Earthquake lights in Mexico – Two videos

I talk about earthquake lights in Not by Fire but by Ice … and here they are.(See chapter 8, “Earthquake lights and Crazy Snakes.”)

Fox News reported that the quake, the strongest in a century, was accompanied by flashes of green and blue lights shooting throughout the night sky. According to an El Universal story, the lights are a naturally occurring electro-magnetic charge caused by the collapse of the rocks in the ground during the earthquake.

Uh huh. I mentioned that theory in Not by Fire but by Ice. I called it “rocks that go bump in the night.

But as I said,

“I think they’ve got it backwards. Saying that earthquakes cause electromagnetic disturbances is like saying that waterwheels make rivers flow.  Electromagnetic forces cause earthquakes, not the other way around.”

Thanks to Dean Koehler for this link

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  1. Excellent !! I was just reading an ESA article re: another related “new” phenomenon called “Steve”, and how the Swarm satellites measured 3000°C at 300km directly above it.

    Lucky me: I’m an Aurora-junkie** and I saw Steve this year here from remote West-Central BC. It’s been a best-ever Northern Lights year and Steve was just one part of a dazzling 360° panoramic display, so only later did I realize it had a name.

  2. It would be interesting to compare earthquake which had seismic lights data with solar activity data in the same period. Maybe we can see a more clear agreement.

  3. Is it just a coincidence that there was a rather strong CME at the same time that there was this earthquake in Mexico?????
    AND the hurricane got significantly stronger in the Atlantic at the same time?????
    probably nothing…….
    Must be a GWCCCNBN (GlobalWarmingCoolingClimateChangeNuttyBillNye) thingy

  4. Looks a lot light lightening. Are we sure it’s not just that? If not, was that happening before the quake? During? After? Some of the above? All of the above?

  5. I read Robert’s books and thoroughly enjoyed his insight. That being said one of those earthquake lights was an electrical flash from a failing transformer…

  6. Most, if not all of those flashes are arcing power lines or blowing transformers. you have a cloudy night sky over a major electrified city. You can’t rule one theory out over another. Yet, many of the lights you see are WITHIN the city’s buildings, thus pointing to powerlines or transformers being the source. And with the lower cloud layer, an argument could be made for the clouds reflecting the light from power arcs at areas across the city.

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