Twice as many Emperor penguins as previously believed

Twice as many Emperor penguins as previously believed

Even so, hand wringing over “global warming” still continues.

Emperor penguins on Snow Hill Island, Antarctica - Photo credit: Wikipedia

Using Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite images, British Antarctic Survey researchers counted 595,000 Emperor penguins around the Antarctic coastline, almost double previous estimates.

The scientists identified seven previously unknown “Happy Feet” penguin colonies, which, with their black-and-white plumage, are clearly visible in the satellite images.

Even with these heartening numbers, however, scientists worry “that in some regions of Antarctica earlier spring warming is leading to loss of sea ice habitat for emperor penguins, making their northerly colonies more vulnerable to climate change.”

I guess they may not be aware that Antarctic sea ice is increasing.

I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

Antarctic sea-ice extent increasing

See entire penguin article here:

Larger sea-ice graph here:

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“Are they stupid?” asks Robert. “Emperor penguin colonies are on land ice not sea ice. If anything Global Warming would be good for them. It would shorten the distance to open sea to find food.”

12 thoughts on “Twice as many Emperor penguins as previously believed”

  1. Guess it’s time to take them off the endangered species list and add them to the “GW Deniers” List.

  2. I got it! The warmer conditions allowed the penguins to flourish since extreme cold didn’t kill nearly as many chicks each winter. Right? Sounds good, right?

    Everything is attributed to AGW, regardless of relevance. This will be the case as long as the funding gravy-train exists.

  3. Yes Robert they ARE stupid!
    and..they erroneously think WE are as well.
    aus is having some dft show featuring ms Orestes sunday night, it should be hysterical.
    shes very very good at not quite telling the whole truth..and a real master of implication.
    quotes like: I looked to try and find any peer reviewed science that refutes us..and I couldnt find any.
    depends on where you look and what you type INto the search box too. she admits to using ONE site.

  4. Best way to get an animal off the endangered species list is to start eating it. Don’t see too many endangered cows or chickens do you? Well now wonder how penguin nuggets would go over?

  5. “I guess they may not be aware that Antarctic sea ice is increasing.”
    or, maybe they have noticed but they have no idea what the graph means and therefore they keep repeating what they said 10 years ago (when it was already wrong, but no so evident as now) and keep making themselves fools for entire world to see.
    What is the appropriate adjective in this case? “pathetic”?

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