Election was ‘clear fraud’ – Burt Rutan

Opinion piece by Burt Rutan. Yes that Burt Rutan.

Election was ‘clear fraud’

Burt Rutan

Friends, and those that have become un-friendly during the 2020 Campaign.

I am an Engineer, some have even called me a Rocket Scientist.  My 55-year, post-college testing career has made me an expert in analyzing data of all types.  That skill helped me show that, since 1988, the Climate data has been fraudulently presented by the Climate Scientists.

Presented below are just a few samples of data (among hundreds) that show the Tuesday vote count has been tampered with.

Early morning, November 4th..while even the “journalists” were sleeping:

As the Michigan vote result tabulation goes from 4,261,878 to 4,400,217, Biden got EVERY ONE of the138,339 new votes, with NONE going to the 4 other candidates !!  Obviously a statistical impossibility.



Then later, hoping no one was smart enough to notice, they instantaneously harvested just enough fraudulent votes to assure a Biden win (only two battleground states are shown here).

Skeptical ?  Then you show me any state that was not critical to an EC win, in which a similar jump in the data occurred, or a similar jump that favored Trump. Crickets.


Actually, the non-battleground state of California had enough fraudulent mail-in votes added to be able to show that Biden “won” the popular vote – something they could then have their MSM Talking Heads yell about for months (Hillary still makes the claim, 4 years later to her adoring fans).  Proof? Just compare the total California vote total to the number of Registered (legal) Voters.. Duh

The Popular Vote total in November 2016 was won by Trump, if you do not count the illegal votes (Non-citizens & the dead) in California alone.

Back to yesterday – Tuesday, November 3rd.

My Son and his wife in San Diego received their normal ballot envelopes, then they also received by USPO an additional set of blank ballots.  They sent me a photo of both groups, along with their comments. “We both got our regular vote-in-person books plus mail-in versions. Of course, we will only vote once – but since everyone in CA (living or dead or moved away) got the mail in versions – how many might vote twice or more – and will CA try to check that??

For months there have been many millions of mail-in ballots floating around, all susceptible to fraud when compared with the normal in-person, photo ID-checked process.  I think the criminal’s plan was to not count them at all unless needed by Biden to win.

Late at night they shut down the counts, fired up the fake vote mills and did what they needed to be done.

I’m 77. I’ve never seen where they literally stopped counting the votes, midstream on election night.

Add to that, they pre-announced that “they” (the media) would “announce” who won ?!  It’s the semantics used, and with semantics, everything can be changed.

The MSM and Globalists wish to have the American voter dumbed down to where they can literally be TOLD who won.

This election was pre-ordained by the MSM and the Globalists to have been “won” by Biden.

President Trump by all means has legal cause to file with the Supreme Court. And, with the hard evidence, he will certainly win.

This clear fraud will no longer allow the Left and their ABCNNBCBS buddies to claim that Vote Fraud “does not exist”.

What they have done might finally result in convictions of the criminals and then the destruction of what remains of the Democratic Party.

Maybe their plan all along was to blame Biden and throw him under the Bus.  Under the Bus is a convenient place to put someone that does not have good enough physical or mental health to carry the Football with its Nuclear codes. They likely thought within 10 months they would install an ultra-liberal President who didn’t even finish in the top 12 during her 2019/2020 Democrat Primary Race.

That is not merely Sad, it’s not even Funny.


Posted by permission of Burt Rutan

Editor’s note: For those younger readers who may not recognize Burt Rutan’s name, here’s a bit of what Wikipedia says about him:

Burt Rutan, a retired American aerospace engineer and entrepreneur, designed the record-breaking Voyager, which in 1986 was the first plane to fly around the world without stopping or refueling, and the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, which in 2006 set the world record for the fastest (342 mph/551 km/h in 67 hours) and longest (25,766 miles/41,466 km) nonstop non-refueled circumnavigation flight in history. In 2004, Rutan’s sub-orbital spaceplane design SpaceShipOne became the first privately funded spacecraft to enter the realm of space, winning the Ansari X-Prize that year for achieving the feat twice within a two-week period.

With his VariEze and Long-EZ designs, which first flew in 1975 and 1979 respectively, Rutan is responsible for helping popularize both the canard configuration and the use of moldless composite construction in the homebuilt aircraft industry. He is the founder or co-founder of multiple aerospace companies, including the Rutan Aircraft Factory, Scaled Composites, Mojave Aerospace Ventures, and The Spaceship Company.

Rutan has designed 46 aircraft throughout his career, was included in the Time 100 Most Influential People in the World list for the year 2004, was the co-recipient of both the Collier and National Air and Space Museum trophies on two separate occasions, received six honorary doctoral degrees, and has won over 100 different awards for aerospace design and development.[1][2] He has five aircraft on display in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.: SpaceShipOne, the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, Voyager, Quickie, and the VariEze.[3] He is the younger brother of former test pilot and United States Air Force fighter pilot, Dick Rutan, who piloted many of his earlier original designs on class record-breaking flights.

49 thoughts on “Election was ‘clear fraud’ – Burt Rutan”

  1. Res ipsa loquitur – very concise, ne plus ultra. They were given plenty of rope… on purpose… will be interesting to see just how long it can all go on in a ‘facts don’t matter’ world. The modern Bolsheviks may have finally jumped the shark.

  2. Not only massive vote fraud in this election on a Brobdingnagian scale, but Trump and his people apparently anticipated it, and supposedly watermarked ballots with a blockchain system, to be able to track every ballot. If true, that is a blockbuster development, though I don’t see how that could have been done, and even if it does provide clear proof of millions of fraudulent votes being cast for Biden, the MSM will lock down even tighter on their censorship to keep most of the public from ever learning about the amount of fraudulent votes (or destroyed ballots). As we have seen over and over in recent years, facts don’t matter, when the MSM is tightly controlled and is the sole source of information (propaganda) for about 80% of the population. If this turns out to be a real sting, there is going to be a tremendous effort by the Left to keep the evidence out of sight. They are already using armed local police in Phoenix to keep Republicans from observing the vote creation process (“counting”) in Arizona.


    • Oh I forgot about that thing where they kept people who are supposed to be observing the vote out of the place… they did this not only in AZ but a number of other states.

  3. Burt, I also have the scientific background to judge statistical data, and I made the same deduction. Those graphs should be adequate evidence of vote rigging. Although the legal fraternity and journalists, not the brightest species in the world, may not or may pretend not to see it. Trump’s vast lead in Pennsylvania after 75% of votes counted, has also somehow dwindled to the low 5 digits. Impossible! Biden’s statement, that all is not over until the last ballot was counted, shows that he had cards up his sleeve. In my opinion he should be disqualified. Make lie detector testing (polygraph machine and scopolamine injection) compulsory in all legal investigations!

    • Polygraphs and scopalamine don’t work. Polygraphs do not detect lies, they detect stress, and they can be fooled and interfered with. Scopalamine is like trying to do brain surgery with a sledgehammer, you’re hoping whatever spills out is the truth, but you’re more likely to end up with chopped garbage unfit for any purpose.

        • HHaha!
          You so funny!
          That is how we will keep them from stealing our country…”make” Biden submit to hypnosis.
          Ditto the LDT and drugs.
          Not of that is even credible, et alone legally admissible as evidence, let alone have a single chance in hell of compelling anyone to go along with it, or any chance it would be given weight even in the impossibly unlikely event he agreed.
          Calling for cancelling all late votes, requiring a revote, hoping for things like the SCOTUS ruling Trump won…these are fantasies.
          Like the idea there is a sting operation in progress involving watermarked ballots or radioactive tracers.
          It is all just like the Q anon BS that has had millions of people convinced for 4 years that indictments of all of Trump’s deep state enemies are gonna be any day now…just be patient.

  4. from downunder watching n hearing the PRO dems media here
    i feel ill
    idiots here have no idea how bad it is for Aus if bidet gets in then his vp takes over as planned

  5. Same thing happened in VA. I went to bed ~12:30 AM with Trump leading by ~50k votes, and less than 150 precincts out of 2885 unreported. I woke up to find that Trump had lost by ~400k votes, meaning that the 150 precincts went to Biden with a MARGIN of 450k votes. Same with the senate race. Gade having a small lead at 12:30 AM and ultimately losing by ~450k votes, with the margin made up by the same 150 precincts that surged Biden to victory. (All times/figures approximate, as I didn’t write any of it down at the time.)

    • I never went to bed.
      I stayed up watching the screens until mid afternoon on Wednesday.
      The worst part is, I saw a video on you tube of some people talking to Steve Bannon detailing exactly what would happen, and then it did.
      Hammer and Scorecard.
      Deep state military programs stole this election for Biden and other down ballot races.
      And there is no cavalry about to leap onto the scene to fix it for us.
      We are fucked.

  6. Evidence or none, Democrats never get convicted, period, unless by more powerful Democrats upset with them. Expect no justice here, or anywhere powerful Democrats break our laws. They are as immune as the Communist Party was under Stalin. In fact, they and their powerful stooges want just such a system here. Where do we stand and what are we willing to do?

    • Bucky is ABSOLUTELY spot on!!!! Nobody with a Ph.D. could have stated it any better.

      America has gotten to this point because in theory we are a conglomerate NATION. A nation composed of political foes (doctrine enemies). In this nation, in public civility is expected. It’s just not nice to be confronting or combative concerning people who don’t row the boat the same direction as you. Social decorum is expected, so enemies are expected to live side by side and go about their lives even if they are driven by opposing doctrines.

      Well, so much for expectations! The time for that drivel is over. Throughout history, countless countries all over the world have had to deal with internal opposing doctrines and factions. So, what makes you think the USA is exempt? It’s time to judge your neighbors and decide who’s with you or against you.

      Let your enemies know they are not welcome to destroy your nation and that you care about its future. Form a local BRIGADE to strengthen your resolve;

      Bill of

      The evil democrats don’t have a monopoly yet, but they’re trying hard to get one, by organizing and using their evil militant groups and mobs to run rampant and unchecked. Lest we forget the corruption being conducted by the democrats in this election.

      As the GOOD GUYS who love our nation and everything it stands for, YOU need to organize a local BRIGADE for safety and security. Believe me, no government entity is coming to your rescue. They can’t even get handcuffs on Bill & Hillary or any other evil democrats …and their are hundreds if not thousands that need to be incarcerated for corrupt conducts or treason.

      It’s time for ALL good people to come to the rescue and mark the enemies and ostracize them from your communities. It is sad that it has now come to this point, but considering ALL the egregious, outrageous lawlessness, and absolute disregard for civil accountability, it has to end and GOOD must conquer EVIL.

      Unite, establish your BRIGADE, know who sides with you and with the grace of God, prepare to end EVIL.

  7. I certainly hope he’s right as I am sure tens of millions of Trump supporters are. This mockery of our presidential election system must not stand and should be permanently dismantled. Those responsible must be imprisoned for a very long time.

  8. Thanks, there was also a stats expert who demonstrated the fraud in Townhall. Good stuff in the federalist and redstate.
    With regard to the 138339 votes all going to Biden, someone commented that even Saddam Hussein had the brains to throw in some opposition votes to make fraud look viable.
    Avoid Fox News. They have gone to the dark side.
    There is now the corporate media and the free media. Naming good free media sites would be appreciated.

    • good media: off-guardian.org
      mercola.com for your own personal health info + he’s up-to-date on the covid scam + very interesting video interviews
      globalresearch.ca is good for researching almost anything because it’s been in existence for years & maintains excellent archives: any world event, background of any military action, vaccination, 5G, GMOs, current covid lie, etc, etc

      Almost everything on the billionaire-controlled media is false– even the health & dietary recommendations & various political theatre like our pretend-elections.


    • I have started going to BitChute to access uncensored websites. Of course some of what they have on there is garbage, you have to weed through it some. But they allow uncensored posting of websites in all countries I believe (quite a few from Europe show up)


      I am a fan of Dan Bongino myself. Also you can get the full Tucker Carlton from there without having to go on Fox directly.

  9. TRUMP TRAPS DEMOCRATS! Ingenious sting operation set in motion in 2017
    The Democrats still don’t know they got caught by a brilliant sting operation orchestrated by Team Trump
    ht tp://stateofthenation.co/?p=34662
    THE AMERICAN “CASSANDRA PROPHECY”: Everything Changes After Election Day 2020 – Posted on November 28, 2019
    ht tp://stateofthenation.co/?p=211
    Why is Mark Zuckerberg paying for (s)election operations and vote counting across U.S.?!?! – Posted on November 6, 2020
    ht tp://stateofthenation.co/?p=35013
    ht tp://themillenniumreport.com/2019/12/the-hidden-powers-behind-the-destruction-of-america/
    ht tp://themillenniumreport.com/2016/05/the-motherlode-of-jewish-lists-everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-jewish-control-of-american-society/

  10. I told people months ago that the Democrats were going to use The Johnny Rocco System revealed in Key Largo:”We count the votes until they add up right.”

  11. … just like this theatre
    If America and the world is down with and ‘bought’ into this theatre, 911 and all the rest… intentionally pretending it’s all ‘real’… nothing to see here, the ongoing transition theatre, (s)elections and cons ww should continue to look pretty real too.

  12. Mr Rutan, as an aeronautical engineer I was always in awe of your achievements, but this analysis, if it is really yours, either shows the effects of age or some bad faith. You should be well aware, as a trumb supporter, that your candidate has strongly discouraged republican voters from using mail ballots, so it has just to be expected that all the mail-in voters are democrats. And they are added in batches as far as I understand, so teh jump. In any case there were republican observers so ask tehm for proof of your statements

    • There were four candidates. And there are always mail in voters for various reasons. The vote stuffing is quite clear and it happened in five at states at the same time. The is a statistician at Townhall who makes the same point in a different way.

      Why are you here? Do you believe in man made global warming?

    • Hi Fly101 – Actually, it is not even reasonable that ALL votes would go one way, even if Trump stressed voting in person. Those that were not in a position to do that – vote in person, or were concerned that much by the virus or were not able to do it in person because of being sick, would still have cast votes for their candidates. Thus the complete block of all mail in votes going one way is really impossible. You do make a good point, though, in that the bulk of all the fraudulent votes most likely were for Biden.

    • Many but not ALL mail in voters are democrats. Very often military have to do that also.

      In my state there are several alternatives to standing in line, and as a handicapped person with arthritis… I cannot do that… too painful. Instead I opted to sign up to get an early ballot but then dropped it off at an official curbsite polling site (about a week before voting day… rather than mailing it back, so I could confirm it was received on time.

    • Ah no, in many places Republivan observers were DENIED access. This even resulted in a court being issued to allow access in Filthadelphia that was ignored. Access was also D3NIED in Detroit, Michigan. None of this ends well for the Demonrats.

      • That’s probably the only one you have, and you lost it… Been also 14 years in the industry, and met special forces officers in DC to discuss a possible program the day before Saddam invaded, and duh, nobody showed up for the meeting the next day…

  13. Here’s hoping it is one giant sting operation to burn the Democrat vote rigging. They have had to expose themselves and throw everything they’ve got at it. They will have nothing left if the legit ballots were all specially marked.

    If it stands then the last pretence of a democratic republic are gone.

    • Actually, either way, the last pretense of a democracy is gone. On the other hand, if the step of marking legitimate ballots in a way that can’t be copied or modified is true, perhaps we can finally start practicing electoral legitimacy and finally have a true republic or democracy, whichever it is supposed to be.

    • Actually the tech exists readily. Tale a look at the friend or foe tags worn by soldiers. Non radioactive isotope that is invisible to eye but lights up like a flare when looking through night vision gear.

  14. Just another example of the “Golden Rule”: Those with the gold rule.

    But seriously, I do hope that this can be brought to the courts and won, not that I’m a big fan of the Bombastic, Bloviating, Blowhard, er…President Trump. But I am even less of a fan of the Socialist Left.

    • David, that is a fair and honest position. We don’t have to appreciate “the man,” but we do need to appreciate what he has done or not, and have our legitimate point of view count.

      All my life I have chosen to vote for candidates that run on a platform that I can identify with, and hope the party holds them true to it. I can’t even conceive of voting for a candidate running on a platform that I personally find offensive or following the wrong path, hoping that he will be different, especially if he is not speaking against it.

      The contrast this year was more extreme than usual. I prefer less “showmanship” and crudity of language, but a platform of making the nation great versus making it subservient to world opinion resonates with me far more than my frustrations with a personality that disturbs me.

      I believe “nation states” move civilization forward, not hold it back through competitiveness. I welcome “nationalism” to rise and take the forefront in world politics and get away from “socialistic thinking” of everyone needs to be little cogs in a world machine.

  15. We the people have a SERIOUS question to face and to ponder: Will we lay down and take this? I say no. I say we must band together and file charges and law suits all over the place. We will have to kick in some money to finance this. We must also band together in places like https://conventionofstates.com/ and force the politicians and bureaucrats to heel. Or, we can bow to our commissars and live as serfs. I see no middle ground here.

  16. I believe the Justice Department (Bill Barr) should prepare a lawsuit against CNN, the AP, Fox News, and anyone else who has said that Biden is the next president: (a) despite the fact that no state has yet to certify its results; and (b) given the myriad valid legal challenges to the results in the swing states.

    If it looks as like the Supreme Court will decide that, in effect, Trump wins the election, the riots will be something this country has never seen, and that is when Barr should slap the lawsuit on these organizations. Have you seen what’s going on now in NYC, DC, etc. because they’ve announced that Biden has already won the election? The euphoria by these idiots?

    These MSM organizations will clearly be complicit in inciting the riots which are inevitable, and who knows . . . this may put these bastards out of commission permanently. Sweet!

    Re: Fox News: The remaining few “good guys” (e.g., Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Fox and Friends, Levin, Bartiromo) will have no problem whatsoever moving over to NewsMax or OAN.

  17. One can take data and come up with any 4 day untested theory and the masses will believe the “Rocket Scientist,” even John Denver. Feel free to take your alternative science and do with it as you will. Maybe if this were peer reviewed, it may be relevant. But as it is now, I know where there is lots of Hydroxychloroquine to purchase.

    • Written like a truly dumbed down, sufficiently indoctrinated, easily led lemming who clearly lacks the ability to walk & chew gum at the same time, much less critically think for themselves

  18. We too received illegitimate CA ballots, addressed to our children who had departed CA years ago, and they obtained new driver licenses at their current residence.

    If they attempted to DRIVE their canceled CA driver licenses, its’ a certainty that would be detected.

    Yet there is no mechanism to prevent those double ballots from being used.

    On the other hand, one child voted (Trump) in Pitts PA , after waiting hours & inserting his own ballot in a container. There is still no record of him having voted in that crucial State.

    The voter rolls were extremely corrupt , and used to skew the genuine election

  19. It is a distressing fact when an election is wrongly influenced or decided by a handful of unsavory, un-named individuals. Even if caught in time, final counts often end up in the hands of judges who then only roughly ascertain damages and award the election based on law. The true loss is that the process itself is compromised or wholly corrupted as Mr Rutan shows here and in growing numbers of sites that do statistical analysis.

    As a Constitutional Republic, such crimes should be punished at the very highest levels – like those of sedition and treason. The death penalty is surely a fair measure of justice, and appropriate in my view. Many have met their deaths in war fighting in essence, to preserve, among other freedoms, the right to vote in a fair election.

  20. The [Inevitable] Price of [Engineered] Panic [Theatre/Eugenics] ww – the cull is already well underway.
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  21. The [Inevitable] Price of [Engineered] Panic [Theatre/Eugenics] ww – the cull is already well underway.
    Estimated number of people expected to be in urgent need of humanitarian food assistance in January 2021.
    ht tps://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-ap-top-news-understanding-the-outbreak-hunger-international-news-5cbee9693c52728a3808f4e7b4965cbd
    … so just when you start to think things are starting to get tough in the Northern Hemisphere/1st world… during the engineered/planned Darkest Winter 2020/Agenda 2021… get prepped… or don’t ask later… ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’

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