Elation and awe as Capetonians experience snow for the first time – Video

“South Africa is having a historic severe cold wave right now, but only heat waves are news.”
– Argiris Diamantis


South Africa, July, 5, 2018 – “Its our first time in the snow, we only used to see it on TV.”

Roads leading into Ceres were congested with traffic as people from far and wide travelled to marvel at the snow on Matroosberg on Tuesday


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Not a word about this news in the MSM, of course,” says Argiris.

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  1. They say Nature is a cruel teacher – What many don’t realise is there will be massive crop failures in the coming years. All this running white farmers off farms only to let the farmland fellow. These ppl can’t see whats coming. Europe will be harder hit so I can’t see any aid coming from the West.

  2. It’s now the responsibility of individual farmers and viticulturists to switch to hardier and shorter season crops and varieties. For example Upstate New York grows some excellent wine grapes (along with some terrible ones) despite a cold snowy climate.

  3. those poor people have absolutely no clue how a real snowman is build, by rolling a snowball in the snow…

  4. Part of my job means I need to talk with HR teams around the world for my Company. When talk with the South African team in the past week they also said that Durban was experiencing extreme cold.

  5. musing on how sth am and africa both get snows..down low where aus doesnt get much and then usually only the eastcoast mountains
    we have a long coastal exposure to the arctic upswelling but its the SHAPE of the landmass that i reckon is the “thing” that makes it occue
    ie east coast is the alley between NZ and upwards where snows fall.
    rarely south aus might get a little fall on adelaide hills and the flinders, again the cold airs channelled up the eyre n york peninsulas.

    • Yes, I think you’re right Laurel. We have a broad expanse facing Antarctica across the Southern Ocean and quite a large expanse of water between us and the South Pole. In contrast, both S. America and S. Africa have capes which extend quite close to Antarctica, minimising the distance that cold air has to cross the relatively warm ocean water. As Robert’s writings point out, the oceans are actually warming due to sub-oceanic vulcanism. This will tend to make Australia warmer than it would be otherwise.

    • Dont forget that huge portions of South Africa are 1000m-1600m above sea level. I think that’s the main reason why SA experiences more snow than Aus. SA almost never has snow under 1000m.

  6. So, what’s new??
    We also talk about cold on this site, thou in some parts of the World it is abnormally hot. It is wrong for MSM to cherry pick news. They’re job is to report not to interpret. I believe we still call them reporters an I wonder why.
    Every single day I hear about crimes, but they never say that 330 000 Americans live in peace.

  7. I’ve been an avid reader of this site for a long time but and it’s a big but I personally don’t see either a warm up like the powers to be say or a lia like others say …here .. piers Corbyn ….sure there’s been record cold but also record heat ….if the UK goes back to the harsh consistent winters of the 60s I may be convinced

  8. I have lived in cape town my whole life and this was definitely not unusual. Maybe because we have had a drought for the last 3 years people have forgotten. It was cold but not unusual so maybe the amount of snow in one storm was more than normal but the temps definitely not. Aftet that we have had a week of unseasonaly warm weather after that. Even up to 28C today so the snow has long since all melted.

  9. Dr Evangelos Katsiambirtas ex director of the meteorological service of Namibia for 4years and another 14 in the Bureau of meteorology of South Africa and after Asso. Professor of meteorology at the new University of Thessaly Greece for 3 years in the Department of Agricultural meteorology beleive that the planet is going freizing for 36 years.

  10. As above. I do not remember to see in Cape Town. Υεια σου κ. Αργυρι Διαμαντι

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