El Hierro – 580 earthquakes from Monday to Wednesday

El Hierro – 580 earthquakes from Monday to Wednesday

Alert status raised to yellow – “An eruption could be imminent,” says one website.

Strong deformation detected

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According to INVOLCAN, significant and rapid inflation has been measured in the southern part of the island of El Hierro during the past two days.

This deformation is most likely caused by the accumulating magma underneath, and is much faster than that observed last year 2011 prior to the eruption south of La Restinga.

A “yellow alert” has been declared for the El Verodal or the western tip of the island and the southern area in the El Julan bay, where most quakes are located, and an eruption could be imminent.

Yesterday, 26 June, saw a record number of 234 quakes greater than M1.4,
most of them larger than M2 and 6 larger than M3, all at about 18-20 km depth.

According to the extinction protocol website, about 580 earthquakes were registered from Monday to Wednesday. Thirty of them greater than magnitude 3 on the Richter scale.

“The entire island has risen by 4-5cm and moved by 3cm since the latest magma movement!,” says analytical chemist Hans Schneider. “Glad not to be there, for sure!”


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8 thoughts on “El Hierro – 580 earthquakes from Monday to Wednesday

  1. might El Hierro be on the verge of a Krakatoa type eruption? It seems quite possible but perhaps depends on how much water is in the underground magmatic equation. Robert – did you see the one about Geyers waking up in Yellowstone? !

    • Canary Islands – Atlantic Ocean.

      It has been postulated that the mass of a land slip from any of 5 of the islands with mountain heights above ~1500 m – el Hierro is the smallest of the 5 – as a result of a large eruption would cause a tsunami that could destroy New York.

      el Hierro is currently the most active but least problematic.

      Teneriffe with a mountain 3718 m is the nightmare scenario for the Atlantic basin – fortunately it has been stable.

      As is usual these volcanic mountains rise sharply from the ocean floor so a landslip will rapidly fall to deep water with large volumes displaced.

      Madiera – north of the Canary islands is another volcanic island with large mass but more stable.

  2. I would like to see the Lat. & Lon. of the places you talk about printed in the articals. Thank you.

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