There are no lengths and no depths to which Greens—environmentalists—will not go to advance the greatest hoax of the modern era. It used to be called “global warming”, but when that was exposed as based on falsified computer models put out by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the term “climate change” was adopted to mask it.


Hurricanes seen from outer space

By Alan Caruba

Billions of dollars have been wasted on claims of a massive increase of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Earth’s atmosphere and entire careers, organizations, and government agencies have been financed to advance the hoax.

So much depends on this cash flow that the fraud’s machinery continues to function. Yet another IPCC conference on climate change began on November 30 in Durban, South Africa for the purpose of extending the absurd Kyoto Protocols that some nations signed onto with the promise of reducing “greenhouse gas emissions.” The original protocols exempted China and India. The U.S. refused to participate and many industrial nations have indicated they have no intention of doing so this time around.

As just one example of this BIG LIE, on November 30 I received a news release from the Missouri State University stating that one of its professors was “delivering a message in Washington, D.C. today urging the nation’s leaders to address the moral issue surrounding climate change.”

Oh, so now global warming is a moral issue, too?

As I have frequently noted, climate is something measured in centuries, while weather is forecast in days and, even then, can prove to be incorrect. The definition of the weather is “chaos” as it is subject to change in just hours as various “fronts” shift course. Even the most powerful events like hurricanes are difficult to predict and the U.S. mainland has not been hit by one in years. By the time Hurricane Irene arrived on the East Coast this year, it had been downgraded to a tropical storm.

This and the revelations of “Climategate”, the thousands of emails exchanged by the IPCC meteorologists of the University of East Anglia’s climate center, has hardly made a dent on the frantic efforts to keep the global warming lie alive.

“Michael Nelson, MSU associate professor of environmental ethics and philosophy, is part of the Climate Ethics Campaign, a team of representatives from government agencies, business and environmental organizations delivering a national climate ethics statement to President Obama and Congress.”

Here’s where it really gets absurd. Having blamed global warming for everything, this gang of hucksters assert that “’Missing from the international debate is the deeply disturbing moral and ethical implications of climate change.’ Nelson said ‘Climate change is a real, dangerous and rapidly worsening problem that cannot be driven solely by short-term economics or national self-interest.’”

The level of fear-mongering reaches new heights with the Climate Ethics Campaign claim that “Climate change-related impacts are already harming and killing people here and abroad. Unless carbon pollution is rapidly reduced, the resulting natural disasters, floods, diseases, illnesses, water and food shortages, and environmental degradation, along with associated rising violence and social breakdown, will injure or kill millions more every year.”

So, there you have it. Either we spend billions on “climate change” or people will die and societies will suffer turmoil. Can you name a single day when the weather somewhere has not killed someone? Do societies experience turmoil because of the weather or because they oppress their population? And can anyone do anything about the weather? No.

I fully expect these charlatans to announce that Santa may not show up on Christmas Eve if we don’t do something about climate change..

The weather, deemed too warm or too cold, continues to be touted as the result of too much CO2 in the atmosphere even though it is a mere 0.038% of the atmosphere and meteorological science has established its impact is virtually non-existent. There is no correlation between its increase and the climate except that it shows up well after any change.

Prof. Nelson, apparently concerned that his job is on the line, said, “We want to urge every citizen to push for policies that reduce emissions and prepare for climate change.”

Some of those policies threaten to further undermine the nation’s economy in the form of the Environmental Protection Agency’s assertion that CO2 is a “pollutant” and is falsely trying to use the Clean Air Act to shut down every coal-fired plant for the generation of electricity—even though they provide fifty percent of all electricity generated.

These aren’t just bad policies based on utterly false and debased science, but they represent the real threat to the lives of all Americans and to the economy in general.

There is no real “ethical” component to climate change. There is only the need to clean up after a hurricane, blizzard or flood in order to help people get their lives in order again. That is already addressed in part by government agencies like FEMA.

The time has long since passed when the U.S. and other nations should pay any attention, let alone waste any more time and money on the “sustainable” schemes being pushed by the United Nations and the many organizations dependent on this massive fraud.

© Alan Caruba, 2011

26 thoughts on “Eco-Absurdity”

  1. (Normal“Climate )-related impacts are already harming and killing people here and abroad.
    same as they have ALWAYS done!

    call me biased:-) the TRUTH reads better.

  2. I fully expect these charlatans to announce that Santa may not show up on Christmas Eve if we don’t do something about climate change..
    ========Be careful what we ask for:-)
    David Suzuki IS implying that this Xmas, and others did it a few years back,
    Mr and Mrs Santa the elves and the reindeer are being melted away…..and
    its ALL Our Fault!
    ps I see Cokes white Polar bear chicanery cans have been pulled…
    they Say its cos consumers were upset at confusing normal with chemical diet colas.
    but there were also a LOT of people who took exception to the nuttiness of coke saving polar bears who didnt need saving:-)

  3. Environmental Protection Agency’s assertion that CO2 is a “pollutant” and is falsely trying to use the Clean Air Act to shut down every coal-fired plant for the generation of electricity—even though they provide fifty percent of all electricity generated.
    If? you wanted to ensure death from Heat OR cold, and shortages of food via production
    ie limiting produced food by increasing fuel and fertiliser costs
    (related by production-oil = chem fert)
    increasing the costs of power and fuel again to the transport and manufactories.
    then increased fuel to transport it to final sales areas.
    while subsidising inefficient land gobbling solar wind and other..
    and locking up land to allow trees to senesce into wormfood in the name of ecocauses.
    while maintained forests use more Co2 and are healthier..
    by all means enforce scrubbers and filters and serious pollution from dumping and super toxics.
    but that wont bring the greenlinked scientists or the banksters any massive incimes like theyre now seeing.
    in aus ;example.
    the new Carbon Tax,
    will cost the miners,the transporters the generators, the public and all the makers of saleable products.
    every single one will be paying a tax all along the chain.
    by govt decree. any Mention of it by vendors as being responsible for Price increases is ILLEGAL with a fine of some 100K? or some such nonsense.

    • “by govt decree. any Mention of it by vendors as being responsible for Price increases is ILLEGAL with a fine of some 100K? or some such nonsense.”

      From what Laurel is telling us, it looks like Full Blown Fascism is alive and well in Australia.

      How long will it be before we are told that “A New Global Alignment of Governments is in Order to Meet the Global Climate Change Crisis?” Pardon me, What’s that you say…? They Already Have!

      • YUP! we have it all bar name,
        and when Lord Monckton said the truth in a speech in usa, the SHTF and yet?
        what he said was perfectly correct!
        our UNelected PM (power by deals with another minor paRTY IE THE GREENS, and then some fast talking and who knows what with 3 independant were needed to aquire power.) is a lawyer( warning!!) a union supporter who undermines unions?) a Fabian Society member.
        they got our guns off us years ago, more fools us! we already have the hold with no contact re suspect terrorist etc laws, the fine example of us leaving David Hicks to be tortured and abused in Gitmo.
        need I say more??
        oh yeah and Handing Julian Assange to the wolves as a suckup to US mil who want him.
        poor Fella My Country, takes on a whole NEW meaning.

        • Laurel, I wish I had a Solution. All I’ve been able to accomplish is to talk to everyone I meet about these issues. Blog, Blog, Blog … and Campaign for those who support Our Freedoms. Not much help I’m afraid. What else can the non-wealthy do?

  4. What is cleaner? Nuclear or Coal-fired power plants?
    I go for coal fire!!!
    This whole lie is money driven and the complete tax thing in the USA against carbon emissions, taxing the coal-fire power stations so much, they will close down. They have a hidden agenda and I bet you trillions of dollars of deals waiting for new nuclear plants!The world is going crazy!

    • I wish people would stop looking at this as a pocketbook issue. Global warming has been nonexistent for over 10 years. I have said before, and I will say again, this is not about moving wealth from the poor to the rich. It is about depopulating the world. If you preach and teach “global warming,” complete with reduced energy sources and reduced farming for food, you have prepared to reduce the population through freezing and starvation when the reality of the God knows how long a cooling trend sets in. No fuel or energy for heating, and no food for sustaining equals deaths by the millions if not billions. And the poor end up killing each other off – those that don’t immediately die from freezing and starvation, fighting over the scraps of food left and the few sticks of wood available for heat.

      • Exactly what I have been saying for years….

        Consider this:

        This week the U.S. government says it wants to stop farm children from working on the farm, using machinery, etc. because “it’s too dangerous.” What they actually seek to do is put a greater dependence for our food into the hands of a few chosen global food corporations,so that they can more effectively control populations. As well, they seek to break the link between generations.

        Breaking the link between generations is a tactic used extensively in communist take overs. Consider how the elderly were rounded up, and murdered, in places like Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Central & South America, Soviet Union, and former Soviet States such as Bosnia …
        (and of course, rationing health care in the U.S. won’t kill any middle aged, or elderly … right?)
        Breaking the link between generations is needed so that there will be no one around to tell the younger generation about the “Freedoms” we used to have, and “How things used to be.” Thus, the Global Elite are free to lie and change facts to suit themselves. (Just like they are attempting to lie and change the facts regarding the climate to suit their purposes.)

        When Global food supplies were threatened, the U.N did nothing to stop the RECENT Genocide in South Africa, where, not coincidentally, the white FARMERS were raped, tortured, and murdered (Men, Women, and Children) in the thousands. The farms were then turned over to the “Oppressed” and food production fell to zilch. South Africa just happened to be a major “Bread Basket” for Europe. And now Europe has skyrocketing food costs and food shortages….. The Global Elitists play out these same scenarios with our energy resources too!

        Folks, I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. There is much more afoot here than simply scamming the world out of trillions of dollars. The Global Elitists have an Agenda. That agenda involves removing about 90% of the human population from this planet, leaving only those necessary to maintain the system for the benefit of the self appointed Global Ruling Class.

        The Global Elitists have no desire to share this planet with any more of us than is absolutely necessary to the maintenance of their comfort. They will use whatever means necessary to remove the masses of us they deem as unnecessary. Lies and deceit are merely tools to be used to obtain their objectives. The Global Elitists have no moral or ethical code of conduct to hamper them. The death of millions, by whatever means, does not bother them in the slightest.

        Thus, they will lie and scheme to convince us that we are going to bake and fry unto death, from “Global Warming,” when in actuality it is hypothermia and starvation due to “Global Freezing” that is the real fate. Forcing the world to prepare for heat, and then watching us freeze to death, bothers the Global Elitists not in the slightest.

        In pursuit of their goals, this Cadre of Elitists will stop at nothing.

        Consider yourselves warned….

        • While the argument of attempting to depopulize the world for the benefit of the chosen few elitists is above my paygrade, I do want to comment on the masses freezing to death. Anthropogenic global warming is a con and a fraud, but global warming, cyclical natural global warming is real, and I’m not convinced that we are on the verge of another mini-ice age much less another one of the major varieties. And Mele Kalikimaka too…

  5. The Global Warming Climate Change lie , The War on Terror lie, The Swine Flu lie, The Too Big to Fail shame, The Overpopulation lie. The Arab Spring lie The War on Drugs Lie and many many more falsehoods, They will not stop until they can use us as cattle, until we all are chipped and numbered. If you follow the money you’ll find every time the same group of gangsters behind it. Look at the world “leaders” they (we) put in place ! I personally think that Ron Paul is our last chance, if we make it to the next elections. If not it’s back to the Middle Ages, the “Dark Ages”.

  6. Here in Oregon we get most of our electricity from hydroelectric dams and the rest from coal. Between legislating coal plants out of existance and telling us to tear down the dams to save the fish, there won’t be much left for anyone – the bird folks hate the wind generating turbines so that won’t work – I guess we are left with solar here.
    I have always felt we were getting too many people and have expected mother nature to sort us out if we were too stupid to quit reproducing like lemmings. However, this energy problem “solution” will have the effect of starving and killing people in what does look deliberate – not what I thought would be the way we would learn our mistake. An ice age would have been enough to teach us what we needed to know – that we are pushing the limits of what the earth can provide, without the government stepping in to make it worse. Sad.

    • Wind power does not hurt birds. Our methods of development of new homes on treeless lands do, and our lack of public transit options do more. If people just renovated existing homes more than tried to remove farms and started to shop more locally from local farms, we’d do a lot more to alleviate poor air quality and water quality issues that hurt birds much more than wind power ever can. This very good article explains the myths about wind power, and how it really benefits us more:

      Whether you believe in global warming or not, you have to admit our current methods of energy production just are not sustainable, and neither is nuclear sustainable. Only geothermal, solar, and wind are, until someone invents a less costly method of making fusion power. With mercury ending up in ground water from coal, and fission power requiring waste that no one wants to keep, we have to look at cleaner alternatives. Asthma alone would drop if we stopped using coal as much. Those facts are not in dispute, even if global warming is not happening.

  7. It is time that every one of us stand up to the climate change fanatics and liberals in general. We have to stop them by any means necessary. This is not a joke anymore. Our way of life if not our very survival depends on stopping these fanatics once and for all.

  8. Alan

    you refer to

    … CO2 in the atmosphere even though it is a mere 0.038% of the …

    however, you make that point without the further clarification that 100 years ago the level was a “mere 0.0295%” that means since we started “releasing stored CO2” the level has “increased by .0085%” (or 85ppm),

    makes it that much more ridiculous that a mere 85ppm increase in CO2 is causing anything to occur

  9. It’s time to change the game. Calling “time out” isn’t enough. “Reviewing” environmental laws is not enough. Removing the director of the EPA is not enough. Censoring NASA isn’t enough. Defunding blatantly activist groups is not enough.

    Change the game.

    They’ll stop doing this when they feel lucky just to lose their jobs and all benefits.

    It’s time to change the game.

    It’s time to remove them from power and put them in prison where they belong. The rallying cry MUST be to eliminate the EPA (and many other agencies) and put their agents in prison. It is imperative the average worker at these places feel lucky to only lose their job.

    The politicians who’ve supported this need to feel lucky to only go to prison. Their actions have and are causing literal deaths.

    It’s time to change the game.

  10. There are many reforms needed to make things right for society. However in order to limit the evil of legislation perhaps there should be only one day per year allowed to debate and pass laws and regulations. If that doesn’t work then make it one day every ten years. Any law not made by god should be repealed instantly. Sometimes you have to get rid of the rubbish and start over from scratch to make things right.

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