Early Cold And Frost Grip Europe

Snow Blankets Romania.

Across much of Central and Eastern Europe temperatures are down in the single digits Centigrade.

At Facebook Severe Weather Europe posted photos of snow blanketing the ground in Romania, in Southeast Europe.

This of course is in stark contradiction to earlier projections that snow would be a thing of the past.

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11 thoughts on “Early Cold And Frost Grip Europe”

  1. With an NAO winter starting similar to 63 it looks like its Europes turn for a humdinger of a winter.
    Like History the major weather patterns repeat themselves linked to the solar cycle every 10 to 12 years.
    62/63 stared with a a 6 week blocking high over North Western Europe, with the frost going into the ground 18″, shortly after Xmas, a monster dump of snow over the UK, followed by a Blocking High which stayed untill the end of March. For 12 years old this was great, I wrecked three steel banded sledges during that time.

    • Aye, I was 12 at the time too. Sledged for weeks in Glasgow. My father was a welder, so he made me one out of steel pipes and it still survives to this day.. My nieces and nephews disdain it as a ‘tank’—plastic wimps!!

    • others may be paying attention too——William Hill, the bookies, are only offering 3:1 against a White Christmas in Glasgow. Sometimes it’s more than double these odds.

    • First windscreen frost of the season, air frosts expected this week.
      Garden shut down growing.Tidy up and wait for spring. Although it might be late next year.

  2. It’s snow on roads in Suceava and Neamt, where meteorologists issued, moreover, code orange for bad weather. In most of the rest of the country have a code yellow rains, wind and cold, valid until Monday evening.

    In Suceava, mouth Humor and Campulung, the first snow of this year on lunch. Soon the snow reaches 5 centimeters.
    At least one month too early!!!!!


  3. A friend commented on the fact that there seems to be an overabundance of berries and chestnuts around in the Netherlands, that might indicate a severe winter is in the making and nature takes its intelligent precautions !
    Another aquaintance said the longer term prediction would be a very severe winter coming to Europe in the months ahead, with temperatures down to at least minus 20 Celsius or worse. At least there will be some exciting skating events, like the eleven-towns-skating- marathon, a very tough tour of approx. 200 kilometers with usually an icy N.E wind blowing to spice things up, traversing through canals, lakes and waterways through towns and villages in the northern part of Holland, in the province of Friesland.
    It’s been many years since the last official tour, which normally takes place somewhere in January or February.

    • It indicates a good period of weather at the other end of the cycle, with warm weather during the blossom season to allow for pollination, and for bees to recover from winter.
      Followed by reasonable growing weather warmth and wet from time to time during the season and late sun during the autumn to ripen the fruit.
      Up to now, Western Europe has been very lucky with the winter weather, it may not be for the next few winters, with the Meridional Jet streams driving the low pressures down though France into the Med, following the track of the storm which is now dropping early snow over central Europe.
      If you check up on the weather during 47, 63, Mid seventies and Mid eighties they all featured this Jet Stream track with very heavy rain for Med coastal regions.
      So much for French Politicos blaming AGW on CO2, it’s a cycle, get over it.

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