Edmonton record for consecutive days at zero or below

CTV News calls it an “historic cold stretch.”

The last time Alberta’s capital city saw a cold streak last this long was the 166-day stretch from Nov. 2 to April 16, 1975.

Edmontony had a population of 932,546 in 2016, making it Alberta’s second-largest city

Thanks to Don Villeneuve, E Stephens, Harry Haydon and John of Cloverdale Western Australia,for these links
“It must be a miserable spring in AB/SK/MB this year,” says Don. “Farmers have to be extremely concerned.”


6 thoughts on “Edmonton record for consecutive days at zero or below”

    • Seemed like more than a scare to me at the time.
      Edmonton seeing 167 conseq days with MINIMUM below freezing?
      I was in Madison WI during two conseq winters (mid to late 70s or so) when for 50 days straight the MAXIMUM for the day stayed below freezing.

  1. It may well be historic within the living memory of local inhabitants, but it isn’t unique. Temperatures such as these are par for the course for a Grand Solar Minimum and in my view have probably reoccurred during very GSM since the start of the re-Glaciation Period some 3500 year ago.
    At least another 30 years of cooling weather is more than likely to occur, this modern regional record will get broken time and time again during this period.

  2. Already breaking 1970’s “ice age” scare records.
    Imagine what it will be when we’re deeper into the GSM.
    The 1970’s will seem like a picnic.

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