Early snow in Italy – Photo

Email from geologist in Italy


Italy – 13 Nov 2017 – Courtesy Dr Mirco Poletto

Good morning Robert,

Italy is now hit by an arctic blast. This morning is snowing in northeastern Alps. On the mountains facing the plain between Veneto and Friuli regions is still snowing at 11:00 am at about 2000 ft. Considering we are not even in mid-November it is an uncommon fact. I send a picture taken by me this morning.

Have a nice day!

Mirco Poletto

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  1. I had the opportunity, in the 70’s to visit Italy during numerous Summer vacations.

    I loved the place. Snow was way up in the Alps and I loved it.

    Today? I wouldn’t want to be killed.

  2. The breaking news (not fake) is that yesterday, nov 13th 2017, the city of Bologna (population: 400.000), where I live, was hit by a huge artic blizzard!!

    The storm lasted for several hours and left 10 cm of fresh snow on the ground!

    That has been a GREAT event, Bologna never had snow so early in november at least in the last 40 years!!

    Check out some pics linked below, I also shot a video, but I am not gonna share it eh eh:


  3. 30cm snowfall widespread across northern Swiss- and Austrian Alps between Saturday and Monday. Snowfall doen to well below 1000m.

    Forecast is for cool sunny weather then more snow at weekend.

  4. Well, roads are a bit risky due to some crazy drivers but, after all, the northeast is still a good place to live.

  5. I have been noticing a lot of cold notices lately like this one above. The strong impression that is given is that some sort of “uncommon” or unnatural cold “time” is now starting.

    As I have often said about global warming and lately about global cooling, this is all nonsense. I will not go into here again, for I am totally convinced now that most people are too determined to sensationalize “anything” for whatever stupid reason they have.

    Since I know something about Trieste, my entire family used to live there, let me inform everybody that Sig. Poletto doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This kind of weather in Trieste is quite normal, for it happens cyclically.

    For example look what happened 1997:

    1997 Cold snap

    for a greater appreciation about Trieste low’s in October…

    Absolute low Temps of 1C go back to 1946
    Note the temp for October, can go down to 1 degree Celsius! And November -2 Celsius, and yes it has snowed in Trieste city in November and October! So big deal about the mountains!!

    That last link is for the Stazione meteorologica di Trieste Barcola.
    Barcola is on the coast, halfway to the famous Castello di Miramare (The Castle of Miramare- or Castle of Austria’s Arch Duke Ferdinand Maximillian, later Emperor of Mexico used to stay). Meaning that, it is no big deal about the mountains at the back of Trieste, when it can snow on the beach side on the Adriatic Coast in Trieste proper.

    Nothing is happening that is “uncommon”, for old timers like me, we have seen the “Gelo”, that is ice, I remember it being ONE FOOT THICK on the side walks in Trieste. I don’t think Pelotto would have seen 1 foot think ice on the sidewalks in Trieste. I did as a kid, early 70’s. We’d slide down the roads, on the north side of the train station. And this is not mentioning La Bora, ma altro che la bora!

    Having lived in Trieste I can tell you, this kind of weather that Poletto is exaggerating, has been going on for decades, if not longer, listening to stories from my grandfather who once told me that his father said it snowed in June once! This is now going about over a hundred years ago, if not more. But I’ll tell you now, snow in October or especially November in Trieste (not the mountains, that is the mountains behind Trieste, Opicina!), but in the downtown of Trieste, is not unusual at all. In fact, for many years, my relatives have been telling that the weather is unusually warm!

    What is happening I dare say, IS ABSOLUTELY COMMON AND NORMAL. Get used to it Poletto.

    Sono abbastanza sicuro che sei troppo giovane per sapere quanto cattivo puo fa il tempo a Trieste. Imparerai!
    (nothing sinister above, all it says in Italian for Poletto, “I’m quite certain you are too young to know how bad the weather can really get in Trieste. You will learn!)

    And that is a message for everyone else. Nothing is happening today around the world that hasn’t happened many times before. There is no global warming or cooling. And as I have often said many many times, nobody is going to know when we truly are in for an ice-age until we are decades if not hundreds of years into it.

    All these posts on cooling or warming weather is ridiculous. It will be 1,000 years from now, when we will know, FULLY, what has happened today and for the next several hundred years. Speculating or crystal ball gazing on climate….is utterly stupid!!

  6. An afterthought:

    Having full appreciation now for how many meteorological stations are positioned so poorly and are corruptly maintained, here is the Barcola station:

    Barcola Trieste Weather Station

    I bet the boys at What’s Up With That, would have a field day with that one!

    For a better view, go up (looking from up above), notice:

    – There is an air-con system on top of the building not more than 10 meters away (nice breezes for the station),
    – There are shrubs on two sides shielding the station,
    -On the other side of the shrubs the station is surrounded by cars on two sides
    -Also asphalt road,
    -Of course, also Adriatic Sea nearby with also lots of salt in the air.

    Oh I could go on for hours, but it does explain, why Barcola never gave true temperature readings. It was always never colder than everyone else was saying. Then again, when you are sliding down the road on think ice or sweating it out like a pig, and hearing that the Barcola temperature never made sense, it explains a lot why we in Town always thought that the rich people out on the Viale Miramare (the major coastal road) had it better, when perhaps in reality, it was never so!

    But I will tell you this, you will never hear the Italians admitting their Barcola Weather Station is compromised, and all their readings for decades have been bogus, and biased due Urban Heating Effects and just poor instrument positioning. Well we can write-off another weather station, Barcola.

    There you go Poletto, some good did eventually come out of your silly post. We uncovered another false weather station, this time in Barcola, Trieste. Pitty it will not lead to anything good. Climate idiots will live on. So sad.

    • Dear Dorian, before saying I do not know what I am talking about you better read carefully what I wrote. Idid not even mentioned Trieste, I wrote about the border Veneto-Friuli. I spent many years in Trieste, I know what bora is, and I know weather can be harsh in Trieste. Do you ever lived in Pordenone or Sacile? If you did it you can say that such events are not common. Not necessarly extreme, but uncommon.

      Have a good time in Trieste and try to chill out a bit!

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