Dutch Farmers In Mass Protest Against Green Fascism – Video

Thousands of Dutch farmers are heading en masse to the Hague to protest against environmental policies being inflicted on them by their coalition government.

Hundreds of the farmers have converged on the Netherlands capital by tractor, causing total backups in excess of 600 miles (1,000 km) and bringing the city to a standstill.

According to a comment of the website, 89% of Dutch people support the farmers.

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17 thoughts on “Dutch Farmers In Mass Protest Against Green Fascism – Video”

  1. As a Dutch civilian I respect our farmers. But only the minority of perverse and evil vegan and vegetarian alarmists of the CAGW do not. It is our duty to expose the evil vegans and vegetarians. Humanity is not the cancer of the world, the vegans/vegetarians are the cancer themselves.

    • Okay hold the busses. I am a veggie and have been for about 15 years. I have never thought less of someone just because they eat meat nor do I think meat should be restricted. To each their own. The militant/extremist section of any group are bad news and the veggie folks I meet are 95% in the same boat with me (we’ve thrown the fanatics overboard a long time ago).

      Look at it this way, the more veggies there are the greater the surplus of meat and the lower the price should be for the rest of you. You are welcome 🙂

  2. Brilliant. I love tractor runs. You can’t beat the smell of diesel in the morning – or any time of day.

  3. Good for them!

    Farmers are incredibly stable people (unlike my own artistic/nomadic forebears). It boggles the mind how they can look at corn every day for their entire lives and call it good.

    It takes an awful lot to get them riled up, but once they are, they will be a force to be reckoned with.

    I wonder if our farmers will follow suit? Maybe that’s why the powers-and-principalities-that-be are trying to drive them all out of business.

  4. Any government that does not support its farmers is cutting the throat of its own people.

    Remember where food comes from?

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  6. Is this evidence of the claims that climate change is being used as a means of population control and that our betters know what the Earth needs to be saved – 6 billion or so less people ?

    Sure sounds more and more feasible every day.

    Take away energy, shut down farms and most industry – what could possibly go wrong for most of us ?

  7. Speaking truth to power it the truest form of patriotism.

    Objective truth. Not subjective conjecture.

  8. Saint Greta the Climate Nazi will put a curse on them for sure.
    Such is the delusion that has been forced upon her.

  9. @ Martin
    You are 100% correct.
    Veganism is deadly. We did not evolve to eat massive amounts of processed grains and sugars which makes up the bulk of a vegan diet.
    Neither did we evolve to eat large amounts of fructose which is the sugar in all modern fruits.
    We did evolve to eat meat. Fatty meat to be specific.
    Have you heard of the ketogenic diet?
    Saved my life.

  10. The farmers here outback of OZ are a stoic lot. They dont ask for handouts and they rarely take their tractors to parliament probably because it a bloody long way. Yes Deb. They slowly beong strangled. Some committing suicide. Kids are working in the fields till late after school and getting to bed really late or mot hetting to school at all. Kids on the land here grow up quick at the moment. Everyone has a story. We convoys of hay and feed now they need water. They are being encouraged to talk and put thei had up to help. Drought and fire. Most places are at 50% water and others are flooded. Snow though last month down the south east coast and not for long (coz its not natural, yet?) but it was really pretty : ) I had a very short conversation with a homeless guy we were both getting off a train summer last year the day before it was 38 degrees celcius and the next day it dropped to 18. The mind boggles. But its happening alot now. I said to the homeless guy Im glad its cooled down. He said I prefer it like this, the sun is too hard. But thats Australia ! Or is it. Im with him! Iand a growing number of people who look foward to the drop in temperaure but unfortunately then a few get sick. The immune system doesnt cope. Layers of clothing are good and vitamin c and anti virals antibacterials and water like neem for a few become your friend. Everyone feels something

  11. And further….about water. If you are interested see willow wishart brave young lady. Gold coast council commissioned her as a scientist to survey the area in the hinterland behind the Gold Coast. Springbrook area and its waterfall. This is heritage listed but apparently not protected from commercial efforts. She pasted in facebook in the dark early morning photos of trucks coming to the wells around the waterfall in springbrook moutain and cyphoning water to sell illegally as spring water she says its bore water. This is all happening as the area is being ravaged by fire. I have friends who live there idyllic beautiful place to live. They were packed and ready to leave as instructed by the fire authority. So its all very real. That was mid last month by the the end of the month the trucks turned into a fully ‘transparent’ water company requesting submission to the gold coast council to take the water as a growing business. The council has yet to decide. They can legally submit this to council as a water corporation or company because stupidly the land is not sufficiently listed for protection from company preditators of this kind. The scientist posted before and after photos of the waterfall its devastatingthe rainforest around it is ravaged by fire because uts dry. And the state premier asks how does a rainforest catch fire or words to the that effect at the time. Published news. You can look it up if you wish. Thanks for reading. Ps by the way the farmers have been told if all else fails they can mine. Interesting that america may not be doing business with China anymore for their minerals to keep silicone valley going!? Investment companies here are on notice to tell share holders to get ready for a minerals boom. https://www.ft.com/content/fc43a3c6-ce0f-11e9-99a4-b5ded7a7fe3f

  12. imagine:
    Greta doing the sulkyface finger point in front of this crowd
    and the How Dare You…

    figure is shes fast off the blocks she might…might make it about 20 feet before the cowshit hits her;-))

    such a pity their dearlil Greta isnt there with her Ex Reb low IQ friends to protest and correct them all into right-thinking -their way…

  13. I`m dutch, in my Country we are living with 488 People at 1 square kilometer. With 14 millions pigs, 6 millions cows,
    and 100 millons chicken. Simply to mch shit.

  14. Kudos to all the hard working farmers near Bladel, NL and the surrounding area. Love to see the same in the US!

  15. In the bible the pale horse was.mistranslated…..its actually a.green horse….islam and ectinction rebellion…the fourth reich….

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