Early snow in Italy

Cold polar winds bring early snow in Italy

30 cm of snow in Badia valley

10 cm in Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites

VIDEO: Dolomites – Snow at 1200m, already 30cm of white blanket at 1700m


From short sleeves to snowshoes,” reads the headline. “This is Christmas time!”


Thanks to geologist Dr Mirco Poletto in Italy for these links
“This after a month of African heat,” says Dr Poletto. “Is little ice age beginning?”

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  1. Subject: Predictions- Many do not seem to understand that the models do not incorporate the strengths of the solar /geo magnetic fields when making a prediction.

    Earthquakes of magnitide 4.0 or higher have increased over 25% over the last few weeks. This geo magnetic storm(K7) may spur ) even more activity. Waitng for THE ! volcanic eruption.

    I said 2018 (the only one) would be a transitional year. Sure enough global temperatures down and overall oceanic sea surface temperatures down.

    They are going to continue down.

    El Nino happy that is what the models are this year and were last year.

    Forget Hurricanes /Tornados moving forward from here. They will continue to trend down on a global basis.

    Getting back to the models/ analogs, the more extreme either way the solar/geo magnetic fields may be (in this case weakening) the more off those tools will be.

    My simple theory is , very weak solar/geo magnetic fields equate to lower overall global temperatures due to lower overall oceanic sea surface temperatures(less UV/NEAR UV light) and a slight up tick in albedo due to an increase in major geological activity and an increase in global cloud/snow coverage tied into an increase in galactic cosmic rays in response to very weak magnetic fields.
    In addition there are threshold levels of magnetic weakness out there that could result in a major as opposed to a sight climatic shift. If one looks at the historical climatic record/ ice core data major/abrupt climatic changes show up more often then not.

    Something is causing it to happen and it is not the slow gradual change of the oceans heat content. Besides ocean heat content does not matter it is the surface oceanic temperatures that matter when it comes to the climate and they can change fast.

    In closing I say the so called AGW ended in late 2017.

    None of the mainstream buy into this even the ones who do not believe in AGW. They are all stuck and believe in their inadequate models which are useless in this environment . Even Joe Bastardi a non believer in AGW can not get into this.

    This is why this site is so important because it brings points of view similar to what I expressed and think is correct.

  2. the deckchairs full of snow;-)

    thats a frameable picture..
    truly amusing.
    except if you were a tourist expecting green views and some sunshine i guess;-)

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