Early winter brings heavy snow to Athens, Greece

Thousands of people stuck in their cars.

30 Dec 2019 – The Athens-Lamia Highway shut down completely for approximately five hours on Monday afternoon due to heavy snowfall.

Thousands of people were stuck in their cars, waiting for updates on the situation until late at night.

At the same time, all buses from Central and Northern Greece canceled their trips to Athens, ruining travel plans for thousands of people.

Police also stopped hundreds of trucks and dozens of buses along various sections of the country’s highway network from Lamia to Tragana in central Greece.

The Athens-Lamia Highway is the main artery connecting the city of Athens with Lamia, and then continues all the way north to Thessaloniki.

Meanwhile, heavy snowfall continued in the areas of ​​Martino and Yliki in Attica until Monday night.

Athens-Lamia Highway Shuts Down Due to Heavy Snowfall

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3 thoughts on “Early winter brings heavy snow to Athens, Greece”

  1. Is this unusual?

    I have been stuck in Albuquerque and in a pizza joint in St. Louis due to heavy snowfall closing roads, but no one thought it was anything out of the ordinary.

    See my comment on the Yellow River.

  2. Here is another story not reported on UK media. We were in Athens in early December when it was lovely and mild…….as one expects in Greece.
    So it is surprising to see so much snow there now. The wind must have been from the North. Please send all this to UK media.

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