Earth about to enter ‘Mini Ice Age,’ expert warns

No surprise, I’ve been saying this for years. But now we’re starting to hear it from the main-stream media.


Earth about to enter ‘Mini Ice Age,’ expert warns

Robert W Felix

As power-hungry politicians ramp up their man-made global warming propaganda, some scientists warn that a far different type of climate change is headed our way.

Sunspot compared to Earth

We should be bracing for a prolonged solar minimum that could last for decades, until the 2050s, says Prof. Valentina Zharkova, a professor of mathematics at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England.

Zharkova is not alone in saying that the earth is headed into a solar minimum. According to NASA, the Sun will reach its lowest activity in over 200 years in 2020.

“The Sun is approaching a hibernation period,” says Professor Zharkova, who has published multiple scientific papers on solar minimums.

“Less sunspots will be formed on the solar surface and thus less energy and radiation will be emitted towards the planets and the Earth.”

This could cause global temperatures to drop by one degrees Celsius, says Dr. Zharkova, who also has a doctorate in astrophysics.

While a one-degree drop may sound insignificant, it could trigger a slow down in agricultural production. Agricultural seasons could be shorter for several decades.

“This would dramatically effect food harvests in middle latitudes, because the vegetables and fruits will not have enough time for harvesting.”

Those shorter growing seasons could lead to food shortages and famine, according to Zharkova. “It could lead to a food deficit for people and animals, as we have seen in the past couple of years when the snow in Spain and Greece in April and May demolished the veggie fields, and the UK had a deficit of broccoli, and other fruits and veggies.”

Zharkova also pointed to recent unusual chills in Canada and Iceland as evidence of the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) already taking hold.

“We can only hope that the mini ice age will not be as severe as it was during the Maunder minimum,” Zharkova said.

The Maunder Minimum, known as a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), occurred from the mid-16th century until the early 17th century, and coincided with a time on Earth known as the Little Ice Age, when millions – millions! – of people died of starvation.

“The reduction in temperature will results in cold weathers on Earth, wet and cold summers, cold and wet winters,” said Zharkova. “We will possibly get big frosts as is happening now in Canada where they see [temperatures] of -50C.

One solar scientist, Matthew Owens from the University of Reading, believes that any cooling effect of a GSM will be “vastly offset” by anthropogenic global warming.

Although this warning was published in The Sun and The Express, which many of my readers ridicule, it was also published in The New American and on, indicating to me that the idea of mini ice age is slowly working its way into the mainstream media.

One of the things I found laughable was The Sun’s assertion that “Most of the effects will be harmless.”

Famine and mass starvation are “harmless”?

Thanks to Jack Bailey, Bill Sellers, Dr Klaus Kaiser and Mike McEvoy for these links

33 thoughts on “Earth about to enter ‘Mini Ice Age,’ expert warns”

  1. I actually saw this post as “optimistic.” After I got done laughing at the Prof. Owens comment at the end, I sobered up and thought what a shame students would have to listen to an idiot like this for an instructor.

    But getting back to the “optimism.” I hope he is correct and that this is only going to be 30 years long, and not as long as the actual Maunder minimum, or worse, the Dalton, or even worse still, we are finally exiting the inter-glacial. Our “high tech” civilization might survive a 30 year “cold snap,” not so sure it will survive anything considerably longer.

    • Civilization survived the Maunder minimum and that was longer than 30 years. Things might have gotten rough from time to time but our European peoples continued to invent and learn in the face of adversity. The real special challenge comes when a major glaciation sets in. We need geographic and political sanctuary.
      Knowledge and skills preservation will be critical and one will need people and government interested in maintaining order and progress… Given this the return to the stone age can be averted for the most part.

      • Civilisation such as it was adapted and survived the entire LIA period stemming from the start of the LIA with the Wolf GSM in 1288, the Spoorer GSM period of two separate GSM twin cycles connected by a cold Gleissberg period, far deeper than Maunder, followed by the Maunder GSM period of two separate GSM twin cycles connected by a cold Gleissberg period and closing with the Dalton GSM.
        All of that period has dumped 1 to 2C water in the Arctic basin which contains high vales of CO2, that water takes 500 years to travel on the cold returning leg of the overturning current to the base of the pacific water Colum which coincides with Spoorer water and the rise in CO2 from the 1950s onwards. At least 420 more years of CO2 rises.

        • Yes we did survive the whole LIA period and we survived major glaciations also which are more severe. It is a matter of quality of survival and of how much of what we have achieved as a species can be preserved. Under the right conditions losing it all is quite possible.

      • Hi Robert, currently Zharkova is having a copyright discussion with Geoff Sharp, with Geoff protecting his copyright.
        Geoff takes a different view, the LIA was a series of separate two cycle GSM periods connected by with cold Gliessberg periods as per Spoorer and Maunder. The other GSM are two cycle GSMs such as Oort, Wolf, the starting cycle of Spoorer, the starting cycle of Maunder, Dalton, and this Modern two cycle GSM which commenced in 2008 which should return to normal output after SC26.
        Research into the LALIA another two cycle GSM, made far worse in climate terms by three massive T6/T7 erruptions states the GSM climate effects takes 10 years for the change from a benign Solar Warm Period to the cold, wet and windy effects of the GSM to be locked into the fossil record.
        Geoff makes this prediction:
        Following the GSM is another tepid Gliessberg period, rather than the cold Gleissberg which created most if not all of the modern weather records to date from 1880 to 1940.

      • How Far Down will the Ice Sheet Go, Will it Affect the Midlands in the UK?
        Asking Because IF So I’ll Need to Get My Bum into Gear and Get Prepared…..
        MANY Thanks

        • In 1500 years the Ice Cap over Scotland and the spine of Northern England might have stated to grow with the tipping point of the Holocene being reached. But given you have three score and ten years walking the Earth; it won’t matter much to you at all.
          That said, a major geological event which disturbs the Overturning current into the North Atlantic could start the process tomorrow.

        • Hi Mr Bootstrap. Love the handle mate.
          A glacier would form up Garbh Choire Mor in the Scottish Cairngorms long before ice sheets bulldozed down every last trace of Birmingham old boy.
          However, Robert will back me up here, a shortened growing season will hit us earlier. Prices of foods will rise due to scarcity. We will discover some coping mechanisms but not enough to please everyone.
          For example, poor people in cities live in flats when us fairly well off live in houses. I could manage on bread alone if beans, broccoli and beef get beyond my budget. But in the same way we love our gardens, Sunday roast is King to me yum yum. We would slowly move towards MINIMALISM as a lifestyle.
          I see this starting already. Look how expensive a Uni education is for example. Bicycles in Halfords sell for over £1000. I no longer cycle. I also go to Birmingham for holidays when I used to go to Beijing. Then we see so many of us going back to living with parents as soon as Uni finishes. How do you explain it?
          The cost of living in the UK rivals Sweden’s now and it can only get ever tighter if the climate changes, either way.

          • A Major Geological Event, You mean like Yellowstone or Another Volcano?
            Sorry for Questions Like This Still Learning…

            Isn’t There Already a Glacier Forming in Scotland?
            I’m in Warwickshire So Would I Still be at Risk?
            And Thank You re Handle!

  2. So they are admitting to the GSM at the same time that they are ramping up geoengineering projects aimed at cooling down the earth.

    Is it just me, or is this planet turning into one big fat oxymoron, with emphasis on the MORON!?

  3. Its never been about global warming. Its always been about global government.
    The message will shift from “We must save the planet from over heating” to “We must save the planet from freezing”.
    The solution to both canards is of course “You must surrender your freedom, your prosperity, and your rights in the name of the greater good”.

    • The human race may well decide that one world socalisim is a price not worth paying, well before that version of socalism run out of every one elses money.
      We have now spent 300 years of human warfare on the various guises of socalism steming from the French revolution(s), the Euopean Imperial wars ending with the WW11917 Russian revolution, German National socalist, and the various flavours of communism exported by Russia.
      Now we have Green entryist Communism, how many more 100s of milions of human deaths will this political/socal/suicide culture take before it is committed to the miden of history.

    • The greater good will not be served by such sacrifice. If you wish to have a oligarchy like in the Hunger Games movie such sacrifice would do just fine but it will not save civilization or lead to any respectable outcome. As the lord pointed out,” You can’t get good fruit from a corrupt tree.”

  4. The Express and The Sun are rags. Nobody will take anything they say seriously, even if it turns out to be true. It’s not a good idea to refer to these sources.

  5. So Mathew Owens has set a litmus test for the warmists. What will his explanation be if it isn’t offset?? As usual with the alarmist language as well not just offset but vastly offset.

  6. At the turn of the century the NOAA spent several years building USCRN, a series of 114 identical high quality weather stations across the USA. Thess stations with identical equipment and maintenance are placed in “pristine” locations, that is unaffected by local human activity.
    Here is the result of what is undoubtedly the best land based data set in existence. What it shows is a significant reduction in temperature from 2005 to 2019.

    Here is the link.

  7. I wish to express my great appreciation to the host of this site and all the posters, commentators and lurkers.
    The original 2015 paper by Dr. Valentina Zharkova is an ~8 page, downloadable pdf that may – or may not – be recommended to scan over.
    It is WAY over my head as it mostly references other work and – this is key – focuses on the sun’s characteristics … specifically the sun’s containing multiple, asynchronous dynamos.

    The effects upon climate were presented almost as an after thought.

    Well …

    Biggest issue, perhaps, for we Truth seekers is to effectively kindle curiousity amongst the Climate Alarmists … more realistically the tens/hundreds of millions who rely upon the “knowledgeable” elites in our ongoing efforts to shift this narrative.

    We will succeed.
    We must succeed.
    Tide is turning.

  8. I should have mentioned that this graph is interactive and as someone pointed out you can change the vertical scale to read within human experience say + & – 40c. It puts the whole thing in perspective.
    Simply place your cursor on the left hand side of the graph and scroll.

  9. Here is a list of her papers and popular cover article/executive summary from 2015
    Scientific paper describes a model that is 97% accurate going back thousands of years, predicts the beginning of a little ice age (Grand Solar Minimum) in 10.5 years!
    Executive summary:

    Here is full paper:

    Follow-up paper:


    Latest paper:


    Dear Mr. Walter et al,

    Our analysis of solar magnetic field is based on Principal component Analysis published in 2012 (Zharkova et al, MNRAS, ).

    In 2015 we published the break-through paper: Zharkova et al., 2015 which explained the occurrence of grand minima on a (semi) regular basis during the past millennia owing to beating effect of two dynamo waves of the sun formed in the inner and outer layers of the solar interior. Later we reported paper by Zharkova et al, 2018a which have the proofs that the solar grand minima occurred on semi-regular basis in the past 5 millennia and will continue to occur in the future millennia. Some discrepancies with Sporer minimum are explained by the explosion of a supernova Vela Junior in the Southern Hemisphere that gave a strong flux of cosmic rays on the solar system which overriden the carbon-darting in 13-14 centuries and led to wrong impression that it was a solar grand minimum while it was a supernova gamma-rain on the Earth.

    As you can figure out from our Fig.3 from the paper in Nature SR, Zharkova et al., 2015, the upcoming grand minimum will be seen only during the cycles 25-27 (2020-2053). After this time in cycle 28 the visible solar activity will be restored back to normal. Moreover, even in these years 2020-2053 the most reduced activity will be seen during the minima of solar activity between cycles 25 and 26, cycle 26 itself and then later between cycles 26 and 27. These 3 cycles will be a modern grand solar minimum, similar to the one we had in 17-18 century (Maunder Minimum) but twice shorter that the one in 17 century. The solar activity goes regularly through these grand solar minima (e.g. Wolf, Oort or Homer minima as described in our papers published recently Zharkova et al, 2017 Zharkova et al, 2018b

    These GSMs occur every 350-400 years and are regular features of solar activity cause by interference of dynamo waves produced by solar dynamo in two different layers (inner and outer ones) (Zharkova et al, 2015).

    In the RAS press-release of our paper in Nature SR in 2015 we shown that the solar irradiance is decreased by 3% only while the average temperature was reduced by more than a degree. This suggested that the temperature decrease was not mainly caused by a descries of solar irradiance but by a decrease of magnetic field. This in turn leads to the intensity increase of cosmic rays which break the high clouds and lead to opening the ‘greenhouse’ to the interplanetary space. Reduction of solar magnetic field leads also to increase of the role of planetary magnetic field, increased volcanic and earthquake activities. These processes are not included in any of the modern models describing the terrestrial temperature variations which cannot explain even the previous grand minimum – Maunder Minimum.

    We hope this answers all the points raised in the u-tube presentation. which, actually, exposes the deficiencies of the current climate models more than the problems with the upcoming grand minimum which is upon us in 2020-2053. We will see the developing story in front of our eyes and decide who is correct.
    This scientific paper describes a model that is 97% accurate going back thousands and thousands of year. It predicts the beginning of a little ice age (Marauder Minimum) in 13 years! Here is the full scientific paper:

  10. Since Christopher Booker’s sad demise there have been very few voices against the sirens of global destruction by CO2. Many people look down on the Sun and Express but the Sun they have combined sales of nearly 2 million. The Sun has the highest circulation of a bought paper, The Metro has a bigger circulation but is free.

    Some of the stuff in so called quality papers is equally bad if not worse than what’s in the tabloids.

    TV news is equally depressing all major News channels have drunk deeply of the Koolaid. The only solution are sites like this and Tony Heller to counter act MSM nonsense. French TV were blaming the lack of snow currently in the Pyrenees of global warming, having reported heavy falls earlier in the year and heavy falls elsewhere last week.

    • I agree that most stuff in the so-called quality papers is awful. Just think of The Guardian, for example. But the problem with papers like The Sun and The Express is that if you’re trying to tell someone the truth about so-called climate change, and you use them as your source you won’t be taken seriously.

  11. Climate Alarmists and those who follow their lead – will receive their wake-up call when/if the temps go noticeably south in a relatively short term – such as IF a nascent GSM triggers Volcanic Action which also contributes to Colder Climes… …. In the spirit of Everything Negative which occurs is the result of ManMade Global Warming aka AGM, they’ll probably blame it in AGM – so that they’ll continue receiving their bundles of Carbon Taxation Loot.

  12. This story has been challenged by Science Feedback and rated false because the “most recent forecast from NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (from December 2019) predicts that the next solar cycle will be similar to the one that is currently ending” and “even if an extended grand solar minimum were to occur, it would not produce marked global cooling.”

    • A highly biased site full of highly biased “scientists” that support global warming are claiming cooling is “false.” – Cool story.

    • Eather way Robert Filex point still stands it’s not the question of it happening or not it’s more of the question of when reather its 50 500 or million more years down the road the Earth will go into another glazer cycle and the ice age cycles all seem to say we our due immediately so we all better enjoy the current warmth because things will sooner or later start to grow colder.

    • I agree we are not due for another LIA period for another 2000 old years. However, this two cycle GSM is as low as the Wolf GSM and lower in energy output than Dalton.
      Aims.Using a reconstruction of sunspot numbers stretching over multiple millennia, we analyze the statistics of the occurrenceof grand minima and maxima and set new observational constraints on long-term solar and stellar dynamo models.Methods.We present an updated reconstruction of sunspot number over multiple millennia, from14C data by means of aphysics-based model, using an updated model of the evolution of the solar open magnetic flux. A list of grand minima andmaxima of solar activity is presented for the Holocene (since 9500 BC) and the statistics of both the length of individual eventsas well as the waiting time between them are analyzed.Results.The occurrence of grand minima/maxima is driven not by long-term cyclic variability, but by a stochastic/chaoticprocess. The waiting time distribution of the occurrence of grand minima/maxima deviates from an exponential distribution,implying that these events tend to cluster together with long event-free periods between the clusters. Two different types ofgrand minima are observed: short (30–90 years) minima of Maunder type and long (>110 years) minima of Sp ̈orer type, implyingthat a deterministic behaviour of the dynamo during a grand minimum defines its length. The duration of grand maxima followsan exponential distribution, suggesting that the duration of a grand maximum is determined by a random process.Conclusions.These results set new observational constraints upon the long-term behaviour of the solar dynamo.

  13. One thing Robert that this winter has really hit home in details about is when you have a cold Alaska pattern doing the winter the US Tends to see an over all very warm pattern Strong Positive Ao/NAO patterns .in fact it’s when Alaska has warm patterns strong Negative AO/NAO patterns where the USA tends to see it’s most harsh winter patterns interesting enough doing the ice ages cold cycles Alaska was actually warmer then normal but you will never here that in the media.

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