Entire state of of South Australia Blacked out – “Unprecedented”

Premier blames mass blackout on the fact that wind power turbines cannot run during extreme weather.

Here are a salient details:

• Storms black out the entire State.

• Catastrophic outage!” Unprecedented in Australian history!

• Royal Adelaide hospital down without backups working.

• Other hospitals and emergency services using back-up generators.     Most will be able to maintain services for at least 72 hours.

• 130,000 lightning strikes in a day

• It’s chaos everywhere.

• Some properties without water and unable to clear sewage.

• One of the most extreme weather systems in decades.

The premier warned that the extreme weather event is not over.





Thanks to Stephen Bird, Oz Steamer and Laurel for these links

“The govt morons who SHUT DOWN and sold off the TWO massive power plants IN SA have now been really exposed as having NO backup and not enough means to supply even part of the state,” says Laurel. “The disgusting windmills are useless all over as the winds are damn near cyclonic apparently.”

“I’m worried about aged and ill friends living there ;-(” Laurel continues. “One at least has a wood stove for heat and cooking. The other has nothing ;-(”

“What the story does not make plain is that South Australia has decided to go “all renewable” electrical power supply,” says Oz. “The Greenies got the State Government to shut down the only coal fired power station at Port Augusta, and go with Wind Turbines and (some) solar.

“The whole problem is that in very high winds, the wind turbines have to shut down (or they fall apart),” Oz continues. “And the other source of electrical power is the inter-state link, which had some of the power lines blown down by the wind. In the Old Days, this would not have mattered too much, because the coal-fired Port Augusta Power Station could take over. Now, they have gone and shut it down, to “reduce Global Warming.”.

“In the last few minutes, the Australian media have reported the entire South Australian mobile phone network is about to run out of emergency power supply and shut down.”

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  1. Quote:
    “What the story does not make plain is that South Australia has decided to go “all renewable” electrical power supply,” says Oz. “The Greenies got the State Government to shut down the only coal fired power station at Port Augusta, and go with Wind Turbines and (some) solar.
    And the UK government is quickly following the same path in closing, working with 20 year economic life coal plants, and moving to Wind power, without the necessary backup Gas or Nuc plants to ensure the lights remain on. Rugeley B power station has recently completed a new Smoke stack at vast expense; the site has now closed due to the UK coal policy, with the loss of mega watts of generating capacity and £1.25 million per year in business rates to the local authority , who is now busy swinging the axe to local social spending.
    The above site was built by Government £tax paid for from UK income tax, the site was then sold cheaply to a Private Generating company, who have run it, maintained it, made profits from it, and closed it due to EU/UK directives to meet a fraudulent CO2 reduction plan, based on NON science and Ologist climate beliefs, based fiction rather than reality. Our Sun will continue to confound these idiots as it moves into a repeatable and predictable cool Sun period.
    With SC25 to be even worse in energy output than the current cycle it is very likely that the weather in both hemispheres is far more likely to be cyclonic, very wet, and during the winter to spring quarter, very cold from now to 2056.
    landscheidt reprot today:
    One sunspot region is recorded with the overall area decreasing. A big boost for my theory today, it seems the 14C solar proxy record WAS wrong (INTCAL98) and there IS a repeat of LIA events every 4627 years (if the new record is to be believed?). I have added an update to the review on Scafetta’s new paper today for those interested..
    Nicola Scafetta: On the Astronomical Origin of the Hallstatt Oscillation found in Radiocarbon and Climate Records throughout the Holocene.
    Nicola Scafetta has a new paper out that looks at the Hallstatt cycle over the Holocene. The Hallstatt cycle is a quasi cycle that centres between 2100-2500 years when looking at grand minima over the Holocene.
    A link to his paper can be found HERE.
    It has been well established for many years that a quasi 2100-2500 year deep grand minima cycle exists in the C14 and 10Be solar proxy record that exists over the Holocene (past 11,500 years). 14C and 10Be are isotopes that are formed in the top of our atmosphere from collisions with Intergalactic rays generated from Supernova explosions throughout the Universe. These isotopes get taken up by trees or deposited in ice at the poles and provide a mostly reliable source of info on how the Sun’s activity changed over the Holocene. During times of grand minima the solar wind is weaker and allows more galactic rays into our solar system (isotope graphs are inverted).
    The following graph is the 14C record that shows clearly the large deep groups of grand minima (that stand out from smaller grand minima) that form Little Ice Age clusters like seen between 1250 and 1850 AD.
    The paper continues

    • Hi John , thanks:-) and yes Im ok
      im a few hundred K from Adelaide,(200miles approx)
      I am worried now..I looked at the earth nullschool wind chart a while ago
      the second huge storms hitting SA since about sunset 6pm ish
      but the onflow wind pattern shows it coming over Vic and forming a small eye in Mid Victoria(presently)

      so far all I have is a VERY wet block and the roof etc is still on
      old house? huge wind that might change;-(

      • Glad to hear you’re OK for now Laurel… hope you continue to be.

        You’re the one with the bees too, right? If so, I hope your bees survive it as well. My dad kept bees when I was small… but they all drowned in a hurricane and I think he never really recovered from it… since he really loved those bees and was kind of a bee whisperer.

  2. Good, this is actually great, the South Australian people sat back, watched all this happen and looked the other way as their safety nets were torn down and now it comes back to bite them in the @as !

    Energy Matters !!

    “Anyone” with a working “brain” knows that the Left is always welcome to sacrifice human beings in their experiments, regardless of how many !!

    So a few “People” die, it will be washed under the rug, in fact it never even happened ?

    Stupid People “deserve” what they get !!!

    I pray for God’s People, I don’t pray for the rest !

    A lot of European Countries will soon face the same, except there it will be far colder and many, many more will suffer !

    America is “next” while President Obama will have backup energy in droves to protect him and his family, and the same for Hellory Rotten Clinton when elected as President !!!

    The “poor” must die “first” !!!

    My hope is that the people on the Left, the Marxists, the Baby Killers (Murderers is the more accurate description!) and the God haters who vote for that crap (Mostly the inner Cities) suffer first and fore most, providing them their reward !!!!!!!

    Elections Matter !


  3. Like Tasmania SA also links to the national grid and imports power to maintain base load power.

    Fortunately lighting strikes took out parts of SA’s grid causing the interstate link to shut down.

    With out this safety feature Victoria may also have been in jeopardy as an unstable grid tends to destroy itself.

    As many well qualified people have been saying for a long time – you can’t run a modern society on renewable energy sources!

    This fiasco is merely a warning about stupidity. Some claim SA gets 40% of its energy from renewables but I don’t believe that for a minute.

    It may have close to 40% installed capacity but actual generated capacity is almost always a fraction of that.

    I think Laurel lives in Victoria not SA.

    • I do Rosco, damn wet but not much wind damage round my way , luckily
      I got this pic tonight with the caption Great Concrete work ETSA:-)

  4. I’m sure that global warming is responsible for these high winds (sarc). If so, I’m sure we can expect more of the same due to AGW. Consequently, maybe the warmistas should reconsider the use of wind turbines to generate electricity. I can think of several wind farms In scenic areas that I wouldn’t mind seeing torn down.

    • I am gobsmacked at the BS being trumpeted by the apologist’s on the Media, The highest wind gusts recorded on the Ayre Peninsular was 83 KM – thats a little over 45MPH for the yanks, and the whole Power grid for SA was blacked out. In Cyclone Yasi that hit Cardwell the max gusts were 285 km, the max gusts recorded at Bowen airport (some 500km South of Cardwell) was 180 km, Only localised outages

  5. Have no pity for the morons in South Australia, they elected and re-elected the Labor Party that devised this stupid windmill system. South Australian’s are getting what they deserved. The irony in all this is that South Australians thought that because they are close to the Roaring 40’s, they thought they could tap into these winds. Of course, being the morons they are, they didn’t take into the OBVIOUS account that, windmills can only operate in GENTLE winds, not ROARING winds. They shut down their coal and gas electricity generation systems and are all going renewable.

    Let them have their renewables, and let them pay for it with their arrogance. When morons are so determined to stay moronic, you can’t do anything for them.

    Let the morons be. The best thing every one can do for South Australia, is to ignore them, and hopefully, one day, the morons will die out. If people are so determined to live like they used to in the Middle Ages (windmills and so on), then let them be.

    You can’t educate a moron, and South Australians, you are morons!

  6. I secretly hope that all of South Australia goes “Mad Max” on the retard politicians that led them to this catastrophic outcome.

    The only thing I hate worse than idiot journalists that stand around acting like the consequences of an event are unfathomable (when they were) are idiot politicians that act like the consequences of an event were unpredictable (also when they were).

  7. “Premier blames mass blackout on the fact that wind power turbines cannot run during extreme weather.” But wasn’t wind power supposed to make the weather better? Another example of the naivety of the AGW movement.

  8. The Sun has also been quite active over the last few days, with level two geomagnetic storms occurring. I wonder if that could also have contributed to the blackouts? And if so, would they let the public know?

    • Actually Jay that is only partially correct. The sun has been very quiet lately, but we have high level geomagnetic storms due to intergalactic rays-space weather that doesn’t come from our sun – and coronal hole openings on our sun. In terms of sun spots, there is nothing today on the sun.

      • The geomagnetic storms affect communications here on Earth, Kate, and as I mentioned there have been level two storms over the last few days. These storms can occur whether or not there are spots on the Sun. And the effects will worsen as our mag field weakens. You’re correct about GCRs, they will also have the same effect as geomagnetic storms. They are already causing problems.

    • a long while back…in a past life..I worked as radio wirer and other “interesting contracts inc RANavy work
      i was at the time going to hunt work on those Collins class subs
      but life intervened
      and boy was I glad as it progressed to the bunfight they became
      hardly ever IN the water and reports of frequent break downs etc when they did get wet(ish)
      the french ones will probably work at least..
      UNLIKE the crappy F9D) 35s that dont fly wet or dry
      dont handle well dont land well and seem to want to kill pilots needing to bail out..
      we ordered some
      and then some more
      in spite of the ludicrous bill ever rising and total ABSENCE of anything for our Airforce to actually fly, let alone defend Aus with
      the Griffen or the brilliant Russian Sukhois would be cheaper and actuuallly work
      but our moronic govt wont consider them! gotta be screwed over again by uSSa our “allies” who keep dragging Aus INTO shit they make!

  9. Ironically, only 25km from Adelaide is Pelican Point, a highly efficient modern 475MW gas turbine and thermal plant but my understanding is that it has been moth-balled. S.A. also has sufficient gas wells to run its entire predicted electrical power generation needs for over a century. They just need to sack most of their “wilderness-between-the-ears” pollies.

  10. I hope Laurel’s OK too… though I get the impression she’s a strong and resourceful person and probably has a few tricks up her sleeve how to deal with such things.

    Hang on in there Laurel, we are rooting for you!

  11. We will need lots more of these blackouts before the thick skulls will receive the message. It won’t be climate change that kills people but the things done to prevent it. But then is their agenda not population reduction at the end of the day?

  12. Windmill huggers have a mindset that only will listen after catastrophe hits. Only then might they say….Ohhh! Now I see what you coal, oil and gas folks have been harping about!

    They have no foresight. It boggles the mind how short sighted GW opponents can be.

  13. No.
    Too much wind causing the turbines to be shut down, and no alternative to back up the loss of the entire array of turbines.
    The Scotland arrays face a different set of failure issues, with winter clear iceing being one of them.

  14. If we can commit to a small history lesson which will explain this situation .In 1813 John Dickson arrived in Sydney NSW with his apprentice Thomas Barker & 10000 pounds worth of machinery . the Governor gave him a grant of land at Cockle Creek( Sydney) to set up a steam mill (grain). Within 7 years he had put out of business every wind mill in the Harbour area.Young Barker went on to install steam engines in country areas & became very wealthy. See Wikipedia.

  15. Aussies.


    No people has ever shown such prowess at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in any situation. Aussies could screw up a wet dream. It’s like civilization with the sane people deleted from the equation. The results are as expected.

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