Earthquake shakes Netherlands

8 Sep 11 – A rare earthquake rattled parts of the Netherlands shortly after 9 p.m. today. Many people were very frightened because of the generated vibrations. In Venlo, the people panicked and took to the streets.

Just received this email from a reader in the Netherlands:

Dear mister Felix,

This evening about 21.04 hours a small earthquake has hit the Netherlands. The epicentre was probably in the vicinity of Groesbeek and Nijmegen and not in Amersfoort as was mentioned in the earliest news messages. I live in Utrecht, near Amersfoort and I felt hardly anything, but that might be caused by the heavy rainfall. Other people in Utrecht have felt the earthquake and the have called the police.

The magnitude varies in the news between 4.2 and 4.6, it is not very clear at this moment.

A very interesting fact is that out royal national meteorogical institute, KNMI in De Bilt, could not conform the earthquake. These are the people that make a lot of money talking about global warming (which is bullshit) and they could not even confirm an eathquake that they must have felt themselves (De Bilt is just a few kilometers away from Utrecht). 

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Argiris Diamantis

The KNMI reported that the epicenter of the magnitude 4.5 earthquake was about 40 km (24 miles) southeast of Nijmegen close to Xanten, Germany.

The earthquake took place at a depth of 7 km, which according to seismologists at KNMI is not deep.

“The quake did not occur within the known fault lines,” said a spokeswoman.

The Netherlands never had earthquakes with devastating consequences, according to the KNMI. This is because the Netherlands is not at the edge of a tectonic plate.

6 thoughts on “Earthquake shakes Netherlands

  1. In the End Days; “There shall be earthquakes in diverse places.”~Jesus Christ
    I feel there shall soon be massive flooding taking place in a desert or arid region. A wave of water will wash down hills and up, over and through the mud-brick dwellings built on the sides of the hills.

  2. HI,
    I was in Nijmegen at that moment in a sportscenter. The building shook for a few (2-3) seconds and that was all we noticed (floor is shock absorbing so we didn’t feel it).
    Interesting experience.
    Did Robert say there is vulcano in the Eifel?? ;-).

  3. Confirmed! I lay in bed and phoned my family in Düsseldorf. Suddenly I fell an horizontal shake towards the wall. It took maybe one or two seconds. I thought I got a kinetic tremor if I’d fall asleep.

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