Double the average amount of snow for D.C. this winter

This meteorologist actually takes sunspot cycles and “warm blobs” into account! Good on him!

WTOP News Storm Team 4 chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer is calling for at least three big snow storms in the Washington, D.C. area this winter.

“Our average snowfall in the D.C. metro area is about 15 inches — out toward Dulles, a little bit over 20 inches — and I really do see us going about double that this year,” Kammerer said.

He’s predicting snowfall totals of 25 to 35 inches for much of the D.C. area, with a little more to the west, and slightly less to the south and east.

But, don’t look for big snow until early next year, Kammerer said.

Thanks to Steven W. Little for this info

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  1. Hey Robert! My name is Chris. You have probably seen me around, but I wanted to tell you this; I live in Northern Virginia and I watched Doug Kammerer’s winter weather forecast yesterday, for 2018-2019 on NBC 4.

    Yes indeed, he is calling for double the average snowfall for our region and below average temperatures. DC averages 15.4 inches of snow each season, and he is forecasting 25 to 35 inches of snow for DC and the I-95 corridor, 15 to 25 east of there, and 35 to 45 to the west of the I-95 corridor.

    While, yes, he took into account solar cycles in his forecast, I would NOT say “good on him.” Kammerer is a global warming alarmist, in fact everyone at NBC 4 is; Chuck Bell, Lauryn Ricketts, Amelia Draper, and yes Doug.

    Amelia Draper did a “global warming report” on Halloween temperatures in Washington D.C. on the 31st telling us that Octobers are warming in much of the country and in D.C. However, she used Climate Central’s graph and cherry picked 1970 as a starting point as I pointed out in one of my recent blog posts on my website.

    I have gotten into climate debates on my Twitter page with the meteorologists at NBC 4’s meteorologist. Chuck Bell blatantly called me a “denier.”

    While Doug and them are great meteorologists, their climatology needs some work.

    All TV Station meteorologists are forecasting BELOW average temperatures and above average snowfall. Topper Shutt (AGW skeptic) at WUSA9 (CBS) is calling for 20 to 30 inches for DC, and 30 to 40 across the western region. Bill Kelly (AGW skeptic) at ABC 7 is calling for above average snow and below average temps. Sue Palka at FOX 5 DC is predicting 28 to 38 inches for DC and 38 to 48 to the west.

    Also Robert, great website, I am an aspiring Ph.D. meteorologist.

    Have a good one,

    • Good work there. I am in Australia, its hotish but not very hot yet. Here they say we going to get a very hot summer but they now call heatwaves anything over 30C! used to be 35+.

      Look for the ‘Eco Fraud. It outlays the scam started by the late Maurice Strong (eco human hating nutcase), who chaired the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, also the ground work for the scam goes back to about 1980, there it was layed out that there needed to be a global catastrophe i.e. human caused climate catastrophe. The rest is history.

      There is also NO greenhouse effect , period.
      The models they (IPCC) use are outside any science reality based on fake models they KNOW are fake, with fake data.

  2. The warm blobs are SAW events (Sudden Atmospheric Warming events) tied to the long lasting Coronias Holes which appear during solar minimums between each cycle, long lasting – several months as they rotate in the Sun atmosphere every 28 days.
    The other key driver is the Meridonial Jet stream activity which has been underway for most of solar cycle 24.

    • But it doesn’t change the fact that he is a beleaver in man made global warming and is in with the aginda over all.while I do think we do have some slight impact mostly in the uhi effect I beleave we will never over ride the nature cycles and most certainly we can never pervent the next glacer cycle of the ice age

  3. We have entered the Eddy Minimum that might be like the Maunder Minimum that occurred 400 years ago. The sun is on its 400 year cycle and it looks like bad times for the next 35 to 100 years. I have started a blog to inform and supply solutions people can take in order to survive. Time is extremely short to prepare.

  4. Luckily, for me, all my children, ON THEIR OWN, have come to the sane conclusion about this Global Cooling vs Globalist Warming event.

    They know, they read, they watch “all” the Videos and we have great discussions. When they graduate from College(s), they definitely intend to live in the “South” where the Demographics make it safe……small type town, excellent police force, Pro-GUN governments, etc………you know what I mean.

    And, since I work my butt off, I will provide them with the necessary Federal Reserve Notes for them to buy large “farm” type homes so they can begin to learn how to grow and raise crops, etc.

    Plus, large enough land to make sure the land is cleared away from their home(s) such that there is a clear field of “view”…..hint…….

    My youngest son can already fix anything. He repairs and fixes computers and repairs iPhones, etc……he taught himself. (You can watch HUNDREDS of YouTube videos on anything you wish). This last summer he worked “for free” with a friend of mine who owns an AC/Heat company so he can fix our air conditioning units….My friend took him on for free, but I paid my son…..I repaired my own roof after one of our Hurricanes last year……..I learned on YouTube…….

    They are all in fields of knowledge/careers where their “jobs’ are in their heads so they can work for themselves….

    I will be dead when the worse of this hits, but they have decades of this and they want to do what they need to do for when it really, really gets’ real.

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