Earth’s magnetic field a “natural sun screen”

As the field weakens,  Earth could be zapped by cancerous radiation, says this article on

That same radiation could also lead to evolutionary leaps, as I discuss in Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.

A European Space Agency mission has concluded the Earth’s magnetosphere – which prevents solar winds and radiation from reaching Earth and is our only defense against the radiation blasting out from solar storms – is losing strength.

Researchers have warned if it weakens further or were completely eroded away, radiation levels reaching our planet’s surface would double – leading to a huge spike in deaths from skin cancer.

Meanwhile, a group of Danish researchers found the Earth’s weather is being significantly affected by changes to the planet’s magnetic field.

They said changes in cosmic ray levels hitting our atmosphere affected the amount of cloud cover.

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  1. “That same radiation could also lead to evolutionary leaps, as I discuss in Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.”

    Except actual observations of the frequencies of mutations shows that we are far more likely to have a mass of negative mutations that reduces the advantage or kills off anything with the rare positive mutation…

    There is absolutely no reason to believe that more mutations will cause a more positive ratio of good to bad and simple statistics shows that is BAD!!!

    • Present evolutionary theory via slow, gradual mutations could be wrong. We may find that species develop in a step function, associated with these reversals, and with a higher ratio of positive to negative mutations.

      I believe we should fear a new smarter human coming along to wipe us out!

    • Individuals with bad mutations die, individuals with good mutations survive and reproduce. That’s how Natural Selection works. Of course, if there are more mutations, most of them will be bad, but on the other hand Natural Selection will have some particularly uncommon/useful in the (now larger) subset of good mutations. Hence the possibility of evolutionary leaps.

    • Tell that to Neanderthal Man.
      But, to be fair to Neanderthal Man, all of us upright monkey men should be grateful and shout “Hooray!” for Muscular Dystrophy!! It certainly gives me that larger brain cavity that all the ladies love…

  2. I feel it is these four factors (Milankovitch Cycles, Solar Variability ,Geo Magnetic Field Strength ,Land/Ocean Arrangements/Ice Dynamic ) which govern the climate of the earth and give it a beat of 1500 years or so but never in some regular fashion ,that again being due to what I said in the above and what follows.

    The factors that govern the big picture when it comes to the climate are Milankovitch Cycles, Solar Variability, and these last three, the Geo Magnetic Field Strength of the Earth , Land /Ocean Arrangements/ Ice Dynamic those last three (geo magnetic field, land/ocean arrangements/ice dynamic) determining how effective Milankovitch Cycles and Solar Variability will be when it comes to impacting the climate.

    This explains why the 1470 year climate cycle is there but it is a semi cyclic feature with variability.

    In addition the evidence is mounting that the climate changes in sync in both hemispheres which eliminates a redistribution of energy within the climatic system for the reason why the climate changes ,which is on weak grounds to begin with ,and strengthens the fact that it is only changes in the total energy coming into the climatic system that can change it enough to bring it into another climate regime.

  3. The assumption is that Earth doesn’t have a positive charge, and that the protons and alpha particles of solar wind aren’t repelled by it.

  4. ”changes in cosmic ray level hitting our atmosphere affected the amount of cloud cover’.

    According to NASA, they are seeing more single event satellite upsets as a result of these cosmic rays! Never mind CMEs!

    I’m wondering if the author of ‘The Chilling Stars’ has been involved in the above mentioned Danish research?

  5. polar flip getting closer maybe?
    western hemisphere?? why ONE area I wonder?
    and what are they designating as west???

  6. I am curious as to why some “scientists” seem to believe that “The same radiation could also lead to evolutionary leaps…”, especially when it is just as plausible, if not more so, that this radiation would do just the opposite, and create evolutionary setbacks. Seems that science believes that these “evolutionary leaps” are all purely random luck. And, if they are random luck as they suggest, then this is not “evolution”. To the best of my knowledge, “evolution” is not a random process.

    Me thinks someone should rethink such things…

    • Obviously, most radiation caused genetic changes are for the worse. But a few may be neutral or even better for adapting to a changed environment. Those few can lead to an evolutionary leap.

  7. @Salvatore:

    Nice list. Harvesting a couple of nits:

    The slowest cycle in the Milankovitch set is 26,000 ish years; so not seeing how it can cause a 1500 year cycle. Movement of continents is even slower, and mostly just determines in the Milankovitch cycles can operate at all (can the N. Pole melt in summer?)

    Also, don’t forget the tidal shifts that come from lunar orbital shifts:

    while the paper cited in that link finds an 1800 year cycle, but with some evidence for a 1200 year sometimes, and think it is the average that matters, others have looked at the question of which ‘face’ of the Earth is pointed at the sun at each point (since tides are in water, having the ‘high tide’ force in the Pacific is different from the Atlantic) and finds that you get 1470 with an alignment of that lunar cycle with the orientation of the Earth at the peaks.

    So while the Milankovitch cycle determines if the 1500 year cycle shows up as Bond Events or as D.O. Events, it doesn’t run the 1500 year metronome. I think that job is done by lunar / tidal forces.

    Unfortunately, due to orbital resonance, that can’t be easily dis-entangled from solar variations (from the same orbital shifting as the Gas Giants dance). I also have little clue how to sort out the magnetic / particle / cosmic ray effects from all the rest.

    In short: Look at the time length of the different changes you list. Some are a bit too slow to trigger a 1500 year oscillator. (But it is still a very nice list of the things that need to be considered for longer cycle climate change, such as glacial / interglacial oscillations).

    • Found at Solar Ham they are listing 3 regions, but activity is still very low and it appears we may have passed the cycle 24 maximum.

  8. Imo cosmic radiation may well be a programmed radiation force, guided by a supreme consciousness and highly specialized in performing structural renewal in nature or biospheres on other earthlike planets in our universe, as part of ongoing biological and spiritual evolution program.
    Maybe similar in action to the electro-magnetic forces emanating from the various planets in our solar system, as indicated and defined by the ancient science of astrology and that determine the myriad influences in our biosphere, physically aswell as on a spiritual level, according to many religious and esoteric sources.
    Nothing random at all about all these cosmic forces(angelic forces) interacting within our universe imo, but presentday materialistic science is still in its infancy as regards unlocking the secrets and intentions within our(conscious) universe.
    By the way, would it be sensible to integrate the magnetic reversal site into the iceagenow site, as the iceagephenomenon and magnetic reversals and cosmic influences appear to be quite closely linked anyway ?

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