El Hierro ready to blow?

Sea water temperatures in the area have shot upward by 20 degrees F (11C).

La Restinga’s 600 residents have been evacuated as an underwater volcano spews molten rock 60 feet into the air and a sea of brown magma bubbles up just off the coast.

Ships have been ordered away from the port and aircraft have been banned from flying over the island’s southern tip.


El Hierro - Water temperature rises 20 degrees F - Image courtesy Involcan and Guardia Civil

Meanwhile, Involcan Canary Islands has released a picture showing the water temperature at the Jacuzzi spot.  The difference in temperature in between the normal sea water and the jacuzzi spot is 11 degrees C (about 20 degrees F).

And we still blame humans for heating the seas?

“The ground is almost continuously trembling,” says an observer. “Almost continuous submarine explosions are spewing magmatic material into the sea. There are still little red glowing lights from time to time, and I ask myself if this is not a reflection of the magma flowing under the water.”

“The explosions are following  one another every 10 to 15 minutes,” says earthquake-report.com.

The island of El Hierro  has experienced more than 11,000 tremors in the past four months. The last time it erupted was in 1793.




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  1. The reason for the blame it on humans game is that humans can be regulated and taxed. It is all about power and money.

  2. What is sad is the East Coast is not ready for the tidal wave to come, Just like they are not prepared for Earthquakes.

  3. Sub-sea volcanoes are not on the list for even the most rampant global warmistas. This looks like Surtsey again. It happens sometimes.

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