Earth about to enter ‘Mini Ice Age,’ warns expert

I’ve been saying this for years. But now we’re starting to hear it from the main-stream media.


Earth about to enter ‘Mini Ice Age,’ expert warns

Robert W Felix

As power-hungry politicians ramp up their man-made global warming propaganda, some scientists warn that a far different type of climate change is headed our way.

Size of a sunspot compared to Earth

We should be bracing for a prolonged solar minimum that could last for decades, until the 2050s, says Prof. Valentina Zharkova, a professor of mathematics at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England.

Zharkova is not alone in saying that the earth is headed into a solar minimum. According to NASA, the Sun will reach its lowest activity in over 200 years in 2020.

“The Sun is approaching a hibernation period,” says Professor Zharkova, who has published multiple scientific papers on solar minimums.

“Less sunspots will be formed on the solar surface and thus less energy and radiation will be emitted towards the planets and the Earth.”

This could cause global temperatures to drop by one degrees Celsius, says Dr. Zharkova, who also has a doctorate in astrophysics.

While a one-degree drop may sound insignificant, it could trigger a slow down in agricultural production. Agricultural seasons could be shorter for several decades.

“This would dramatically effect food harvests in middle latitudes, because the vegetables and fruits will not have enough time for harvesting.”

Food deficit for people and animals

Those shorter growing seasons could lead to food shortages and famine, according to Zharkova. “It could lead to a food deficit for people and animals, as we have seen in the past couple of years when the snow in Spain and Greece in April and May demolished the veggie fields, and the UK had a deficit of broccoli, and other fruits and veggies.”

Zharkova also pointed to recent unusual chills in Canada and Iceland as evidence of the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) already taking hold.

“We can only hope that the mini ice age will not be as severe as it was during the Maunder minimum,” Zharkova said.

Millions of people died of starvation

The Maunder Minimum, known as a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), occurred from the mid-16th century until the early 17th century, and coincided with a time on Earth known as the Little Ice Age, when millions – millions! – of people died of starvation.

“The reduction in temperature will results in cold weathers on Earth, wet and cold summers, cold and wet winters,” said Zharkova.

Although this warning was published in The Sun and The Express, which many of my readers ridicule, it was also published in The New American and on, indicating to me that the idea of mini ice age is slowly working its way into the mainstream media.

One of the things I found laughable was The Sun’s assertion that “Most of the effects will be harmless.”

Mass starvation is “harmless”?

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46 thoughts on “Earth about to enter ‘Mini Ice Age,’ warns expert”

  1. I only know my local weather. In 2011, Oklahoma City area had 63 100+ days. The last two years, I think we had one. We didn’t even make out average temperature for August. It was several degrees below. So yeah, I can see a cool down period happening, right before my eyes. Good luck getting the globull warming believers to accept it. Until they’re freezing their tushies off in July.

  2. Solar panels don’t work in the snow but you can run a generator on firewood. Or a snow cat or a pickup truck or an auto.

    A million cars in Germany ran on firewood during WWII, all the petrol went for the war. VW and Volvo had stock, factory wood gas autos, there’s videos out there if you look.

    Rocket stoves are also great, you can heat your soil in greenhouses and help keep production up. Or heat your house and water using only hand cut small pieces of firewood. You can also run a generator off the same unit and power your house !! Lots of vids out there on those too, hours and hours.

    • Thanks for the link and update. Her work is interesting and someone on WUWT had some issues with it but that was over my head. I’ll just follow the predictions and see who’s correct.

  3. Nobody takes the British press seriously apart from the politicians. Paper sales in Britain have been in decline for years and with the internet the younger generation don’t buy papers also because of their anti worker and constant royalist rubbish even the mid generation has had enough. In Scotland the decline is much more dramatic with the papers anti SNP Scottish independence stance along with their pro Brexit position the people feel the papers are against them.

  4. It is interesting to see the statement “the Little Ice Age, when millions – millions! – of people died of starvation.”

    Millions sounds like a lot and during that time, when the Earth may have had a total population of less than 500 million, it would have been. But we have 14 times more people here now, and probably the deaths would be in hundreds of millions. But don’t worry, most of us will be saved by our solar panels and bird killing windmills, I am sure!

    • I am not going to say that food will not be a problem. However, we have a number of things in our favor that did not exist in the Maunder times. We can distribute food – around the world, if need be. Farmers can plant their fields in a few days. Also, they can harvest in a few days. Yields per acre are astronomical compared with back then. And, if increased rainfall in some places, like Africa, actually happen, that can make up for some of the lost acreage further North. So, we might be able to manage a 1 degree colder scenario.

      • Modern farming methods results in seven times the food production per acre that existed in the Maunder Minimum, which means that every acre lost is that much greater.
        This massive increase in food production has led to the massive increase in population.
        The idea that there is some sort of huge surplus food supply available that can be shipped here and there as required is not correct.
        As you have recently seen food supplies can be stripped bare in a very short time. When all the food shops are empty what will you do?

        • In Europe land is being turn over to bio fuel productions, Solar PV farms and being turned back to woods and wilderness. When faced with cold and hunger it is unlikely the masses will let that situation continue, if they do the human race doesn’t deserve to survive.

        • Really it does not matter what “farming methods” are used, because the weather itself, floods, rain, hail, massive winds, will level not only “the playing field”, but but continue to level growing food areas across North America and the northern hemisphere.

      • You are forgetting something. We are in the process of destroying our ability to create energy. When a coal generator is taken off line, it doesn’t sit there “in case we change our mind,” it’s destroyed. The Shift to “renewable” has been at the cost of the “dependable.”

        If you suppress the requirement for heating oil, the capacity to create it goes away. It costs money to maintain something that “might be useful later,” to say nothing of the company that owns the facility being taxed to death in addition. It’s decommissioned and destroyed.

        Bottom line is that what we can do NOW, before the continued destruction of the carbon fuel industry is complete, CAN NOT be duplicated if it gets colder, with all the power that is being generated by “renewables” just able to keep homes from turning into blocks of ice. Of course, when end of life comes for the “renewable asset” and there is no way to replace it?

        Life near the equator will continue – probably fully powered by carbon fuels and nuclear, while the “green” western societies of the norther latitudes disappear. Thinking otherwise is dreaming.

  5. Millions last time billions this time.
    The only good thing is that the ‘newspaper reporters’ will be amongst them.

  6. and they will continue to grow “food” for bio fuel instead of stockpiling. The seven good years are ending. Too sad they are not willing to learn from the past.
    The Sahara forest and farmland was once rich and plentiful. Large rivers and inland lakes. Climate does change but not always as predicted.

  7. Not to discount this reality, but since c. 1978 every bone-head AGW thesis has been done-to-death by current studies, historical records, unbiased satellite observations.

    Whenever serial Doomsday Scenarios surface –regular as clockwork, the mephitic Prince Charles emits his 12-year rants– complicit agitpropsters cite fabricated “models” proven bizarrely erroneous for decades. A good example is the execrable Michael Mann’s fructifying “Hockey Stick” graph, debunked in U.S. Federal Courts for its obnoxious defendant’s refusal to “reveal its codes”– ie. to “commit science” by enabling Popperian refutation of his absurdist exercise.

    Citing occasional updates, our posts to IAN differ, but base-data and conclusion remain constant. Only when globalists’ would-be Commissars and Gauleiters die off will AGW’s multi-trillion dollar New World Order scam grow cold [intended], subsiding not to its intellectual-moral sewer but to a suitably Grand Theft recycling plant.

  8. after the last ice ages maunder etc the plants we grew were those that survived the cold/adapted
    well thank big aggri for breeding weak chem dependant plant crops that rely on a lot of water chemical n pesticide inputs, that are crossbred/ related subject to severe losses when a bug or mould etc hits the entire muddled genomes ie the shortstemmed crops by Borlaug that are very susceptible to ug99 rust globally now across crops be it wheat barley or oats the GM fiddling was used on.
    curse monsanto n the rest for buying up all the seed sellers of the old style saveable reliable seeds and removing them
    now selling just 2 or 3 peas carrot beans broccoli cabbage etc instead of the hundred of heritage breed true seeds we all used to be able to access without huge effort n cost IF you find them.
    join a seed savers network near you if you can, and always always let the BEST veg or fruit go to seed and SAVE its seeds.

  9. It is unsettling to realize that a deep Grand Solar Minimum may actually be upon us. It is more unsettling to see the media try to ignore it. Then again it is frustrating to see sited like make a sunspot from a disturbance.
    In today’s (Sept. 24, 2020) there is a numbered sunspot, well except there is no sunspot.

    I have been following sunspot information for 5 decades. Each year the threshold for calling something on the sun a sunspot have gotten smaller and smaller. This morning what they are calling a sunspot (in my opinion anyway) is laughable. Inflating the sunspot number will not make the Grand Solar Minimum go away. Facing the truth will help us to deal with the situation. I only hope we aren’t facing a new Ice Age.

    It is time to move South.

  10. Since we’re up 2 degrees over the long term average, a 1 degree drop isn’t going to cause mass starvation. It probably takes us back to the weather of the 1980s.

    • “Since we’re up 2 degrees over the long term average,”

      2°F or 2°C ? I don’t believe 2°C but if so then another 1°C as predicted (aren’t we supposedly heading for 3°C warming according to the IPCC ?) is trivial – good for the planet.

      What long term average ?

      According to Spencer we are currently 0.43°C above the 1981 – 2010 “average”.

      If Spencer is right then 1°C takes us back to the ’60s or ’70s and it was appreciably colder then – I lived through it and the cold certainly enhanced social intercourse.

    • Spot on Terry.
      I’m not bothered about a one deg drop. Extreme weather is a different matter though and if we do experience that over the coming decades that won’t be pleasant

    • What exactly is a “long term average?” Does that go back 50 years? A hundred years? A thousand years? Are we talking about the temperature increase from the heart of the last little ice age to now? Do you realize how much hotter it was in the 1920s and 1930s that it has been this century so far?

      And WHERE was this long term average figured for? Probably up to the middle 20th Century, 75% of the weather stations in the world was in the US. No one knows what a long term average would be. Anyone saying so is spreading male cow manure. Good for plant growth.

  11. Record rain here yesterday, wind 101mph top of Mt Rainier. Raining hard now, more record rain forecast for tomorrow.
    Welcome to Autumn/La Nina/GSM 2020 !

  12. well, if the “experts” are correct, at least there’s more CO2 in the atmosphere to help with the dwindling plant growth

      • And Tom O,
        Then man can not have that much influence on atmospheric CO2 levels, as the balance is always maintained between surface water (up to 4 km depth) of the oceans (and seas) and the atmosphere by natural processes . At any particular surface water temperature the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) in the ocean’s surface waters, (more precisely expressed as the fugacity (f CO2)), dictates how much CO2 is absorbed (a relatively quick process) or vented (a relatively slower process) .

        The oceans hold control over the atmospheric CO2 levels, not mankind.

        • Plus they are trying to find anything possable that they can to connect human causes and lessening the nature one is really saying that we have 0 effect we clearly have some very slight effect on climate like urban heat island and Robert dispite claims made by some is not against a cleaner earth less pollution but there are cheaper more affective ways then what many of the so called leaders are trying to force upon everyone.the fact that Robert is getting across is no matter what slight effect we may have we simply can not control the climate and the nature cycles forceings will always be in control and certainly can not stop the ice age cycles.

  13. The main point of this article is the mainstream media is actually publishing another viewpoint. The MSM reading public has heard for years that 97% of scientists believe the climate of earth will warm to the point of catastrophe due to man’s influence. These new articles indicate this is not certain and that there exist previously unmentionable natural forces that could prevail and the earth will cool. Allowing the public to see that the science is not settled may open the door to reducing the power and funding of the global warming lobby and slow their trillion dollar taxing plans. But these articles may just be an attempt to play another horse and continue by shifting the same arguments to global cooling. There still appears to be not an inkling of understanding that events in earths’s history are complex, that there is substantial evidence that it is cyclic geophysical events that are about to shape the future. As these occur it may become evident to many that they were fooled by the simple global warming / global cooling theories. People will ask what the heck is actually happening and we may finally see Robert on CNN explaining cycles and ice ages. These timid articles that challenge the stone wall of orthodoxy are a start.

    • This article does not represent anything that the “Main Scream Media” is saying about climate. IF Zharkova’s comments were published, it would be on the obituary page. The MSM isn’t budging from its climate crisis stance, and the only reason they are walking back their COVID stance just a little, is because it is too obvious, now, to even the most loyal sheeple, that things aren’t adding up.

      Climate Crisis IS what it will morph into if it already hasn’t, but the culprit will still be the same – CO2. And with global cooling, it probably is right, and the CO2 will be forcing the temperature down. But man made CO2 alone will be the culprit, as it is now, and we still will have to give up energy security and our way of life – not to mention our lives as well to fight the inevitable. The oceans will still continue to control the CO2 in the air as it has for longer than man has existed, and the elite will continue to live their perfect lives, and the useless eaters will be no more.

  14. 70 and 80 year old farmers and ranchers here in Arkansas have never recorded nor seen a spring and summer this cool and rainy. Plenty of hay currently down that will not be beneficial to herds due to the last rain and no sunshine or heat to dry the product.

    • Surprised to read that re Arkansas. Colorado heat was pretty brutal this summer, with a record number of 90+ days and the latest 100F day ever. VERY LITTLE monsoonal rain along the front range.

  15. Check the weather report and weather maps that show the jet stream’s configuration. By early next week, the prediction for my area (upper Midwest) is 83F by Saturday daytime, then a drastic daytime drop by to 64 by Monday.
    The jet stream gets buckled into loops by Rossby waves, which drag warm air north and cold air south. A good meteorologist will tell you this, and show it in a weather forecast.
    I haven’t seen this kind of loopy weather ever before.
    How long it will last remains to be seen, but if I get the first snow earlier than Hallowe’en (last year’s first snow), I will get photos of it.
    Some of the influence is a quiescent Sun (low solar activity) and some of it may be a hint we should take into account.
    Keep a weather diary, make notes on daytime/nighttime temps and precipitation (when and how much). It could be a temporary thing or a long-term semi-permanent change.

  16. The impacts of this new Grand Solar Minimum are all about where you live in relation to earth’s weather makers, ocean currents and the jet streams! Ice-age is a poor term when in fact the impacts will be drastically different depending on where you live in relation to the weather makers! It might be colder/snowier, or it might be warmer/drier, or it might go from an area of low/no precipitation to years of flooding rains …

  17. Remember that the green government powers are already taking large chunks of cropland for massive solar fields and for ethanol production.

    But they won’t take the blame when people are starving due to lack of food.

    • “Food vs. Fuel”

      In 3rd world countries it’s common to spend the majority of income on food. If the price goes up 25% it can push people into starvation. In 1st world countries, food going up 25% in price is usually a minor inconvenience.

      Assuming I was a billionaire who wanted to starve Africa, I’d promote wasting agricultural land for fuel. If it seemed suspicious I’d say it’s for saving the planet.

  18. Late evening (23:00) temps of 3oC here in usually balmy SW Scotland – on the 1st of October? 2nd Half of September wasn’t much better either! What will temp be at 04:00 I wonder?

    Usually about 8oC average for Oct; September, which we’ve just come out of, is about 13oC average.

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