Earliest recorded snow event ever in Western Australia

Good Friday cold blast in Albany brings April snow.

This is the earliest recorded snow event in the state’s history.

The last recorded fall before this time was April 20 in 1970, according to Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) records.

Snow is an extremely rare occurrence in April, said Matt Boterhoven of the BOM. “It’s exceptional. We’ve only recorded once, in the last 100 years, snow as early as this on top of the Stirling Ranges.”

“Cold fronts do happen in April but this is a very active one and with the wet and windy conditions,” said BOM spokesman Neil Bennett. “If people aren’t prepared properly they may find that it’s a bit unpleasant out there.”


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8 thoughts on “Earliest recorded snow event ever in Western Australia”

  1. It seems the friday strikes for climate are working, in effect the world is cooling…

    Happy Easter to you all!

  2. The highest peak in the Stirling Ranges is a mere 1099 metres (3606 feet) high. Albany is at sea level.

    Snow at this low level in April is a notable event as is the winter like maximums experienced at sea level several months early.

  3. 2 feet of snow in Ideal South Dakota, almost a foot in Minneapolis. Next snowstorm almost 6 inches of snow in Chicago, 9 inches in the suburbs. Who knows how much snow in Duluth. 1mm from all time record for Chicago. Mid April.

  4. the cool has reached SA and Vic with temps dropping from low 30s down to the 20s or under…but the rain we desperately need hasnt arrived so far;-(

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