El Hierro – “We expect an imminent eruption”

Residents and tourists evacuated
On Tuesday, authorities ordered the evacuation in the municipality of La Frontera to protect people living on the slopes of the volcano “for possible risk of falling rocks.”

“We expect an imminent eruption,” said the head of the council that ordered the evacuation on the Spanish island of 11,000 inhabitants.

In total, 53 people left their homes. Most were able to find shelter with relatives but 15 others, including several tourists were relocated in a dorm.

“We were having a glass of wine yesterday afternoon when the Guardia Civil abandonásemos told us that the house because we were too close to the mountain,” said Tuengen Maier, 62, a German tourist who spent ten days holiday on the island

“We only collect our luggage this morning. It’s too dangerous. We can not stay,” he said.

With 32 more tremors on Monday, the strongest a 2.0 on the Richter scale, the threat of volcanic activity on the small volcanic island was raised from green to yellow for the first time in recent history.


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  1. Despite warnings that maxi-tsunamis 500 ft high will hit the east coast of America should the wall of the volcano collapse into the sea,I do not expect any tsunami generated to be more than 5-10 ft.

  2. ? and the moon cycle, and we have incoming remnants? of elenin. and yu55 or whatever it is really close sometime soon.

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