Early snow in Maine

Sugarloaf Mountain ski resort has a foot (30 cm) or more of heavy wet snow in places.

The ski resort typically opens the Friday before Thanksgiving but officials say if the weather continues as it is, they could open sooner.

“This wet heavy snow is really good early in the season. It sticks to services, it helps us establish a strong base that we can build on later in the season with snowmaking and more natural snow,” says Noelle Tuttle, marketing and communications manager, Sugarloaf Mountain.


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1 thought on “Early snow in Maine

  1. Hilarious how the latest, in a series of, brand names for CAGW/CC™ is now “Atmospheric Radicalization”. If I remember correctly, radicals won’t do what they’re supposed to, and sure enough: here in New Zealand, with summer knocking on our door, yet another cold blast delivered snow, hail, sub-zero temps and frost on the weekend ~


    Various media weather ‘spokespersons’ do their best to minimise these – ahem – minor setbacks to the unprecedented warming we’re supposed to be suffering under, whilst always promising warmth and sunshine next week or the week after, except those naughty radicals just won’t play ball: more snow and freezing temps on the way for both Australia and NZ’s alpine regions into November…





    The way things are going, we might have ourselves a White Christmas here in NZ, even though it occurs 3 days after our summer solstice / longest day / official start of ‘Summer’…

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