Dry Falls – Video

Nick on the Rocks – One of the largest waterfalls in the history of earth.

Ten times the combined flow of all the rivers on earth.


7 thoughts on “Dry Falls – Video”

  1. We live in the eastern Washington scablands, areas swept clean of soil by the same ice age floods. When there is the next ice age our home may be washed away, but that will take hundreds or perhaps thousands of years to build up.

  2. Very good CGI. I love the way the car speeds by before the flood catches it. Who knew they had cars back then? 🙂

  3. I would like to know more about the rocks littering the So’Western deserts that have been melted on the surface, but not below ground. Years ago, I met an old Desert Rat who mined around Aguila Az. He pulled a square-ish rock up, about 10″ were underground; and sure enough, only the top had, at one time, bee melted. His explanation was an above ground nuclear explosion, obviously re historic.

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