Earthquake activity increasing in Iceland’s  Tungafellsjökull volcano

“Current idea about this activity is that it is responding to tension changes in Bárðarbunga volcano,” says Jón Frímann. “I am unsure if it explains all of the current earthquake in Tungafellsjökull. Currently I am just waiting to see what happens next with this volcano.”

“Earthquake activity along the dyke was minimal from what I can tell. Most of it took place under the glacier and that might not be a good sign if an eruption starts in that area. Since it would start a glacier flood and later a minor volcano ash eruption.”

“It is my assessment that magma might be on the move in Tungafellsjökull volcano. There is currently nothing to suggest that an eruption is going to take place even if that is the case.”

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7 thoughts on “Earthquake activity increasing in Iceland’s  Tungafellsjökull volcano

  1. Yet he done Jon Frimann done a another small update on this volcano in so many words I as in saying Tungnafellsjokull is growing ever unstable due to the unrest bardarbunga it appears in the same rift area zone even it is in a different volcano.

    This was a small update he added on the 7th October 2014 on his website under bardarbunga update so I picking a hint he might be expecting some type of eruption in the future here with Tungnafellsjokull with getting so unstable. Thank you Bob too for checking up Jon Frimann he’s adding some interesting wee bits to his Bardarbunga updates just toto let every one know will if this volcano doe’s goes off adding to huge amounts off sulfur going this only add to the cooling in the local area possible the hole northern hemisphere plus to the cooling phase the globe is in plus increased volcanic activity around the globe.

  2. Please be aware that Jon is just a blogger and has no actual knowledge of volcanoes.

    Besides that he is not even living in Iceland since 2 years but in Denmark.

    OT : the amount of + 4 earthquakes are certainly on the rise , also there is quite an uptick in earthquake activity on the Reykjanes Ridge the last 3 weeks.

    • “also there is quite an uptick in earthquake activity on the Reykjanes Ridge the last 3 weeks.”

      There always is around this time of year.

      It usually coincides with the start of the hurricane season.

      BTW. “Just a blogger” is somewhat insulting to someone who has at least 2 personal seismometers installed in Iceland, whether he currently lives there or not. You don’t do that unless you have some knowledge, even if (and I don’t know this) it is not gained at a University. University degrees are NOT the only criteria by which to judge someone’s knowledge.

  3. I like to add Jon has his own Geo phone equipment which he has plans to upgrade Geo phone network upup there I rather listen to him on what’s going in Iceland Yes he is a blogger and he knows his stuff as he is from Iceland and knows the history geology of the area otherwise he wouldn’t be doing what he is doing that is facts and he is moving back to Iceland in December 2014

  4. @ W.Fox

    Yes he is a blogger, but he has a high level of knowledge and understanding that belies his non-professional status. He is Icelandic, has his own network of equipment and will soon be back in his homeland of Iceland. His website has been following volcanoes since at least the 2010 eruption, a great place for the lay person to learn & understand about what is happening in Iceland.

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