Enjoy the interglacial while it is here

“When the sun’s magnetic fields flip, increase or decrease there are changes in the magnetic field of the earth.”
– Joseph Kraig

Enjoy the interglacial while it is here

Joseph Kraig

While there is little to argue about in this article (referring to IPCC Fatal Error-Neglecting Ocean Thermal Inertia), there is much that is not included in it. It is not as simple as the sun’s output is down and in 25 years we will see that. If you were to read Robert Felix’s book, “Not by Fire but by Ice” you would understand what I mean.

While the sun is a variable star and it’s output does change enough to be noticed in the actions of our climate there is more to it than that. The variability of our star includes a variability in the magnetic reactions in the currents of the sun.

The sun’s magnetic fields are felt here on earth. When the sun’s magnetic fields flip, increase or decrease there are changes in the magnetic field of the earth. These fields place enormous pressures on our so called tectonic plates, enough pressure that as they float they are moved. When these plates move they create cracks that can release pressures from below that cause large flows of magma from the earths interior. This means that even when the sun’s output decreases we could have an increase in ocean temperatures since the majority of the earth is covered by oceans. While a warm ocean sounds nice it means more rain, or perhaps I should say more precipitation. In cold climates this precipitation means snow. More snow than normal could mean hundreds of extra feet of snow in some areas or certainly several meters of extra snow in others.

Extra snow is a problem. it takes a longer time to melt so that in the spring fields cannot be planted. When the snow does melt it leaves fields soggy wet so that machines cannot be used to farm them. Melting snow also means the ground is cold so that seeds will take much longer to germinate.

It is all not good. On top of all that, the extra snow reflects light of a weakened sun back into space for a longer period of time, this means longer winters, late springs and early fall.

If the oceans are lagging in temperature of at least 25 years that could mean a lot of EXTRA snow. The sun is now starting a Grand Solar Minimum. We can hope that means a Maunder Minimum type of mini ice age, but we should pray that it does not mean a normal ice age which is the normal condition of our planet. Enjoy the inter-glacial while it is here.

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  1. there are now two magnetic anomalies i read. the prior known one offshore of sth america
    and apparently a new find…in the african region not sure if its off or on shore.
    warnings starting to be mentioned about unreliable GPS and location services and more airports having to rejig their runways titles or directional guides.
    a friend said shed be ok she had an old compass
    not really, same issues apply there too

  2. From Pliocene times throughout our early Pleistocene Era from 2.6 mm years-before-present (YBP), Earth’s plate tectonic dispositions have driven periodic global Ice Ages averaging 102 kiloyears, interspersed with median 12,250-year interglacial epochs such as the Holocene from c. 14,400 YBP (BC 12,400).

    On this basis, given the 1,500 year cometary/meteoritic Younger Dryas “cold shock” from BC 10,950 – 9,450, Earth’s Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended 12,250+3,500- 14,400 = AD 1350, coincident with Kamchatka’s strato-volcano Kambalny Eruption precipitating a 500-year Little Ice Age (LIA) through 1850/1890. Ending the 500-year Medieval Warm, historian Barbara Tuchman calls this “catastrophic 14th Century” the era “when God slept”.

    As “amplitude compression” affects the current 140-year LIA rebound to c. AD 2030 amidst a pending 70-year Grand Solar Minimum similar to that of 1645 – 1715, reducing cyclical fluctuations from 50 years (1940) to forty (1980), thirty (2010), and finally twenty (2030), odds are that any major astro-geophysical event will only aggravate the current 750-year chill-phase (to AD 2100) presaging two miles thick glaciations covering 60% of Earth’s temperate-zone landmasses for nigh 100,000 years.

    For the record, Australian researcher Robert Holmes’ peer reviewed Molar Mass Version of the Ideal Gas Law (pub. December 2017) definitively refutes any possible CO2 connection to climate variations: Where Temperature T = PM/Rp, any planet’s near-surface global Temperature T equates to its Atmospheric Pressure P times Mean Molar Mass M over its Gas Constant R times Atmospheric Density p.

    Accordingly, any individual planet’s Temperature T ∝ PM/p, ie. global atmospheric surface temperature (GAST) is proportional to PM/p, converted to an equation per its Gas Constant reciprocal = 1/R. Applying Holmes’ equation to all planets in Earth’s solar system, zero error-margins attest that there is no empirical or mathematical basis for any “forced” carbon-accumulation factor (CO2) affecting Planet Earth.

  3. The normal ice is just around the corner, climatically speaking. The margin of error is a thousand of years. So it could begin any time. It is based more on the earth’s orbit and inclination than the sun. But don’t get complacent about the Maunder Minimum. The three peaks of the last one were times of cannibalism, infanticide, gangs and rogue army units, witch hunts (I don’t want this, but it would be poetic justice if the mob turns on the Global Warming Alarmist), environmental disaster, total loss of faith in the scientific community, etc. This is like saying I would rather be burned at the stake than drawn and quartered. Billions will die. Morality will turn rancid. Dictators will rule. Let that last part sink in. Right or wrong, because of the politicization of the issue, dictators will rule – and that one, world government that so many fear is very possible, though dictators suffer from dictatorcidal tendencies

  4. The weather model that NWS has been using has been so far off the mark this year. They call for moderate overnight temps and we had near 0 degrees for 6 days. They call for rain we had snow. We also have had a lot of rain….thankfully it wasn’t snow for the amount we received or we would still be digging out. Last summer, even though we had hot temps, the ground didn’t warm up to produce a decent garden output.
    It has been 2 years since the Iceland volcanos started erupting and we have had other volcanos in the mid latitudes erupting recently. In addition it has been a full year of weak output from the sun. I am seeing a pattern that has developed a longer winter, wet and long spring, shorter summer with a quick burst of hot temps and early fall. Luckily, the northwest has benefitted from high pressure to force the artic blasts to the Greatlakes and New England.
    In thought on these observed weather models, makes me wonder if the angle of the earths axis and speed of rotation around our sun has changed in addition to solar output.

  5. Agreed, but disagreed. Still, no theories on why we, the earth, loose our magnetic protection. Still we do, and no theories on why we loose the sun’s magnetic field, but it does. Mutual dynamos does not compute. The patterns are all wrong. The cosmic Ray’s assist in cloud patterning in the humid environs. But why the variations in strength? Such as more now, fewer then. A wave pattern in the universe?
    Good ideas for reading, and minor investigations, but there is more then meets the eye here. There is more then one factor.

  6. I must admit that I have been feeling some what anti human lately largely based on some of the outrageous things going on since 1960 or earlier based on revelations in respect to history.
    Perhaps a new major glaciation is exactly what the species group needs to smarten it up and allow for the disposal of the real trouble makers. It helps if one sees it as an opportunity to make things right.

  7. I live in America’s North West region and as i have shared previously the weather differences here are for us in the frost thaw cycles and length of seasons. It doesn’t take more than two to 4 weeks to change growing patterns for crops. A couple unexpected frost cycles can obliterate a berry crop and did ours two years in a row. I also have to report others within 20 and 40 miles of us had stellar crops. We happen to have a SE exposure that gets full days sun but we also get blasts of cold that we haven’t seem in the 25 years that we have been in this location.

  8. I hope not, the LIA consisted of several multiple GSMs, Wolf, Spoorer, Maunder and Dalton lasting seven hundred years. Spoorer and Maunder had a sequence of two to four GSM single cycles within each 70 to 120 years period.
    WOLF, Dalton and this Modern GSM are two cycle events, with the first cycle the active trefoil AMP event solar orbit with the second a low power recovery cycle.
    The difference with this GSM is that it will be followed by a tepid Gleissberg period of around 70 years. The other point which masks the climate effect of the GSM is the accompanying, massive volcanic eruptions. LAKI opened the Dalton GSM, Tambora followed it. Others can be date plotted within and close to other GSM periods
    Eyjafjallajökull’s eruption started during SC24, and other volcanos have continued though this first cycle SC24, we have yet to see a T6/T7 erruption during this GSM yet we have another 18 years before SC25 finishes. The other two cycle GSM was the LALIA starting in 585AD that GSM had three T6/T7 worldwide eruptions and caused the climate dark ages in Europe.

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