Early Winter Snow Forecast for Ireland & UK

 5 Sep 11 –  Heavy snowfalls likely by late October and early November for many parts of UK and Ireland, says long-range weather forecaster James Madden of Exacta Weather.

“Coupled with other in depth factors such as recent volcanic activity and changes to the Gulf Stream/North Atlantic drift that we consider, this does not bode well for the severity of the UK and Northern European winter of winter 2011-12,” says Madden. “Frequent and prolonged cold spells with heavy dumps of snow from blizzard like conditions is likely across many parts of the UK.”

“The areas we expect to be worse hit throughout include the vast majority of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands, Northern England, and Northern Ireland. We have particular concerns as to the huge implications that this may pose to the infrastructure of the UK and Ireland transportation systems/economy.”

Last week, UK-based Positive Weather Solutions also predicted that the winter months will be colder than average everywhere and that some regions will experience significantly colder than average temperatures between December and March.

The agency, which has a relatively high success rate in its long range weather predictions, has also given a 36% chance of the Ireland and Britain experiencing a White Christmas.

Is this indicative of a continued cycle of severe wintry weather?

December 2010 was the coldest December across the UK since the national series began in 1910, according to the UK Met Office.

See entire article, with many photos:
http://www.irishweatheronline.com/news/atmosphere/cold/early-winter-snowfall-predicted-for -ireland-and-uk/36161.html/comment-page-1

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13 thoughts on “Early Winter Snow Forecast for Ireland & UK”

  1. Down here in Australia, our snow-fields had what was considered to be a great early start to their season, and a great season overall. It’s starting to warm up here now, but this was a particularly cold winter for many places down under, this year.

    It would not surprise me if the northern hemisphere experienced the same sort of pattern – an early start with a lot of snow and colder than average temperatures. I wish all of you the best this winter!

  2. and some Idiots there are still…trying to shut coal powerplants down and run on useless wind..
    how many have to DIE of COLD..before they wake up and stop the delusion of warming fanatics.

  3. Hm, thats an interesting read.
    Funnily enough I actually live around the North-Eastern edge of England and I have noticed quite a few things.
    To start with, its actually quite chilly. I know we are now in September, but the ‘coolest’ summer in 20 years is pretty evident.
    Next, It has noted that Autumn seems to have arrived early this year, with many trees beginning to shed their leaves. I heard it was something like three to four weeks early but the BBC put that down to the dry conditions in spring. Not too convinced though.

    As for the Infrastructure struggling in the cold winter. It is highly probable, as they grind to a halt in snow anyway. I personally don’t really care as I find my way through it regardless. So for me, I’m all ready for a cold winter 😀

  4. In spring we had 2 weeks of lovely Heat and they were screaming DROUGHt, it has rained nearly every day since june, it is very cool. the trees are indeed shedding. This winter the gas company will not trap me the gas fire will be ripped out and ill be burning wood!

  5. If the coming winter is anything like what we experienced in December ’10, I’m afraid it will cause great hardship because of escalating fuel bills. On a particular morning that month I discovered that normally mild Belfast was 2 deg.C colder than Alert in the far north of Greenland.

  6. I live between Orlando and Tampa and the mornings have started to be a little bit cooler. Even with the sun shining on the front door handle, the handle isn’t as hot anymore, some mornings, it feels normal.

  7. Alert is not in Greenland. Alert is on the north east coast of Ellesmere island in Canada. Another popular error is that the Black or Humbolt current flows from Japan to North America. This is not true.
    The Black or Humbolt current flows north from the Antarctic along the coast of Chile and Peru.
    Significant numbers of people need to consult an Atlas before making public statements on geographic and oceanographic matters so as not to mislead the public.

  8. I will be curious to see what Winter brings in Europe? Will their airports close again, unable to handle the snowfall? Will they have learned anything from the past?
    Global warming “science” is far from settled.

  9. It is a great pity so much money was wasted on global warming research when this eventuality of colder winters was where the real focus always lay. If these predictions are correct which from my own research and work in this area I very much so feel are I do fear for the fate of Europe and the western world, the additional cost of another extreme winter will have major implications on an the extremely fragile Irish and European economies. No improvements in our infrastructure here in Ireland has being undertaken to project against our increasingly difficult winters.
    I wait with baited breath for the out comes of this winter but do fear its repercussions

  10. i have also seen trees beginning to shed their leaves
    and was told by my father nlaw it because of the dry spring but i pointed out why is there so many huts on the trees then he said it`s all the wet weather we been have i said you can`t have it both ways lol

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