Electricity surges thru soil in Norway

Why am I not surprised? I talk about electrotelluric currents surging through the soil in “Not by Fire but by Ice.”

“Yesterday, January 6th, something unexpected happened in the soil of northern Norway.

“Electrical currents started flowing,” reported Rob Stammes, who monitors ground currents at the Polarlightcenter geophysical observatory in Lofoten–an archipelago in NW Norway.

This chart recording shows the sudden surge at around 19:30 UTC:

“My instruments detected a sudden, strong variation in both ground currents and our local magnetic field,” said Stammes. “It really was a surprise.”

NASA’s ACE spacecraft detected something as well.

Approximately 15 minutes before the disturbance in Norway, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth abruptly swung around 180 degrees, and the solar wind density jumped more than 5-fold.

(I also suggested that electrotelluric currents would increase during a magnetic reversal.)

Earth may have crossed through a fold in the heliospheric current sheet–a giant, wavy membrane of electrical current rippling through the solar system, writes Dr. Tony Phillips. Such crossings can cause these kind of effects.

And while currents flowed through the ground, stunning auroras filled the sky.

Rayann Elzein photographed the corresponding outburst of lights from Utsjoki, Finland:

The auroras weren’t visible in northern Norway because of the thick cloud cover.

“We had to be satisfied with the electricity underfoot,” said Stammes.

“Why does electricity flow through the ground during a geomagnetic storm?”asks electroverse.com

It’s basic physics, according to Dr. Phillips.

Changing magnetic fields cause currents to flow in wires and other conductors. And in most places, soil can conduct electricity due to the presence of dissolved salts and minerals. So when the local magnetic field begins to vibrate, electricity naturally begins to flow. Currents induced by geomagnetic storms can cause voltage fluctuations in power systems and, in extreme cases, complete blackouts.

Our universe is electromagnetic, and earth’s magnetosphere is waning -fast – in line with historically low solar activity and an ongoing magnetic excursion/reversal.

Our modern grid-dependent civilization is entering uncertain times.

Electricity surges through the soil of Norway



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  1. I am reminded of a time about 30 years ago I got talking to an old telephone engineer called Paul (he was about 70), he recalled the many times during his early career having to deal with what he called ‘sneak currents’ that disrupted the function telephone system equipment.
    His explanation was that sometime there would be sudden and massive current surges through the ground, and as these dissipated through telephone system then fuses would pop, relays were damaged, and sometimes the wires in large cables became short together.
    He said that nobody knew what caused them but the old timers of his early days said they used to be much more common. These old timers often put it down to the effects of power surges (from faulty batteries), or lightning strikes, or earthquakes, or if nothing else could be found then ‘it must be the effects of the sun’ he was told (was that memories of the Carrington event?) .
    Improved protection circuits and systems soon helped to prevent the major disruptions. Old Paul insisted that these days (about 30 years ago) things are just calmer and that those days of heavy ground currents might return.
    30 years on, and except for a dry lightning incident, I have never seen or heard of such things until today …

  2. Good evening Robert. Would you happen to know if these ground currents present and electrocution hazard to a person standing on the ground? Also, could ground currents present a danger to a person with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD)? If any of your readers can answer these questions, please do. It might help save lives someday. Thankyou.

    • I doubt they would create an electrocution hazard (except during a magnetic reversal, when I think all bets would be off). As to the other half of this question, anyone care to take a stab at it?

    • The currents happen between two places with different electric potential, and the difference in local potentials is probably created by magnetic effects from space.

      The different potentials equal out trhough the best conductor between them, like a telephone line, for example. So I believe it is safe to say that the only things affected by the difference of local electric potentials are long copper lines, long metal oil and gas lines – anything that is long and made of metal.

      The implantable cardioverter-defibrillator is probably so small that these space magnetic/earth electric currents are just passing around it. It is much more likely to create a charge from a microwave radiation, like a radiolink, wifi or a mobile phone. But they should be tested for that.

    • Charges particles(filaments) which are ejected from coronal holes on sun upon hitting our magnetic shield on earth creates an aurora, absorbing or deflecting most of the excited particles.
      This aurora which took place in Norway and Finland one could assume was due a type of ejection from Earth which lit up the magnetic shield.
      Was Albert correct, that Earth has a core almost identical to the sun’s? If so, there must be some highly excited particles being discharged from the sun.

    • Just for clarification. The Great Lakes were gouged by glaciers, then filled with meltwater. Further north, as you know is Hudson Bay–I don’t think the entire bay is an asteroid crater, but the I think it could be argued that the Nastapoka Arc (along the south east shore of Hudson Bay near to James Bay may well be an impact crater, and of course, there is the Sudbury Structure in Ontario.

  3. Folks reading this article that haven’t read Robert’s books “Not by Fire but by Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals…” may not realize the significance and relevance of this event. Wow you have really nailed it Herr Robert! Your books and especially this site could be the ground zero “shot heard around the Electric Universe” for those with eyes/ears to see/hear – congrats and yikes!

    One can spend the whole day jumping between Ice Age Now type sites as new vids and info are coming online exponentially right now… while also overtly tying the NWO globalists to the cover-up, false flags and the ongoing full spectrum covert soft kill cull. Note recent: Adapt 2030, Ice Age Farmer, Tony Heller, Alan Watt, Rolf Witzsche, Wal Thorngren, Electroverse sites… stay safe all you guys and thanks… (((they))) didn’t like it too good when intelligence questioned the 1930’s Lysenko Affair (note below). Ranchers and nature understand the physics of war, eugenics and natural selection and a blended upgrade/highgrade of the herd is “natural” and ongoing.

    Chapter 8 . . . Earthquake Lights and Crazy Snakes… resulting from electrotelluric currents during magnetic reversals, tectonics, storms… in a massive electroverse obeying the laws of plasma astro/geophysics.

    Read both books but be careful when you start them as they are both un-put-down-able. Ne plus ultra. I read them 10 years ago when they first came out. Lou Guzzo says it much better below.


    Everyone Should Read Two Books by Robert W. Felix
    By Lou Guzzo
    29 Aug 10 – For the truth about what is happening the world over and the extraordinarily serious weather conditions, I am once again moved to recommend that people in the U.S. and everywhere else in the world look to the truth about what is happening in two of the most important books written in this century.


    Trofim Lysenko’s spurious research prolonged famines that killed millions. So why is a fringe movement praising his legacy? Although it’s impossible to say for sure, Trofim Lysenko (Lysenkoism) probably killed more human beings than any individual scientist in history.

    Climate Change and CO2 demonization is this era’s perfected Lysenko Affair/Bolshevik Revolution – and for some very good reasons as 7 billion are not going to make it through even a mini Ice Age Now.

    One topic of free speech that still appears across the board as too taboo to be made public at this point is the massive “EGI” deception and component in this elite globalist reality inversion war as the censorship steamroller, magnetic reversal, GSM and cull are simultaneously picking up speed. Is it just me or is it starting to feel like we’re in a real live Tom Clancy “(((They))) Live/2012/Soylent Green” type novel on steroids?

    Thanks Robert – great job – appreciate the all the many heads up(s) over the years.

  4. Mr Robert Felix, you are damned right!!! We could see a magnetic reversal any second now. And we all know what that means right? EXTINCTION of mammals on a large scale!

    • Why? Why do you say that the reversal means extinction of mammals? It may well mean the mutation of many mammals rather than extinction. Or, more likely, changes that we can’t define at this time, with it being possible that some species will not manage the radiation very well. There is no scientific reason for extinction being essential since pre history is based on supposition, not fact, and until we experience something, it is supposition. It was “supposition” that said life in and around Chernobyl and Fukishima would fail, but instead it has flourished.

      • Well if you read about all the documented magnetic reversals since 248 million years ago in these books Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals, you should clearly see that many living species were gone or went almost extinct during every one of them. The rest went thru severe mutations do to cosmic ray impacts during reversals. There was one 127,000 years ago when the Neanderthalis suddenly appeared during a reversal. (Hoyle) Then during the Lake Mungo reversal 34,000 years ago, the Neanderthals disappeared. (Eldredge)
        It further states that polarity reversals, equinoctial precession and ice ages all march to the same drummer. As do extinctions, volcanism, new species appearance and rising land. (Not by Fire but by Ice, p.198)

  5. The ground is quite good at conducting electrical currents. Isn’t that how an electric fence works?

    I’m wondering how electricity conducted by the earth affects biological entities like ourselves. I recall a fellow who could detect these underground currents conducting an experiment with me. He had me stand on a spot and hold my arm out at 90 degrees. He could hang off my arm with his full weight, and I could support him with my arm. He had me move to another spot–where he claimed there was an underground electrical current– and repeat the procedure. At this location, he was able to push my extended arm down with minimal effort.

    I have no idea what this means/proves. I imagine Nikola Tesla would have been able to explain it.

  6. Let’s not get to worried, just yet!

    The earths magnetic feild is created by an electric current flowing through it. As long as the earth has a magnetic field, there must be currents flowing through the earth.
    ANY flowing electric current causes a magnetic feild. That’s why we have a north and south pole, a magnetic north and south pole. The earth IS an electro-magnet.
    Just because a so called sientist finally figured it out, doesn’t mean it’s new or just started happening. It’s been this way for eons.
    It’s when the sun produces a large burst or wave of charged particles that fly past the earth causing the earths magnetic field to move or vibrate from a more or less stationary place.
    Read about CME’s.
    This causes the magnetic lines of force to be cut by the long suspended wires, telephone and electric wires.
    Read about how a electric generator works.
    Causing a current to flow, independently from the wanted current flowing in the wires (conductors)

    What the real concern is that the current in the earth will stop flowing.
    Some how the magnetic field will be broken into smaller segments.
    This will cause a collapse of the earths main magnetic field. The magnetic field around our planet helps protect life from harmful rays that the sun emits.
    That would be bad, possibly very bad.

    No one is sure what happens when the earths magnetic field flips, other than your compas will be useless for navigation. It has been observed and hypothesized that earth quakes, volcanos, hurricanes and rain events are electric in nature. If so, this could be bad during a magnetic reversal too.

    Now if you also read about the suns magnetic field flipping, don’t get bent about that either.
    It happens every 11 years or so, that’s how they know it’s the peak of the sun spot cycle.

  7. Depends on your potential, you can have current flow in the ground between differing potentials. Eg if you are hard wired to a metal stake in the ground during a thunderstorm there is a good chance you will get struck. The greater the current the greater the chance of getting zapped.

  8. Ever heard of an Earth battery or telluric currents?
    Seems that two dissimilar metals placed far enough apart underground can generate a current that can be used to do useful work.
    I’ve read they were once used to power early telegraph stations.

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