Driving snowstorm in Tromsø Norway – Soccer game continues

This happened today in Alfheim Stadium in Tromsø, Norway, during a soccer match between Brann from Bergen Norway and Tromsø, says reader Willem Vos.

Tromsø is quite far up North.

See entire article:

“Snow in end May,” says Willem. “Global warming in progress.”

7 thoughts on “Driving snowstorm in Tromsø Norway – Soccer game continues”

  1. I see that the people of Norway already have adapted to global warming. They are not as white as they used to be after the long winter.

  2. additions to players wardrobes include:
    spikes anti ice for the ball and mittens and longwer shorts:-)

    • Hasn’t it always been normal to see snow in Norway? Oh yes, I get it… What used to be normal was supposed to become rare…

  3. Are they sure they weren’t actually playing hockey not soccer. Welcome to the start of the new Ice Age.

  4. I’ve watched a soccer match in Tromso which was played in a blinding snowstorm in early October. Snow can fall here in any month of the year outside of July/August.

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