Earth in a cooling period, says prominent scientist

Despite the fact that the IPCC predicted that there was going to be a one degree rise of temperature by 2010, it actually got cooler.

Dr Don Easterbrook is a professor emeritus of geology at Western Washington University. He holds a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD in geology, and has studied climate change for 50 years. He is nationally known as a climate-change skeptic

In an interview with Josh Holloway, Easterbrook makes it clear that he believes the Earth is now cooling.


Unfortunately, a lot of politics has gotten involved with the sciences that relate to climate change, specifically because there are huge amounts of money involved, like hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars. There’s a huge amount of power.

Climate change is being used as a lever to try to push for a world government.

My message is look at the data and make up your own mind… What the data is saying is that global climate changes have been going on since the beginning of geologic time, and especially in the last 10,000 years.

We’ve had ice ages, and we’ve had warming periods. Most of the last 10,000 years have been warmer than it is now, for example…

We’ve had 27 climate changes in the last 400 years: warm, cold, warm, cold. There have been four in this past century that have nothing to do with CO2, because CO2 wasn’t a factor hundreds of thousands of years ago. We know that those are not at all related to CO2. So why would we expect climate change today to be related to CO2?

…(the bottom line) is that global warming ended in 1998. We’ve had no global warming above the temperatures of 1998 since then — despite the fact that the U.N. group Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted that there was going to be a one degree rise of temperature by 2010, it actually got cooler. Not by a lot, but a little bit.

We have been in a cooling trend now that’s related to ocean temperatures offshore… The Pacific changes modes from warm to cool to warm, there’s nothing in between. It’s like an off/on switch.

Though he is now “retired,” Easterbrook continues his climate-change research with an international team of over 50 members, including solar physicists, atmospheric physicists and glacial geologists. He is the author of eight books and more than 150 journal publications, including Evidence-Based Climate, published in September 2011.

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11 thoughts on “Earth in a cooling period, says prominent scientist”

  1. Record breaking cold reported during past weeks even near the equator. Today in Nuwara Eliya city in central Sri Lanka, 1800m above sea level the temperature dipped to a low of 3.8C early morning. Ground frost has become a common sight in mornings this “winter” while shallow waters becoming frozen overnight. These things do happen in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, but very rarely.

  2. and like so many others he is free to speak truth to power ONLY when hes retired….like so many others.
    If they want to keep a job or ever get another..they have to either keep quiet or go with the funding flows. slanted ONLY to Pro warmist views.

    • I have followed Dr. Easterbrook for many years. I beleive his info is much more accrate than the IPCC BS. As fro only after he retired? Look at his writings from ten years ago.

  3. Warm Europe

    Greece is trapped in the grip of extreme weather conditions with strong winds reaching even 10 Beaufort, rain, snow and low temperatures and big waves

    Snow, snow and more snow Austrian and Swiss Alps


    • I’ve seen a video from Sweden on YT yesterday where the person reported that it was extremely cold. I believe they know what cold means in Sweden, but people tend to see their local weather as the truth for larger areas and generalize what they are observing locally.
      There are (normal) high pressure fronts (either cold or hot) that may last for many days/weeks and this still doesn’t mean that the general weather has changed.
      That’s why sites like this are so important for people to have a real perception of how things are faring in a global scale.
      My impression, by reading here and other unbiased information elsewhere is that we’re definitively entering a cooling period for the entire world. But this doesn’t mean that local heat waves/fronts could not happen eventually.

  4. In my lifetime, over sixty, this is the first winter in western Europe, that is actually not a winter, truly amazing !
    Cause ? Ever present west to east jetstream ( HAARP induced?), bringing far too mild temps along in the UK and other nw european countries.
    Is oceanwater above average temp, due to heating up of Earth’s core, due to altered spaceweather ?
    Any better expanation for the absence of winter in NW Europe ? (nature all mixed up due to unseasonal weather, spring has arrived far to early !)

  5. ‘Politics’ yes, but it goes way deeper than that when you are talking about maintaining control of the masses as the ‘6th extinction’ occurs… as they are calling it. How to utilize all that disruptive potential in your favor etc. Keep the sheep ignorant so they don’t start asking questions.

  6. Paleo people who claim that CO2 rises caused past extinctions are mixing up cause and effect. CO2 did not cause those extinctions, CO2 spiked due to them. Think about what happens when a massive amount of detritus overwhelms the system. What grows out of control? What gets released?

    Now for the punch line. What was the CO2 level shortly prior to each extinction? What impact did that level have on the stability and efficacy of photosynthesis?

  7. As I stated a few days ago this winter we have seen a strongly postive Ao and NAO Phase we also had a short but breaf shoot up in the sun activtey in late summer and early fall and the Qbo got stuck in the westery phase and did it really fully got eastery until just very recenty. which all above combernation is what largely the reason for the warmer and less snower winter in places where they have seen the cold and snow the last few years where we had the Ao and NAO in there strong negative phases.

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