Drivers to be punished for going green

Government to impose higher taxes on green cars to recoup lost tax revenue.

“You’re not going to believe this!” says reader Sonya Porter. “Green cars are charged less or no tax in Britain, but now it’s dawned on the Government that with so many going green, they are losing an awful lot of revenue.

“So now, guess what? They’re going to impose higher taxes on green cars just to recoup their losses.”

“So much for ‘sustainability’!”

“Labour has accused the Coalition of planning a “stealth tax” on drivers, effectively punishing them for going green.”

“Ministers say that while they have not finalised their plans, changes may be necessary to ensure the “sustainability of the public finances”.

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15 thoughts on “Drivers to be punished for going green”

  1. The fuel tax is sacred, remember the prosecutions for mineral turps use in diesels, used cooking oil worked for a while before it was publicised. If there was a way to run engines solely on water the taxman would find a way to tax it. Mileage tax will come in as soon as enough cars are compulsorily fitted with GPS reporting devices, just a few years away.
    End of rant. 😉

  2. seeing as “green cars” cost way more and use heaps of rare earths theyre hardly green or affordable.they still use electricity most places thats coal what?
    one thing made me smile…its usually the better off smug sods that could afford em for brag, Im so good etc, value.
    this will wipe the smile off their dials:-)
    and gee the idiot govt subsidised the makers to boot.
    its funny.

  3. It is not just the government imposing higher taxes
    on green cars. It is the government banning car makers from importing high mileage cars from being either made in the US or imported into the US. VW has a model that get 72 mpg. Ford is selling a Ford Fusion in Britain that gets 72 mpg but they aren’t allowed to sell here. Porsche has a new model in development that has a top speed of 201 mph and gets 92 mpg. But we will never see in the US. The reason are federal gas taxes. The federal government need income from gas tax to maintain the interstate highway system. So when the government talks about wanting a higher mpg requirement for cars. They are speaking with a fork tongue.

  4. Yeah. I could see that coming. Can they really make up for all that lost revenue by simply raising taxes on the few people who have bought a green car?

  5. Reminds me years ago when there was a drought in California. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power wanted strict rationing of water. The people did such a good job of rationing that LADWP congraulated the people for doing an outstanding job of conservation, and then decided to raise water rates because they were losing money.

  6. This is the same kind of sick crap they are looking at here in the US. They want to do a mileage tax. So called “green” cars (oh how I despise that word) well be charged more for every mile they drive. Bottom line, you have to be an ultra lefty, buying a hybrid for the sole purpose of “saving the planet” and be willing to pay for it. For those of us who bought to save our wallets, we’ll be out of luck.

  7. “Power Grab” has two mutually exclusive terms, in his post:”all that lost revenue”,and “the few people who have bought a green car?” So, “All that lost revenue” comes as a result of *The FEW*? Nah.

  8. It is quite simple – governments should stop social-engineering and have the same level of taxation on all cars. Anyone with sense could see that a low rate of annual taxation on cars that use less petrol/diesel (so lower fuel tax revenue too) would mean a net loss to the Exchequer that would need reversing eventually.

  9. Heavy trucks wear out roads a lot faster than cars. Heavy cars wear out roads a lot faster than light cars. Over the years it has made sense to tax motor fuel because it is somewhat proportional to how fast the various vehicles wear out roads. But electric cars avoid paying fuel tax totally, and there needs to be some proportional payment for space on the road, not just wearn and tear from weight.

  10. Road tax (as it used to be called) in the UK used to be a fixed rate for all cars up until about the early noughties, they started proportionally taxing cars (built after this period) in relation to the amount of “emissions” they gave out (namely that colourless odourless gas Co2), they greenies got their way and the British subject lay down once again and let the ruling elite trample all over them once more.

  11. In the uk it is legal to use”biofuels” without paying tax, it’s called the biodiesel simplification scheme…and you can produce and use up to 2500 litres without paying duty on it.
    As to “green” cars being few….well, the car tax is variable depending upon the amount of CO2 emitted….so a car produced in, say, 2000 and having an small engine (under 1600cc) pays less tax than a car of the same age with a larger engine.
    Move to a new car, say diesel and 1600cc…..and you get different rates depending on emissions…but a new car would be zero rated for the first year and £20.00 for the next 12 months….so it isn’t the electric vehicles ONLY….most new cars are very low rates compared to 10 year old cars…hence the loss.

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