was the bag she was holding,- looked like a goose to the goose;-0
    the follow into car bit was priceless
    thanks Robert

  2. goose story
    I had a goose that was supposed to..not like men. mate had a nasty BF so I loaned her the goose as early warning system
    well goosie wasnt much chop on the ex but her 2 daughters still remember the goose as it went for the younger and the eldest “rescued” her by holding her up and using her…as a shield while she got inside;-)
    not sure if I will ever be forgiven for goosie;-))))

  3. For crying out loud, why is everybody allowing these Can.Geese to bully humans with immunity? I had this thing happen to me, and when it flew at me, I grabbed it by the neck, and twirled it around me for several times, and threw it away from me. I’m surprised I didn’t break its neck, but it staggered away and quit being aggressive. You just don’t put up with that crap!

    • Tough guy, huh ? The critter was just
      protecting her family unlike a lot
      of human mothers in this world

    • John, I think people allow drakes and geese impunity partially out of chivalry– it is so much smaller than us and it’s a BIRD. Perhaps it’s also that there’s a certain amount of humor in being chased by something so disproportionate in size.

      When I was a little girl I wanted to show my 3-year old brother the robin’s blue eggs, so I hoisted him up the tree with me. I was somewhat at a disadvantage when one of the parent birds returned because I was holding onto him with one arm and the tree with the other when the bird dove straight for my eyes. Of course we both fell out of the tree. But I mostly felt admiration for the robin’s courage, but then it wasn’t the kind of circumstance that arouses my alpha side.

  4. I imagine the bird’s nest was nearby.

    Birds are some of the most vicious creatures on the face of the Earth. If a hen is wounded, the others in the pen will essentially cannibalize her.

    My grandfather had a rooster that would attack me at every opportunity when I was 3-4 years old.

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