“Earth’s Impending Magnetic Flip” – Scientific American

“A geomagnetic reversal may happen sooner than expected,” says this article in Scientific American.

“The European Space Agency’s satellite array dubbed “Swarm” revealed that Earth’s magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster than previously thought, decreasing in strength about 5 percent a decade rather than 5 percent a century,” the article continues. “A weakening magnetic field may indicate an impending reversal.”

So far, I agree. But then the article veers way off course.

“Earth’s magnetic north and south poles have flip-flopped many times in our planet’s history—most recently, around 780,000 years ago,” the article asserts.

I completely disagree with that statement

See my entire rebuttal:


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  1. So does that mean if the magnetic strength is decreasing in strength at 5% per decade, in about 50-years from now it will be so weak that all animals and other things not tethered to the ground will float off into space? (sarc)

  2. So what happens now that Earth’s magnetic field strength is declining, and the Sun’s magnetic field strength is declining at the same time?

  3. SCARY!!, what with the amount of extreme volcanic action going on around the world, the low solar output, the new ice age upon us, massive amounts of SO2 now being pumped into the atmosphere and the possibility of no cosmic radiation shield, WOW, we really could be up sh*t creek without a paddle.

  4. I also saw that and sent you the link..I also disagree a lot.
    Sci Am isnt known for objectivity or truth anymore.
    many many subscribers have left due to their AGW stance.
    Those mammoths eating summer grasses didnt take decades to be frozen it was minutes or hours.

  5. Magnetic strength has no bearing on gravity… Robert, what is the mean magnetic strength now compared to 50 years ago?? Are we at a point now that there could be “evolutionary leaps” due to solar radiation from the sun getting through the weakened magnetic field ??? Could the magnetic reversals be tied into magnetic reversals of the sun’s magnetic field???

  6. Yeh we’ll all float of in to space and not a moment to soon lol like one of those super bouyant turds…

  7. Nope we do not float of to space for to float of the earth would need to stop spinning nothing to do with magnetic reversals all we witness increase in cancer rate’s and seeing the northern lights as south as African when the magnetic field becomes to weak just before the flip

    • William, you are also wrong because if the earth stopped spinning we would not float off of the earth.

      If the earth stopped spinning all that would happen would be that half of the earth would burn up and the other side would freeze up.

    • Even if the Earth stopped spinning it would still have gravity. Gravity is a function of mass. For ex. Earth Grav.=1, Moon Grav.=1/6th. Earth mass is 5.9736 x 10([to the]24th pwr)Kg., Moon mass is 7.347 x 10(22) kg. or 1.2% of Earth mass.

  8. I wonder if Earths magnetic fluctuations/reversals have interacted with the Sun’s magnetic fields enough to change Earths axis?

  9. For the polarity of the magnetic field to flip more often than what is believed you would have to see and demonstrate evidence of a magnetic reversal in the basaltic rocks found in the oceanic plates on each side of a rift fault. The reason why this is important is that before basaltic magma cools it is non magnetic and when it cools the iron atoms or crystals in the basalt align themselves with the existing magnetic field of the earth at the time the magma cools. When this happens you have a magnetic tiger striping of the ocean floor. If the magnetic poles flipped every 11,500 years for example it should be detectable by a magnetometer or even a compass.

  10. The difference will be your positive now will be your ground and your ground your positive just reverse the connection simple as that.

    • No it’s not that simple. The magnetic field is what allows life on Earth, or, life as we know it. Without it, we would be continually bombarded by cosmic rays and other nasties from space. I wonder, with a decline in strength by 5% per decade, what this may be doing to us right now.

  11. Robert also implies “Evolutionary Leaps”!

    How do you think humans evolved from monkeys? A weaker magnetic field will allow more harmful solar particles to penetrate to the surface as it has in the past. Genetic mutations will occur more frequently as our chromosomes or DNA are broken up and reform. Sometimes the alteration can produce another species, and some mutations could kill the person or animal. Humans have 23 chromosomes while our close monkey relative has 24. Obviously, a genetic mutation occurred more than once, or we (Humans) would not be here today.
    Strange that Cro-Magnon (Early Modern Humans) seemed to appear in Europe shortly after Laschamp reversal, and it is believed that modern humans began in Africa about 200,000 years ago around the same time of the BIWA I reversal. A humanoid DNA mutation?

    Naturally, cancer of many types will increase. It is claimed that increased radiation due to lower Ozone levels is responsible for skin cancer. Imagine double or 10 times the radiation! Maybe we should be living and working underground. Of course, that may occur naturally as the snow and ice form glaciers over our roofs.

  12. I realise that most people’s firt thought is “how will this impact my smartphone?” but the animals are slightly more important.
    I would have thought that a polar flip would play havoc with birds and migration routes.

  13. Both of Robert’s book spell out what magnetic reversals did in the past. One thing I wondered is the effect on electrical motors from airplanes to appliances.

  14. Robert also mentioned currents of electricity tearing through the earth. Was that also to do with magnetic reversals? I forget.

    • Yes. Electrotelluric currents are circulating through the earth all the time, even today. I expect those to fluctuate during a magnetic reversal, especially if the magnetic field fluctuates – which it has been known to do during magnetic reversals.

  15. Siding Spring, named after the Aussie observatory that identified it, is due at Mars on my husband’s Bday. Will it increase Mars magnetic field? Will it restart Mars’ dynamo? Miles Mathis proposes that magnetism is spin. Stacked spins allow for channeling sometimes blocking, sometimes enabling. Stopped spins can be restarted in the opposite direction.
    As the Indian mythology above, perhaps the alignment of energy will allow some special event?

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