Early Freeze Could Severely Damage Minnesota Crops

“Twenty-eight degrees will pretty much kill everything.”

14 Sep 11 – “Farmers throughout Greater Minnesota prepared Wednesday for an overnight frost that could severely damage crops in a growing season that’s already been shortened by a late start,” says this article on KSAX.

A normal frost isn’t seen until late September.

“It’s if we get down to frost tonight … Statewide, it’s very easy to say that we’re going to lose 10 percent of our corn yield,” said Long Prairie corn and soybean farmer Roger Zastrow.

Wednesday night’s overnight forecast of 25 degrees could be very damaging, said Zastrow. “Twenty-eight degrees will pretty much kill everything.”

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This fits in well with this email from Travis J. Hill:

“My friends in Minnesota made Facebook posts reporting snowfalls in their area,” says Travis. “This is around the Duluth, MN area. The whole area didn’t get snow, some got cold rain. But snow has been reported, in Minnesota, this 14th day of September.”

3 thoughts on “Early Freeze Could Severely Damage Minnesota Crops”

  1. We need an emergency convoy of ALL SUV’s, diesel exhaust-spewing trucks, and the like to pour into Minnesota NOW, and warm the climate there, before it’s too late to prevent crop failure! Or, they could just invite ALGORE and get him started on the subject– the hot air from that alone will be sufficient….

  2. No, No!! If they invite Al Gore there will be overnight snow and freezing conditions that will ruin 100% of everything – the Gore effect is as well-documented as global warming.

  3. This is going to be bad. Beyond MN. Massive Arctic blast affecting many areas of the CONUS now. Even here in Nor Cal, we are getting a surprise shortwave that has brought us into deep Autumn, at least climatically speaking.

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