Earth’s Magnetic Field in Trouble – Short video

“We don’t have hundreds of years left before the magnetic reversal,”

says this video. “The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster now.”

I previously posted about our magnetic field decreasing 10 times faster than normal here:

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  1. So, I wonder now just how much Ice Age precipitation is made up of Starwater?? This might be a good explanation for the mass of ice and snow that make up some of our bigger ice ages as well as snowball earth.

  2. I have long held that when the collapse of the magnetic field starts it will be a sudden event. Scientists measure the existing decline and treat it as linear, extrapolating it to be zero in x thousand years or so depending on exactly what data they use and how they analyse it.

    But my knowledge and experience of dynamic systems like self-sustaining magnetic fields like in a dynamo, which is quite similar to the way the earth’s magnetic field is generated in the core, says to me that the collapse MUST accelerate, once it starts. We know that the collapse actually started long ago as the earth’s field is a fraction of the strength it has been in the past. Therefore, the collapse has been underway, and according to my logic, ACCELERATING for a very long time. Below a certain critical threshold, it makes sense that there would not be enough of the field left to sustain itself, given the mechanism by which it collapses in the first place, that of the magnetic field lines getting too “stretched”.’

    In short the field MUST collapse and restart, fresh, probably using the solar magnetic field as a starter field for its dynamo. That collapse, as far as I can see is anything but gradual.

  3. The sun flips it,s magnetic field every 22 years. I’ve wondered what effect this has on the earth’s magnetic field.

  4. AVERTABLE electro-magnetic pole reversal is due to electric comet passages or angle change of the galactic center electricity on Earth. WE CAN AVERT it or decrease its implications with a proper electro-magnetic mesh over equator, facing the comet or the galactic center, as we shield spacecrafts-satellites from cosmic rays’ electricity!

  5. Regarding the Earth’s magnetosphere: you might be interested to take a look at this brief video:

    It shows a little, easily-repeatable experiment which demonstrates clearly that the SHAPE of a magnetic field is NOT what the textbooks all say – based on the well-known ‘iron filings’ experiment. Unfortunately, it seems that the traditional ‘iron filings’ experiment has always been done on a small scale. A large scale reveals magnetic activity further out.

    This is covered in detail in “Climate Change: Explained by Magnetism?” by Thomas T.S. Watson – ISBN 9 780646 477220.

    One of the fundamental discoveries by the author is that the shape of a magnetic field is NOT similar to a Rugby football, but rather is shaped like a peanut shell. Extrapolate this to the shape of the Earth’s Magnetosphere and it makes a lot more senses as to why we have different weather patterns in Equatorial regions.

    Want more information? – I can put you in touch with author who has, among other thing, worked out how to calculate the force of gravity GEOMETRICALLY!

    How’s that for some lateral thinking?

  6. None, given that 1” of rain fall equates to 4” of wet snow or 8” of powder dependent on how cold the temperature is. During a major ice advance and land based glaciations, sea levels fall over the period of the ice age (100,000 years) by several 100 of meters as water is evaporated and snowed out over the ice fields. Sea levels also drop during mini ice ages but in inches or several meters

  7. zen gardners webpage also has a clip on this, still saying 100 yrs or so on that one.
    seeing as its been underway for quite some time..they could get a surprise.

  8. Magnet field reversal? Is this the new scare to replace global warming? Who, besides pilots, would even notice?

  9. It sounds like the world as we know it is going to be renovated or if you like recreated via magnetic reversal and ice age. Get ready to watch and learn Robert.

  10. I find the video less than convincing. There is a complete lack of references at the source website and a search of the web, although brief, did not turn up any material supporting the idea that a flip is imminent soon or that star water exists in the way he claimed.

    We are like a medical student in a course on rare diseases. Hypochondriac. The SWARM data is brand new. We’ve never before been able to look at our magnetic field in this detail and now that we can it’s amazing that our magnetic field is so ‘wiggly’. Maybe those wiggles portend a flip and maybe they don’t. Assuming that they do falls prey to the same thinking that led the global warming alarmists to panic about a temperature record only a few decades long. They had a brand new data set showing a brief 20-30 year correlation between temp and CO2 and convinced themselves it was significant. It wasn’t.

    The study showing that the field could complete a flip within a human lifetime is also not significant. There was a study years ago showing that flips can start and finish in as little as 1-2 months. That doesn’t mean we are due for a flip in 1-2 months, just like the potential for a flip within a human lifetime does not mean we are due for one within my lifetime.

    The pole wandering rapidly toward Siberia is also not necessarily a sign of an imminent flip. The pole wanders. A lot. And far. Prior to a flip we are likely to see multiple poles (more than 2) in unexpected places and all doing serious wandering. The field is likely to get jumbled before a flip. Though ours right now is wobbling it’s far from jumbled.

    • From past studies what you should find is a new north and south pole at a different location on a 90 deg. shift. Existing ley lines should remain along their current grids. A complete reversal may or may not happen. If the sun’s poles have already reversed probably not, unless the reversal here takes place 11 years down the road.
      Do not see how multiple poles(more than the current 2) could exist at the same time, but suppose anything is possible?
      As the continents are not firmly attached to the the core or catalyst and are basically free roaming, simply amazing how we revolve around the core as the core is relatively stable.
      So the question remains; is it the sun or the dark rift at center of galaxy that acts upon the core and causes 90 deg shifts? Evidence strongly supports the latter. With the complete pole shift and or complete reversal will the bulge at equator and leveling off at poles remain same diameter(roughly 11 mile bulge at equator as compared to poles)?I.E; Will the continents slide with the shift(a physical shift), or will the current site for equator deflate and create a new bulge? Again, evidence rather points to a new equator and a new flattening where pole shift will reside!!
      Either way: will be some yawing to and fro going on.
      Would not surprise me if the wind does not blow anywhere on the earth as she stands still during the process, and comes to complete or near total stand-still.
      The dynamics of this will be stupendous.

      interesting. read an old, old, old book years ago that suggested that the obelisk’s the Roman’s were so interested in, they actually moved them thousands of miles to Rome, were specifically tuned to resided upon the ley lines so as to keep land masses in check and reduce the fracturing of the plates during a pole shift, roughly 6 thousands years ago.
      As the text reads,”man had the keys to the heavens”, to accomplish such a feat.
      Fact or fiction, so the read stated.
      But to answer your statement, I do believe we would have to find a way to suspend our solar systems see-saw through
      the dark rift(which by the way, we will not be completely out magnetism of the core of galaxy until next year, then in another 1000 years ((roughly)) we will saw through the bottom side of the rift, that is way this age is called the shortest, a thousand years), then we go through this program again. I JUST CAN’T WAIT….
      see ya

  11. Wow that’s a lot of free oxygen locked up in H2o just waiting to be freed up to compensate for the loss of vital O2? I’m confusedededed.
    Seems more logical that the oxygen would be enriched through the electrical reaction and converted into ozone?
    At least the ozone cleans some of the air-borne impurities we nasty little creatures put there.

  12. Dang! I just bought another compass this morning because the other two I own seemed to be “weak.” Luckily, I kept the sales receipt. Now, if I can just find my way back to the store. I think it was west of here, but now I’m not so sure.

  13. I don’t find convincing evidence that magnetic fields have important mechanisms that cause or effect climate shifts. I don’t trust anything that NASA or IPCC says, and this video cites both of those. “This ties into a hypothesis,” is not convincing.

    • You might change your mind after you read my books. Perhaps I’m slightly biased, but I think I present clear and convincing evidence.

  14. Get back to us when the physical north pole is rapidly shifting toward the sun or away from the sun. As long as that stays pointed toward Polaris, I’m not convinced we have a problem.

    • Precession of the equinoxes guarantees that that will not happen, because the physical north pole rotates continuously. 11,500 years from now it will point toward the star Vega. 11,500 years from then, it will point toward Polaris again.

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