Draining the swamp – Top EPA official resigns

Says President Trump’s climate policies prompted her resignation.   “Or,” as Breitbart News so aptly puts it, “as we climate realists prefer to put it — #winning.”

Elizabeth “Betsy” Southerland, who had worked at the EPA for thirty years, resigned on Tuesday.

Southerland said in her letter that “the environmental field is suffering from the temporary triumph of myth over truth.”

But as Breitbart explains, if you read her entire letter, it’s really a blessing that she’s gone.

“The truth is there is NO war on coal, there is NO economic crisis caused by environmental protection, and climate change IS caused by man’s activities,” Southerland wrote, directly rejecting many of Trump’s claims.

No war on coal? Wow! Is it really possible that someone in such a position of power could be that clueless?  (She was director of science and technology in the Office of Water.)

See James Delingpole’s insightful take on her resignation:


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16 thoughts on “Draining the swamp – Top EPA official resigns

    • oh the goracles not hard up for the funds
      for a while anyway
      the recent dud psyop attempt might cramp his cashflow
      but never the damned ego;-/

      i dream of the day they ALL have to repay funds gained by promotion and false claims and expenses claimed under false pretences.
      i know
      wont happen;-(
      losing tenured positions and public shaming will have to suffice i guess.

    • and 6 months overdue. So many more need to go. If Trump doesn’t start draining that swamp, and GOP doesn’t start doing what they said they would do to get elected, then GOP is finished.

    • We need an EPA that monitors actual environmental pollution like mercury or industrial waste that might end up in the water table. How carbon dioxide ended up on the list needs investigating and publishing and my guess is that we need pure scientists (physics, chemistry) on the EPA board. It would appear that many of the modern environmental and climate degrees are too broad to be useful.
      So many young folk end up with degrees in uselessness to-day that I’d venture that we need to narrow down the degree field but open out post grad specialty years so if you were to become an EPA member you would study a degree of core sciences followed by an associated year of environmental add-ons or if you wanted to become a chemical engineer you’d do your post degree year in some form of industry relevant studies.
      In Au we can no longer afford to have people like my daughter, studying Animal Sciences for three years but to end up managing a shoe shop while studying for a teaching degree (which would be really useful).

  1. I have seen several articles about the “brave” EPA people who are choosing to “resign” because of Trump’s new environmental policy. Then it turns out that they are merely retiring, but writing a nasty note before doing so.

    There is no bravery in sucking off the Taxpayer’s for 30 years and then writing us an “FU” note right before we have to pay for another 20 years for you to sit back and do more nothing.

    Incredible these government workers feel so entitled.

    • No, Federal jobs are too cushy. These are all folks who were planning to retire anyway. Maybe we get a year less out of them but be assured they have already maxed out the retirement.

      Unfortunately Trump needs to physically fire people. The minions can’t be touched, but anyone in a management role can be removed. Unfortunately, by design, the Democrats, Republicans and Press are hammering about this whole Russian thing, so Trump can’t focus his efforts where he would like – such as draining the swamp. Instead of having his cabinet figure out swamp training, they are all trying to protect themselves from the Mueller onslaught.

      If you don’t think the GOP is in on this, making sure the swamp stays put, when was the last time a presidents own party acted to prevent recess appointments?

  2. It is pretty easy for someone who is resigning with a fat pension after 30 years at the EPA to take some parting shots. I don’t remember hearing much from this woman in the past, but resigning was the right thing for her to do. Things are gonna change at the EPA.

  3. “and climate change IS caused by man’s activities,” Southerland wrote . .

    Would someone in the press step up to the table, when these folks say such nonsense, and ask them a few questions:

    When you say CC is caused by man, specifically, what aspects are caused by man?

    Are you suggesting that there is no naturally occurring climate change?

    What percentage role to you attribute to AGW, in each of your specific claims?

    You do realize, do you not, that study after study, and supported by the IPCC’s AR5, as well as Obama’s 2015 National Climate Assessment, that there is little to no evidence that there are any long term worsening trends in any of the usually discussed areas; drought, SLR, floods, tornadoes, heat waves, cyclonic activity, etc.

  4. Bye Bye “Betsy”. Please go hide way up on a mountaintop somewhere so you don’t get caught in the great flood when the polar ice caps melt.

    • Hopefully she gets up to about 12000 ft in a community like Vail, CO and suffers through August snows

  5. What I find hard to understand, is when the politicians and climatologists both spue forth such garbage, and act as if they will never be brought to task. Very blind people! Why were we all born with a conscious, as to what is right and wrong? To go against one’s conscious ends up in madness. I guess that’s why George W. Bush stated on TV, and is also Al Gore’s personal stand: ‘The Truth is whatever I say it is’ These rich elite are so arrogant, it is almost unbelieveable. We need to get back to honesty and integrity and following our consciences as to what is right and wrong and as to what we say!
    Have a great week,

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