Earth has been cooling for 3,500 years

Earth has been cooling for 3,500 years

Analytical chemist Hans Schreuder weighs in on “global warming.”

Earth has been cooling for 3,500 years

“On one of your latest pages – – you correctly quote a paper that indicates our earth has been cooling for 2,000 years.”

“Did you know that since 1993, a group of scientists already knew that our earth had been cooling for at least the past 3,500 years?” asks Hans.

“I used a graphic to show that decline in my AGW presentation slide show.”

“Ice breakers get stuck in Arctic ice, mountaineers are killed by massive avalanches in France – yet the media spout their “global warming” nonsense without any reference to reality, just to pseudo-scientists who produce garbage “scientific papers”.

“What a hopelessly morally bankrupt world we live in!”

See Hans’ presentation:

Graph Source: Grootes, P.M. (et al), “Comparison of oxygen isotope records from the GISP2 and GRIP Greenland ice cores,” Nature, 366, 1993, pp. 552-4

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  1. It is rather interesting how many different regimens have come forward with their own dataset “proving” something. This dataset tends to tell me that in time, Earth will have a very small region of livability, and then possibly none. It almost suggests that Earth wasn’t always in or near the orbit it is now, and that the orbit isn’t nearly as stable as our science tends to think. Either the geological record is way off or the planet isn’t anywhere near as old as we think it is. Dinosaurs could not have existed for millions of years in a lush, warm climate and then we start having this greater cooling trend ever since, culminating in the past series of ice ages, and the one that seems to be on the way. I remember reading of some of the, I thought, “way out” theories of origin that had Earth revolving around Saturn, I believe, in a mini solar system that was captured by the Sun. I always thought that it was “way out there,” but all of the geological records, along with the sudden onset of the ice ages tends to make me wonder a little now. I wonder, what do we REALLY know about this planet, this Solar System, this galaxy, and this Universe? Reality or imagination?

    • That is the time then to bring this and the Bible together.We have to otherwise one will get to a “cul de sac”
      He The Lord said he is the only “I AM”. Everything was created by Him through his Word and therefore everything we see, everything we cannot see, all matterial things and spirits is in His mind. We and the universe are in the Mind of the Creator!!!

  2. Ah! don’t you love it. Real scientists have known since 1993 that we are cooling, yet the Tame scientists (I use the term loosely) Get all the press.

    Never underestimate the power of stupidity!

  3. I sent you a post on a report from the place I work for WWT some of winter shore birds started arriving last month these are numbers usually not seen until at least August, over 1000 curlew,200 oystercatchers and 390 black-tailed never reported some off the winter geese here in Northern Ireland here has not returned to Greenland and Northern Saberia BBC reported they are blaming the weather some of it is other parts is the parts it is like gull-billed terns and the arrival of hundreds of autumn migratory birds but the strange thing is some of the winters geese did return never seen this before or heard of this well I know its not the weather its natures warning that Greenland and Northern Saberia winters ice has not gone and this first major sign of global cooling its another sign of the next mini iceage is on are door step Uk winter well extremely cold

  4. Yes TomO, there is plenty of documentary evidence that there were close encounters with a celestial body or bodies in historical times. Just the fact that we have 360° in a circle is not just that the Babylonians used a 60 base numerical system, the Chinese and Mayans and others used it without that. The Earth had a 360 day year and the Moon had a 30 day month until~2700 BC when in records there were great upheavals horrific showers of meteors hydrocarbons, water, red dust, black dust, earthquakes and tsunamis that wiped out some estimate 90% of the world’s population and the Sun rose in the opposite direction several times. After that civilizations over the world had to remake their calendars as the year was now 365 1/4 days and the month ~29 and there are records to show that happened.

    Standing plasma formations recorded in petroglyph were recorded world wide and may have been much older, and the Axis Mundi is perpetuated in religious buildings world wide again. The collapse of the Axis Mundi that was a permanent feature for centuries may have been the cause of the destruction of the large vertebrates of Alaska, Canada and Siberia some 12000 yrs ago, and it is theorised to have been a water bridge between a planet stationed above the North Pole.

    See ‘water bridge’ physics, to see how a large potential between two beakers of water will form a bridge of counter flowing currents of water defying gravity in a single stream.

      • don’t know, possibly not a mainstream information if related with close planetary encounters, but if you look at the 2nd graph of the following link,
        the author places a very hot period about 4500 ago (and another one ~ 7000 years ago) , which could indicate some abnormal event happening then. Notice that the peak warmth in Hans Schreuder work is ~ 1500 BC, therefore they are probably different periods, even if you consider possible error margins due to different dating methodology.

  5. The only time i have seen more incredible lies than the global warming scam was when i listened to republican politicians.

  6. I remember a scientist from Australia, Dr Carter, mentioned that the Earth has been cooling since the last ice age ended, for about 10,000 years overall. The overall cooling was slow the first 8,000 years, then the rate of cooling increased the last 2,000 years. That makes sense all the time. Now the rate of “cooling” is increasing even more since the 21st century began.

    • I have this impression that the entire interglacial is nothing but an oscillation of the general pattern defined by the glacial/Ice Age part.
      As with all oscillations, it’s natural to expect that it will peak at some point then starts to decrease steadily (on the average).
      The peak warmth of the present Interglacial, as the paper of Hans Schreuder and others show, was the Minoan warm period.

  7. All government funded science is a huge lie, including AGW, peak oil and big bang. For AGW see “Publications” tab at and for peak oil see “Fossil Fuel is Nuclear Waste”. For the ‘big gang hoax’ see the “Cosmology tab at, find and share Truth. [it is your duty as a human]

    • Yes the “big bang” (actually originally labled by FH!) theory is flawed too. I have been an FH fan for 40 years. He got ridiculed when he was later shown to be correct. Pity FH and AE arent alive now to give them the sh..t they deserve.

    • It would be easier to discharge my “duty as a human” if your references were more precise… 🙁

      That would be, right? The only article in the “Publications” tab that MENTIONS “AGW” is

      Is that paper you meant? It’s twenty-five pages long! ‘Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t barking up the wrong tree…

      Is this the “Fossil Fuel” article?

      On the “fauxscienceslayer” site: no references to “big gang hoax” in the “Cosmology” tab, but they ALL reference “big bang”… Any particular one?

  8. If the Earth has been cooling for 3500 years why is it that Otzithe Ice Man was exposed from his ice when he died about that long ago? When I grew up in the suburbs of Boston in the 50s we always played hockey on natural ice. I never skated indoors until I was in high school. Kids there now NEVER skate on the ponds

    • Yes but that is anecdotal information not empirical.
      I can offer a counter; when I grew up in Washington state we never even thought about ice fishing. The ice just never got thick enough. Now I see there is a whole sector of the sporting goods industry catering to ice fisherman in Wa.

  9. South Africa bitterly cold and the central areas heavy snow!!
    Some places the global warming lies 3 feet thick
    It just gets colder and colder. I wonder how long still before we start seeing icebergs floating close to the Cape of Good Hope?

    • Impressive comment, I liked the “global warming lies 3 feet thick” part, LOL!
      The AMO is about to flip negative and we have winter in the S. Hemisphere at the same time.
      Add to that the steady increasing anomaly of the S. Pole icecap and the low solar radiation of the present cycle and it becomes obvious that the phenomenon is not just a local cold front.
      I’m very curious to see what’s gonna happen until the end of this year, if the present trend of solar radiation continues.

  10. Republican politicians? Yes not great! But nothing even close to the lies of the democrats! And the Obama admin. Especially They are spending every last dime they can borrow. (I am Canadian). Your president is a commy!

  11. @Julian B. Regarding 2700bc history you mentioned where can I find the info you described? About the sun and the population decrease?? Thank you so much.

  12. John,

    “If the Earth has been cooling for 3500 years why is it that Otzithe Ice Man was exposed from his ice when he died about that long ago?”

    Look at the chart he includes. Notice that the temps are quite variable and the intro to the MWP is actually as steep as the modern warming!!!

    When he says we have been cooling for 3500 years he MEANS that the peak and AVERAGE temps have been going down. This in no way prevents short term excursions of greater and lesser temps, and, in fact, we do see hot and cold spikes of great magnitude in the middle of warmer and cooler periods.

    You, as well as the IPCC and Climate Scientists also ignore that these are AVERAGES!!! We see this year that the US had a pretty hot week or two and at the same time Britain had an extremely wet and cold month+. There were a number of extra cold events in South America and other areas easily balancing the heat in the US. This is called weather. It has always happened and always will whether driven by ocean cycles, solar output, or rain makers.

  13. Tom O,

    Velikovski and others thought that the earth settled into its current orbit within historical times. Mayans, Aztecs, Hebrews and other ancient civilizations had 360 day years. We may consider them ancient and ignorant, but, the methods they used have been show to be easily accurate enough to measure the length of the day and year close enough to get it RIGHT within a day!! Yet, we now have a year that is 365+ days long. Makes me go HMMMMMMMM!

    • The Mayan “year” is effectrively indistinguishable from ours, or maybe not. There are numerous cycles that define time for the Maya. The cycle we call the “Mayan Year” is the Haab’ – which starts on the Winter Solstice – and is 18 twenty-day-long months (360 days plus 5) days long. The five “nameless” days served the same purpose the five in 365 do for us by bringing the cycle to coincide more closely with the solar year.

      Since Mayan time is reconned in a complex series of interlocked cycles, a very accurate estimate of the solar year can be made from the number of Haab’ in other cyclical spans and is 365.2422 days. The calculated value is almost precisely the same as the figure we currently use (365.2425 days in the Gregorian year) and in fact more accurate than the Gregorian figure. It differs only in the fourth decimal place by about 26 seconds. BUT, the solar year was not regarded as particularly important by the Maya.

  14. John,

    another issue, glaciers FLOW and Otzi is unlikely to have died and been encased at the place he was found. Wonder why the guys covering the find did not mention this?!?!?

    It would mean that he was even higher up when he died making a real mess for the Consensus!!! Since he was wounded they accept that he could not have climbed too far before being immobilized. With the natural growth and retreat of the glacier it is difficult to estimate how much higher he was when he died.

    • Otzi wasn’t in a glacier per se. He buried in snow very shortly after he died. As things would have it, that snow didn’t melt and over considerable time an ice field built above him. The rock ledge he died behind prevented any movement of the ice containing his remains. The remains lay pretty much undisturbed except by the weight of the ice (and that would have been partially relieved by the mass lifting above the ledge shletering him) until this most recent warming exposed him enough to be spotted by skiers.

  15. I’m sure the sun, through its 10 billion odd year life span, like us will go through phases.

    Maybe back during the Mesozoic era the sun was in more of a fiesty adolescence stage and now is settling into more of a middle aged mellow groove? bringing on a more stable and less active output?

    Just throwing that out there.

  16. TomO, we don’t REALLY know anything! Everything we think we know, we have inferred from proxies in the geological record, cosmology derived from studying our Sun and the stars, and generally just trying to think our way through to understanding what the past must have been like. Everything is hypothesis and theory, by definition, and can never be fact unless we encounter a civilisation which has records of what the Earth was like in the distant past. Assuming we won’t do that, everything will remain theory, occasionally disproven and retheorised due to some new uncovered fact.

    We have lived as a modern civilisation for now only a few hundred years, depending on how you define civilisation. Yet, we know that some tremendous civilisations have existed in the distant past and been wiped out due to some hitherto unforseen events. We haven’t been here for very long at all in a geological sense, yet we foolishly believe that tomorrow’s climate will be the same as yesterday’s, even in the face of clear evidence that things have been very different in the past, and violently so.

    When people scoff at me for my talk of cooling trends and coming ice ages, I just shake my head and remember that people basicly don’t look past their noses and what they are told by the media. None of them would dream of looking for evidence that things might be different.

  17. flargen says:
    July 15, 2012 at 12:24 am

    The only time i have seen more incredible lies than the global warming scam was when i listened to republican politicians.

    The only time I have seen more incredible lies than the global warming scam was when i listened to democrat politicians.

  18. Al Gore is starting to remind me of Jim Jones. Do you think he will start spiking his Kool-aid when the truth comes to light (congressman Leo Ryan) for his cronies, when we all know what is the truth? I have seen this before.

    • During the drought of the 30’s, the “Rain Makers” were tared, feathered and run out of town on a rail. Al Gore should be treated the same way.

  19. tiffany,
    Try these for starters ;),’Evidence’ often comes from ancient clay tablets, stone carvings and oral traditions later transcribed that although coming from separated civilisation, can be time correlated and agree in a major degree about astronomical events and related disasters. Don’t worry too much that mainstream Archaeology may dismiss things, remember that ancient Troy was regarded as a Myth by them until a dedicated amateur found and excavated the site.

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