No dramatic effects from a magnetic reversal?

“The fossil record shows no drastic changes in plant or animal life,” says this article on SOTT. I beg to differ.

“Many doomsday theorists suggest that a magnetic reversal could lead to Earth’s destruction,”  the article continues. “But would there be any dramatic effects?”

“The answer, from the geologic and fossil records we have from hundreds of past magnetic polarity reversals, seems to be ‘no.’ During the last major reversal about 780,000 years ago, at the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal, “the fossil record shows no drastic changes in plant or animal life. Deep ocean sediment cores from this period also indicate no changes in glacial activity.”

I beg to differ on almost all counts.


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  1. w o w, are the greenies working here too? Does common sense ever come into play with these guys? I personnelly believe Robert has it right unfortunately. Hopefully, not to soon for our sakes…

    • Yes, the “Greenies” or Eco-Freakos as I like to refer to them, are at work here too. They have spread their spores to every conceivable Social, Political, and Scientific, venue in the world. They have been working towards their goal of Total Unified Global Domination for a very long time. With the rise of the Free Worker in the United States, the Global Ruling Class was looking for a way to regain their dominion over the masses …. Marx gave them the tools.

      The Global Elitists embraced the Rhetoric of Marx as the fastest and surest route to recapturing Total Global Domination. They have never looked back….

  2. I saw that on Sott! A very one-sided web site and if one disagrees, you are not allowed to participate anymore!
    I can just imagine if there is a magnetic reversal because all the birds, fish and many animals use this for direction/positioning. It will be chaos in my opinion!

    • Yeah, I’ve been blocked from SOTT as well for disagreeing with them about the mythical palestinians.

  3. it is clear that the author of this article never read a book of velikovski and is following the false mainstreamscience principles of sir thomas lyell

  4. Yes, the falling snow reminds us that philosophizing is a warm times luxury, as so well stated in Mitchell Smith’s “Snowfall” trilogy.

  5. Hi Robert,


    This lady is kind of “If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy”.So be careful

  6. I read that too and was a little surprised there was no editorial comment as they usually do when posting articles they don’t agree with. They do so to point out the errors in these articles like Robert does here. Their usual position is that the main causative agent of destruction is this approaching dimensional curtain/wave/realm border taking Earth to 4d, or should I say ‘a’ Earth given the hyperdimensional/theological associations of life in classic Hermetic ‘as above, so below’ formation.

    Given this ‘wave’, which is said to be a sort of standing/spiraling gravity wave that serves as a major point of separation between realms, ie curtain, which ‘opens’ the planets field when it passes through with matter-antimatter mixing to affect this transition, most of our solar system’s EM issues are caused by this as it moves in. The EQ’s, volcanoes, lightning, winds, storms and approaching ice age all factor in, but the other cosmic factor they include as a main troublemaker throughout human history is the main comet cluster in its 3600 yr orbit, this time following its creator, our twin star or our brown dwarf companion that is said to be approaching ahead of it on through the Oort Cloud and out our system, thus the many space probes sent up to look in that ‘dark’ light spectrum, for ‘dark’ matter. This is why so many extrasolar planets etc are being found, they are really keeping an eye out for these approaching cosmic critters.

    That dark star in our binary system is said to be on a 28.2 million yr cycle that coincides with major cataclysmic planetary destruction and species extinctions, but SOTT believes this ‘wave’ is the major agent of the approaching ‘macrocosmic quantum wave collapse’.

    Did I mention that supernova? Oh well, with so many variables in the equation, it’s hard to assign blame to any single one, but the big daddy is that ‘wave’ they think. I would guess the editor forgot to comment as usual.

  7. Thanks for this interesting post Robert. According to your article the correlation between strong climate changes and magnetic reversals seems well defined, but what could be the direct causal relation between these two apparently distinct phenomena? Possibly a strong alteration of the Jet Stream? Could it be an indication of a long cycle of our Sun with periods of nearly 10,000 years? The increase in volcanism that your article reports could be caused by the alteration in the rotation of Earth’s core, but only the abrupt change in climate itself would be “dramatic”.

    • @greg Interesting comment. What do you think of the concept of “wave of realm border”? Could it be happening now? A connection between 3D and 4D realms could not be caused by “matter-antimatter mixing” because this would be absolutely destructive and, on the other hand, it probably would have to include some specific alteration of the usual 3D EM properties to disconnect consciousness from 3D. I mean, because all life in 3D is bound by EM interactions.
      I also believe that “dark matter” is part of the equation due to its connection with the EM field.

      • I don’t pretend to understand the whole antimatter realm as a ‘mirror reflection of matter’ thing and remember their group is trying to find facts to back up the clues given to them in those ‘channeled’ sessions from the C’s in 6d. So they are still working at it as some of this stuff just cannot be backed up with anything.

        That said, here’s a session quote from 22June1996:
        Q: (L) Is this alternate universe of antimatter the point from which phenomena occur or are manifested in our universe?
        A: More like doorway or “conduit.”
        Q: (L) Is this alternate universe the means by which we must travel to 4th density? Is it like a veil, or an abyss of some sort?
        A: Think of it as the highway.
        Q: (L) So, we must travel through this universe of antimatter in order to reach 4th density?
        A: No.
        Q: (L) Is something going to happen in terms of interacting with this antimatter in order to bring about some sort of transition?
        A: No. Realm Border is traveling wave.
        Q: (L) Okay, you say “traveling wave,” and then you say that antimatter is the highway. Does this mean moving through antimatter or interacting in some way with antimatter via the impetus of the traveling wave, or realm border?
        A: Bends space/time, this is where your unstable gravity waves can be utilized.
        Q: (L) Utilizing antimatter by creating an EM field, which destablizes the gravity wave, allows antimatter to unite with matter, creating a portal through which space/time can be bent, or traveled through via this “bending.” In other words, producing an EM field, bringing in the antimatter, IS the bending of space/time? Is that it?
        A: Yes.

        And that gets into the whole ‘Noah’ thing she writes about, how we are in those days again as the cycle repeats and the ‘ark’ we build is in our DNA that starts turning that ‘junk’ back on little at a time, which enables that interaction with antimatter etc as we follow our personal Grail Quest in ‘waking up’. It gets very dense and is the main reason those stories/archetypes keep following us through the ages. The game doesn’t change, we are supposed to, when ready to follow the clues in our life’s experiences, such as now with all this ‘earth changes’. Most of those sessions are available in one format or another. She is currently putting them online for free on their forum website, but I don’t think this one is up yet; though she hopes to finish by Xmas:,51.0.html

        • Thanks for the reply. The problem with the channeled sessions is that they intrinsically depend on the “incarnated” minds involved (“incarnated”=3D) and the confusion of terms and concepts is a real problem.
          On the other hand, the merging or transition between realms is a fascinating concept which we’ll not be able to understand if we don’t study it a little bit.
          I’ve heard before the concept of “ethereal matter” that connects the consciousness to usual 3D matter. I believe the “highway” the C’s are talking about in the above Q&A *could be* a similar concept. The connection with “bending of space-time” in the text is poorly described IMO.
          I have some reasons to think that the concept of “dark matter” as proposed by science now is closer to this “highway” state than the concept of anti-matter. Anti-matter cannot coexist with normal matter, dark matter (DM) can.
          The concept is so interesting that if a large enough amount of DM would come into the solar system it would cause many disruptions, including in the Sun, and depending on how it manifested itself it could not be perceived except by the disruptions themselves.
          It could even cause magnetic disruptions on planets, which is the topic of this thread!:-)

  8. Thank you for the Snow effect Robert. It is pretty neat. When first it caught my eye, I did a double take. All in all, a nice touch.

    Merry Christmas to all,

  9. (English version) article on “Extinction(s)” never once breathes the words magnetic, ice, or snow. Apparently the entire history of the planet seems to be anthropocentric, to judge from that article. No other events from the past ca. 4,000,000,000 years is very important! No escape from millennia of self-centered humanity…

  10. You can see the inaccuracy in their article from the very start. A reversal would never lead to “Earth’s destruction.” Only a change in species, (or extinction of certain species or plant life) and a change in climate from one reversal to the next. The Earth will still be existing and doesn’t “get destroyed.” There is no such thing as “end of the world” or “Earth’s destruction.” That phrase is extremely misleading. The Earth has been around for a very long time. So already by looking at the first sentence makes them lose credibility with me.

  11. This has to be crap. when the field reverses there must be a time period when there is no or very weak shield therefore the solar flux will pour onto the earth and affect life. Whatever this period is long or short hours or months.

  12. @Kenneth Lund…
    Didnt you notice the World was destroyed in the last reversal? 🙂

    I agree w you, sometimes when people write stuff like that ,the first sentence give them away…lol

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