Don’t Panic!

“Donald Trump is right about this one.”
– James McC…

Don’t Panic!

James McC…

I live in a province (Northern Ireland) with a population of 1,880,000. China has a population of 1,440,000,000. – so there are about 750 Chinese (in China) for every person in Northern Ireland.

There have been 2,800 deaths in China from covid-19; that would correspond to 4 deaths in Northern Ireland. In the ‘flu season which is just winding down, we had 10 deaths from ‘flu, a bit less than average; the local media did not go ape or even mention it. After all, there are about 300 deaths from all causes per week in N.I., par for the course in the western world.

Donald Trump is right about this one.

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  1. People who are unprepared will panic, and rightly so. No one wants to be locked in their home to suffer starvation, thirst, physical anguish and/or a lonely death.

    We don’t know how many that might happen to, partly because the Chinese figures are highly suspect.

    Complacency is endemic in America. Not many are prepared. Expect panic.

  2. With the case in California having no virus contact, there could be 25 to 50 infections if combined with her patient 0. If 2 degrees of separation exist to the homeless, it is likley that the virus has spread to this population. If so, it is off to the races. Should the border between California and Mexico be closed. If the virus can be delayed entering Mexico, this act could delay many people with green cards and long term visa’s from flooding California hospitals.
    There appears to be research indicating that Zn+2 will stop the virus. Can’t copy the address.

  3. Yet, there are people here you will mock you. 35,000 Americans, each year, die of normal flu. How many have died, as of now, from this latest China Meat Market flu? How Many?….0….

    More children die from their bicycles each year.
    More children die from falling into a bucket of water each year.
    More children are killed by the Family pool

    Yet, we are to be concerned over some 3rd rate “virus”? What happened to SARS, Nile Horse Virus, Hanta Rat Virus, The Mexican h5n5 pig virus,? Schwine Flu, Bird Flu? Avian Flu?


  4. Is there any way to know what the actual mortality figures are in a society like China? It is somewhat concerning that China is taking such extreme measures to contain it if it is no worse than ordinary flu.

    I cannot find the article now (sorry) but I read that Chinese of the Han group (and a few other groups) are more prone to develop life threatening symptoms than other racial groups, especially if they smoke. Supposedly Europeans are not in as much danger even if they catch it. It has something to do with ACE2 receptors in the lungs.

    I will post a link if I can find it.

  5. WHO stats say that between 246,000-646,000 people die worldwide from the flu. Pneumonia is worse with 450 million affected, with 2.45 million dying. I believe this ‘pandemic’ is more about destroying economies. The New World Order elite globalists want their agenda in place and this looks to be a good start for them!!
    U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism
    Former UN Climate Chief Calls For Civil Disobedience

  6. Climate Alarmism and disease panic are the tools of the intolerant anti-democratic left. The spread of the virus is also due to the policies of various countries that have used segregation as incubators for the disease and made it worse with Japan and Spain in the lead on this practise.

  7. THE EXPONENTIAL SPREAD OF THE CORONAVIRUS WILL BE TOO FAST FOR THE AUTHORITIES TO COPE WITH: The trouble is that the numbers coming out of CHINA are all wrong by a factor of 100 or more. The fact is that there are millions who now have the corona virus and hundreds of thousands are dying. It is spreading exponentially and the deaths will soon be in the millions. Those are the real stats according to many experts. Also the RO factor for the CORONA VIRUS in over 7. One person was reported to have infected 50 other people. It is not the virus you should be concerned about, butit is the PANIC that will set in as people clear the shelves of all foods and governments close the schools etc If this was just like the common cold then why have we seen such draconian methods used by the communist party in China. with all of thier so-called CONTAINMENT POLICY for the past month – it has not succeeded. The Pandemic is now worldwide and in the weeks to come, we will all notice it. My daughter who lives in the North of Italy is in an area theat is in ‘LOCKDOWN’. Best wishes – Steve See my 39 DAY REPORT on the CORONA VIRUS:

    • I get the feeling that there are three big issues with this virus. First, most people haven’t developed any immunity to it, so there are lots of human vectors. Second, people are contagious before they are symptomatic. Third, it easily develops into pneumonia in anyone with weakened lungs. The last is why it’s been so devastating in China and now South Korea. The air pollution in those countries has weakened the lungs of many people.

  8. There have been hundreds of thousands of deaths in China. So many that the smoke from the burning bodies can be seen from space. Their regular cremation centers are
    running 24 hours a day…and they still need a fleet of Mobile cremation trucks to handle the overflow. What dream world are you living in exactly?

  9. I’m not sure what to believe. And I almost never believe what the leaders, media and government say (CDC, Homeland Security, etc.) Your point about the flu is what makes me wonder. If the flu is so much more deadly, why are the officials in full gear? No one does that when dealing with the flu. Disinfecting everything? Never seen that for the flu.

    The disparate treatment doesn’t match the rhetoric.

  10. BUT……this coronavirus is not OVER yet !! It is only just starting !
    By the end of it……how do you KNOW how many will be dead?
    It is not over in China….by a long way….and there is no way that the Western World will apply the stringent curfews employed by China.
    Nor will the WEST fumigate whole STREETS like they do in China .
    Don’t be complacent !

    Just watch the publicity when it REALLY HITS the USA !!!

  11. deaths in iran sure outweight the other stats but unreporteds? affect that.
    panic no, caution yes!
    whats really bothering me is the LOW rate of recovered patients and word of relapse in thought cured.
    while survivals nice;-)
    survival with damaged lung/heart issues/kidney issues etc from the other effects of this virus would ruin lives and ability to work etc for many if this turns out to be why people arent out of hospital within 2 weeks or so.
    having a fair whack of workers in a fragile state or needing ongoing care etc would also be a drain on all nations health and social systems.
    we just do not know enough about how its going to pan out.

    • 100 larel beach… really… interesting… like passing covert classified notes in school… that’s what needs to come back for kids again… a real tangible note on a piece of paper with a hint of real Kelly McGillis pheromones instead of “cheap” phone texts…

      low nutrition, low WTF about understanding “Ps and IQs”, low WTF reality, low immune systems, low longevity…
      COVID-19 is likely natural seasonal flu being given a covert classified psyop back story to make cover for covert strategic objectives while “masking” the reality of an escalating global dimming situation and low herd immunity especially from low D3. The COVID-19 = 587 psyop is a “good thing” because folks will start to mind their “Ps and Qs” more and the scary boogey man will just keep findin’em ‘n sortin’em, the right ones that is, smokers, pop and pringle munchers, TV watchers, vaxxers and poor readers with low redd foxx given will go first.

      Seasonal low sunlight flu is just a tool of nature to help high-grade the herd going into a big winter with lower food stocks. Survival of the fittest – everyone is an animal like the wolf, man.
      Charlie is of Scots-Irish descent from her father’s side, and German from her mother, and Welsh also… so race specific viruses are more than likely just immune system specific… high melanin at high latitudes equals high mortality. Changes in lattitude, changes in attitude and altitude.. above or below the grass roots or the water line.

  12. Panic isn’t helpful.
    But complacency is just as dangerous.
    Centurion is wrong here.

    On top of what was posted above …. there are now multiple reports of re infection. You do not acquire natural immunity after the first bout. On the second infection, you suffer heart failure. Granted, if you are older and male, your risks are higher. Younger and female, not so much. Not many kids affected.

    My biggest concerns are institutional here. CDC and FDA have been PROHIBITING hospitals from testing without prior approval … hence the community transmission in Cali. Just brilliant work, folks. Medical workers infected in particular.
    They are testing by the thousands in Korea and HK … not in USA. Criminal.

  13. Centurion-

    What are we going to do with you?!

    In your last comment you were contrite and confused, repudiating your previous stand, but now you are back at it.

    Btw, I took the time to give you the best advice I could in answer to your plaintive cry “What should I do?” If it matters to you, it’s now on the next page on the thread re false numbers in China.

    How can you compare death rates from other diseases which are YEARLY with the ones from COVID-19 which has only been around a couple of months?

    Nobody ever listens to me but I’ll say it one more time. STOCK UP!!!!! If you don’t, and you get quarantined to your home for 2 or 3 months, there will be
    – wait for it –

    • A few weeks ago, I said stock up. So I did. I went to a Big Box store and commented here about my the shortages of certain Items. I was trashed….which I personally like.

      Then I write about those who claim this entire “virus” is over rated. And I am trashed again….which I personally like.


      When SARS was active, did the MEDIA post video and picture after picture of people in body bags with Nurses in Level 4 Suits? No.

      Why not?

      35,000 thousand die each year here in the US. from the normal yearly flu…… Does the media show the funerals, crying kids, happy wives at the Funerals? No.

      Why not.

      Many think this “virus” event is an excuse to clamp down more on the people, to explain the coming shortages of food. To make excuses for shortages, to bring on the “One World Government” that the Bush Family and Nelson Rockefeller admitted to.

      Just what is really going on? So. Deb, what are you doing? Give us a list of all the items you have bought to prepare. If you “believe” this virus is bad, then you should already have 6 months of stuff. Do you?

      I do, yet I think this is just another scam of the Leaders treating us like cattle…..

    • The hordes of soup zombies are coming for the soup hoarders without borders, to become boarders, (The other Robert)

  14. It will be interesting to see how the USA with its private for profit health system responds to this epidemic. Many people will be reluctant to go to a physician. Unless Trump acts decisively and quickly to offer free testing and treatment this could spiral out of control.

  15. I never listen to any of that stuff anyways. Nothing ever happens.
    The good news is that Trump is surging.

    Donald Trump 2020 and Trump Junior 2024 and straight Republican Congress thru 2050.

    End of story!

  16. There IS NOTHING going on in the world guys!
    What Americans go to learn is how to take a bottle and smash your Television!!

    Got it yet??
    The Rothchilds and George Soros crowd control the content on your crappy TV screen!

  17. So I have a theory, and it goes like this. The virus was engineered and released in Wuhan. Intentional or not I cannot say. Either way, the Chinese government sees this as a great opportunity to take out Trump via panic in the US, and is INFLATING the numbers to promote fear in the stock market and in general. Trump has taken Xi to the cleaners on the trade deal, so he (Xi) wants nothing more than for Trump to lose in November. Just a theory . . .

  18. Statistically insignificant scary case of the sniffles.

    China loses 4000 people a month to influenza. The US 1000.
    Had no one discovered that is was a novel coronavirus this year would have been recorded as a particularly heavy flu season and nothing more.

  19. Centurion-

    Your insistence on knowing what everyone is doing to prepare makes you suspect as a plant for the globalists.

    The most important thing I am doing every day to prepare is reading my Bible, spending time with Jesus Christ, and praying for you and “Winston Smith” aka “Every Weird Name he can think of”.

    If the virus gets me, my troubles here are over and my wonderful eternal life begins. Until then, I will be praying for every one of you, because you have become one of my communities, and esp for Robert (the real Robert) without whom we would not be here.

    God bless you all and keep you.

    • I really want to respond to your comment, directly, but I don’t want to get banned here. I will avoid your Myths and stick to the facts.

      I am not a Globalist. Far from it. I am so far “right” I am almost a Anarchist since I see ALL governments as being tools of the “elite”.

      I’m in my late 60’s. I have been studying about this since I was 16 when I picked up a copy of the SPOTLIGHT from my Religious Fanatic Dad……I kept asking him why Jesus Christ permits all this stuff I was reading in that magazine and the John Birch pamphlets, from the Books ” Dispossessed Majority”, “None Dare Call it Treason”, “Atlas Shrugged”, etc, etc.

      By 18 years of age I understood.

  20. Clerk at pot store claimed Nome too cold for corona!! When I informed him that Iditarod commemorates 1918 serum run and that Alaska , being the private playground of the military industrial pharmaceutical complex over 100 yrs , has long history of using biowarfare on indigenous populations. His eyes glazed over when asked how he felt being a human Ginny Pig.

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