Earthquake swarm at Katla volcano under Mýrdalsjökull glacier

29 Aug 11 – Quake activity really ramping up. Sixty two quakes, with two of them greater than 2.0. See map:
Thanks to Raul Franco and Thomas Loher for this link

“This is the most activity in 48 hours that I have seen so far on this site!” says Thomas.

7 thoughts on “Earthquake swarm at Katla volcano under Mýrdalsjökull glacier”

  1. Yes, Katla has been showing some raised activity for quite a few weeks now. I honestly thought that I would click on the link to the Katla webcam and see ash billowing by now. Not that I am unhappy, mind you! I can wait. Same is true about the earthquake activity inside the Long Valley Caldera in California. There has been a significant increase, and on that site you can see that the depths of the earthquakes seem to be slowly rising, although not very much or very fast. Still, since it is a site of a “super volcano” lying northwest of me, I personally would like to see NO activity!

  2. Certainly it seems activity is fairly high around Katla, I keep checking the website myself and from what I’ve seen it just looks like the earthquake swarms are becoming more frequent.
    I’m no expert on volcanoes, but looking at the tables it appears that most of the earthquakes in that last swarm occurred at a depth of around 5km. I’m not sure what that means though.

  3. An eruption of Katla has always occurred after her sister volcano did (a year ago or so, the one that shut down all the flights in Europe). It is only a matter of time, but a Katla eruption will be much worse since it is 1,500 feet under a glacier (steam causes the ash to be shot high into the atmosphere) and the rock there has a lot of silica (which will shut down jet engines).

  4. havent checked Piers corbyn on this lately, but that whole areas not somewhere I would go live. you need stone homes to withstand the snows but then they fall over.

  5. By the way, here is a link to the webcam overlooking Katla. If you are looking at it at a time near now – 2:40 pm EDT or so, that strange looking cloud is narrowest at approximately the correct location for Katla. It seriously made me wonder if it had started.

  6. Thanks! I have added the Katla link to my bookmarks toolbar! I LOVE the Google translation of the text underneath the web cam

    “Believe that the earth does not feel long before the eruption of Katla. Its time has come, so to speak. Where eruption breaks the glacier glacier, but no one knows who follow Katla eruptions can fall either downward Mýrdalssandur, Solheim Sand, or Syndicate and down Markarfljót faeces”

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