Earthquakes at Iceland’s Tallest Volcano

13 Sep 11 – Three weeks ago, a series of earthquakes struck the sub-glacial volcano Öraefajökull in Vatnajökull, southeast Iceland.

Though the largest of those earthquakes, of which there were only eight, registered magnitude 2.2 on the Richter scale, they caught the attention of scientists who wonder whether Iceland’s tallest volcano might be preparing for another eruption.

No one is “crying wolf,” said geophysicist Ari Trausti Gudmundsson, but seismic activity is very rare in Öraefajökull.

Öraefajökull has erupted twice since Iceland was settled in the 9th century AD, once in the 1300s and again in the 1700s.

“The 1362 eruption destroyed an entire region,” says this article on Iceland Review. “After the area became inhabited again, it was given the name Öraefi, which means “wasteland,”

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  1. Hmmmmmmm, More volcanic activity? Let’s see Iceland, Chile, Mexico, Alaska, Russia, Hawaii, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Oregon, California, Pakistan, and on, and on …….. Many of which haven’t rumbled for a long, long time. But hey, who’s counting, right? Oh, and don’t forget all those earthquakes; a good number of them are happening in places that rarely, if ever, have earthquakes. Nothing to worry about, right? 2012 is a hoax, right? Magnetic Reversal is just a “dis-proven theory” and “unlikely to happen” for tens or even hundred of thousands of years; or so “they” tell us…. Not a thing to worry about … except those pesky floods in Pakistan and Australia, and those irksome famines in Africa, and the global food shortages which are culminating in food riots. And those itty-bitty droughts in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, China, Africa, and so forth. Hmmmmm, the climate don’t appear to be too Hunky-Dory at all. Gosh, I might be going out on limb here but, could it be something to do with the Sun, and Cosmic rays, and Pole Shift? Ya think?

    Since Ari Trausti Gudmundsson won’t do it, I guess I’ll have to be the one ….. WOLF..!

    May we be saved from the ‘collective’ stupidity.

  2. Robert, Once again you are proving to be way ahead of the curve. I constantly tell people about your books and when i have a chance play your old interviews ( from back when i did radio and had you as a guest ) I have made many people take your ideas seriously. Thanks for all you do Robert, keep up the great work.

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    Get your house in order, if it isn’t already.

  3. Actually, having been interested in climate and geophysics for close to 3 decades, our problem is one of “sensory overload”.
    Until the last decade, no one would have tracked earthquakes measuring 2.2 (you wouldn’t feel it even if you were standing right on top of it). Likewise for remote volcanoes and periodic drought (“dust bowl”).
    Since we can now track every weather, climate and geological occurence from the comfort of our home, and we can track a website that notifies us of every occurence (sometimes more than once), they “appear” to be occuring more often and being more serious than they actually are.

  4. Arrogant warmists pretend to scorn volcanoes, but we can ALL imagine what MILLIONS of their hoax victims will do to them, as soon as a sudden volcanic winter happens.
    It is the only DAILY message that will stop them blacklisting us all.

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