Earth compared to a sunspot

Earth compared to a sunspot

“Each of the dark cores in this snapshot from the Solar Dynamics Observatory is larger than Earth, and the entire active region stretches more than 100,000 km from end to end,” says reader Robert van DeLeur.

“We are so small,” says Robert. “We could be wiped out at any moment, so don’t worry be happy.”

Here’s a different view:


Sunspot compared to Earth

3 thoughts on “Earth compared to a sunspot

  1. Active… Just barely, at this point in this solar cycle, the sun should be 2 to 3 times as active as it has been. Plus we are about a year out from the solar maximum when activity should start decreasing.

  2. This is an active spurt ,in the otherwise prolong solar minimum. Past history suggest we will for the most part have very quiet solar conditions out to 2035 or so.

    Implications will be for an increase in geological activity, and more climatic extremes.



    The ROUTE cause of climate change here on earth in my opinion is the strength or lack of strength of magnetic fields generated by the sun, modulated to some extent by the moon, and the earth itself.

    The CO2 nonsense is just what it is,NONSENSE.

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