Elephants & giraffes caught in unusual snowfall in South Africa

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“There are many postings going out showing giraffes, antelopes and elephants in a snow covered terrain,” says reader David Johnson. “They call it a dusting but it appears to be 3 to 6 inches actually. Very weird looking.”

Kitty Viljoen captured elephants enjoying the snow in the Sneeuberg on the Western Cape of South Africa, where snow hit late last week.

According to posts about the photos, dustings of snow are not unusual across parts of South Africa in the winter, but this cold snap came particularly late in the season.

She also photographed giraffes in snow in the Karoo semi-desert region.

I don’t know how true the above story is. However, the South African Police did close some roads due to snow, which leads me to believe that this is not a hoax.

Sep 7

Warning: Both Wapadsberg R61 between Cradock and Graaff Reinet and Lootsberg N9 Middelburg to Graaff Reinet have now been closed due to snow and hazardous road conditions. SW

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Żyrafy i słonie brykają po śniegu. I to nie w Arktyce, a w Afryce

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5 thoughts on “Elephants & giraffes caught in unusual snowfall in South Africa”

  1. South Africa may have celebrated Spring Day on September 1, but it still feels like winter.
    Drone footage captured the bottom of the Sani Pass in KwaZulu-Natal covered in snow over the weekend.
    Although parts of the country are still cold, weather forecaster Bransby Bulo said it would get warmer during the course of the week.

    2018-09-11 The southern parts of the country are expected to be cold as another cold front makes its way on Wednesday.
    Minimum temperatures are expected to be cool to cold across the country with very cold conditions across the Highveld and the Great Escarpment.
    The coldest place will be Sutherland in the Northern Cape, dropping to below-freezing -3°C

  2. Giraffe have never inhabited the Karoo. It’s semi desert and food sources for them would be scarce. If they are there they must be part of a private game reserve. There are certain species of antelope that inhabit the region.

  3. I showed the pictures to a friend of mine and he dismissed them as being photo shopped then I showed him the videos and he had to concede that the situation portrayed was real. My take on this was that the powers that be have done a real first rate mind job on the public. The public are so brainwashed that they will not accept photographic evidence that does not coincide with the official narrative. They need to see the same thing in video before the penny drops for them and then may be.

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