Environmentalism a tool for global domination, says top Brazilian diplomat

“Climate is basically a globalist tactic of instilling fear for more power.”
Ernesto Araújo

Brazil’s new foreign minister believes climate change is part of a plot by “cultural Marxists” to stifle western economies and promote the growth of China.

In a post entitled “Hijack and pervert,”Ernesto Araújo, the top diplomat of South America’s biggest nation, posted his opinion of the environmental movement.

The tactic of the Left essentially consists in the following: to sequester legitimate causes and noble concepts and to pervert them to serve their political project of total domination.

Over time, the left has sequestered the environmental cause and perverted it to the point of paroxysm over the last 20 years with the ideology of climate change, climate change. The climate gathered some data suggesting a correlation of rising temperatures with increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, ignored data suggesting the opposite, and created a “scientific” dogma that no one else can contest on pain of being excommunicated from good society – just the opposite of the scientific spirit.

This dogma has served to justify an increase in the regulatory power of states over the economy and power of international institutions over national states and their populations, as well as to stifle economic growth in democratic capitalist countries and foster China’s growth. (An important part of the globalist project is to transfer economic power from the West to the Chinese regime, a key part of Trump’s project is to disrupt that process, which is already happening.)

Climate is basically a globalist tactic of instilling fear for more power . The climate says, “You there, you’re going to destroy the planet. His only option is to give me everything, to give me the guidance of his life and his thought, his freedom and his individual rights. I’ll tell you if you can drive, if you can turn on the light, if you can have kids, who you can vote for, what can be taught in schools. Only then will we save the planet. If you come with the official data I control, I’ll call you climate denier and throw you into the intellectual dungeon. Thanks? ”

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  1. Glad some others are waking up to the the NWO globalist elite agenda. Agenda 20121/2030 just about spell that out and its happening in Australia starting at local government level. Whimpy Prime Minister won’t move our embassy to Jerusalem, won’t get out of the UN, fake news reports the high extremes (which we always have had) and down plays the cooler weather. Read Georgia guidestones which also spell out their agenda – less people – wonder what they are going to do to get a population reduction – just let the GSM play out?

  2. You have to remember that in the 1970s there was the big “Ice Age” scare. Everyone kept pointing out that we were at or near the end of the current interglacial, and that we were “cooling” into the next ice age. We were also being pounded by the “unsustainable” population growth and had to start some sort of population control or the Earth would not be able to feed the masses.

    It is my belief that when they saw the ramp up of solar energy coming from the more active Sun, short lived though it would be, they came up with the idea of global warming being caused by the use of carbon based energies as a means to, in the end, enforce depopulation since COLD KILLS far more frequently than does heat. Thus the fable of CO2 induced global warming was introduced to decrease the amount and dependability of the energy industry that was in place.

    If you change the production of electricity, which was being pushed as THE means to heat your home in cooler latitudes, to a system that was less dependable, just think of the havoc you could create if the electric grid failed! With a reduced amount of dependable spinning production, it could take days to weeks to get the electric grid back up from failure. The most likely time for that to happen would have been in the heart of winter. You probably could kill, as a minimum, literally millions of poor, old, and infirm people, possibly even higher.

    And with the failure of northern temperate zone agriculture, the excess population in the lower temperate to tropical zones would die out due to starvation as well. This would have given great importance to strict population control, and the mix of desired population would be established by a world government, born out of the need to “save the race.” And those that worked to kill off the less desirable in the first place would naturally rise to the occasion of controlling the rest.

    In short, selling global warming is not innocuous, it is evil and intended to turn planet Earth into Planned and Controlled Earth.

    • The odd thing about the global cooling phenomenon is that “the ramp up of solar energy coming from the more active Sun” occurred during the solar cycles preceding the 1970’s.

      Cycle 18 peaking in 1947 had a count of ~151.

      Cycle 19 peaking in 1958 had a count of ~201 – the most active solar cycle ever reliably recorded.

      Cycle 20 peaking in 1968 had a count of ~111.

      Cycle 21 peaking in 1979 had a count of ~165.

      Cycle 22 peaking in 1989 had a count of ~159.

      I am still unconvinced as to why 2 of the 5 most active cycles followed by a modestly active cycle, nowhere as low in activity as the early 20th century cycles, would produce the proven cooling lasting about a decade or more during the late 60’s and 70’s.

      I lived through this time and it was most decidedly cooler than today.

      This represents a real conundrum, why should 2 highly active cycles, one of the the most active ever reliably recorded, followed by a modest cycle produce the observed cooling ?

      If the relationship is valid then another less active cycle should prove it and our current temperatures should show obvious decline – time will tell.

  3. Yeah
    Now if we are picking up support to stop deindustrialization lets demand oil companies to stand up for their product. Those cuddling up to green energyshould be forced to
    stop. Same for the nuclear industry.
    There are also the LENR type new energy firms which should be put under public pressure to perform. Mill’s Brilliant Light Power comes to mind. There are others.
    Support from all of them against the Greens must be demanded. Many are pandering to the Greens. because that is the way the wind blows.
    But their basic message is a new and greater industrialization. Make them put up.

  4. Im not convinced it has to do with Chinas growth. Possible some companies are profiting from the solar and windmill madness. China is building coal powerstations in China and around the globe. Remember Brazil has a new US puppet president who is anti China.

    • Why do we assume “every” President is a puppet of some other Government?

      Trump a puppet of Russia
      Brazil’s New President a puppet of us?


      Maybe, with this “one man, one vote” system, it might happen that the “people”, for good or bad, actually vote in somebody LIKE Trump or the Brazilian Pres?

      Ever thought that could be “natural” now and then? Also, remember, 50% of the population hated Obama, Johnson, Nixon, Kennedy, Bush(s), etc. etc.

      1/2 of us will always hate the other half’s President, so to complain and accuse “puppetering”, only wastes our time.

      50% of us LOVE Trump
      50% of us HATE Trump

      and yet, TRUMP is the exact same guy regardless of our feelings.

  5. The first to complain out loud so that everyone hears, are the yellow vests. Bankrupt most of humanity so an elite can indulge their environmental fantasies and control the serfs. America would be suffering in a similar way had not Mr. President pulled out of Paris Climate Fraud.

  6. So, there is Fukushima fuel in the the Pacific Ocean, there are forrests around the equator being cut down, the Chinese don’t clean air nor water, but…

    …but the problem is CO2. The problem are people picking up fruits or taking a poo in national parks – or even entering them. The problem can be solved by wind and solar.

  7. Just posting a live link to Krakatoa Robert, it’s been erupting since the 2nd of Jan (afaik). Watched over a half dozen explosive events in around half an hour yesterday. There’s also a radar image on the feed and it’s sure throwing some ash out, the column is well over 2,000 meters as I post this.


  8. Communism did not die. It was redirected as rampant environmentalism using administrative law. Ask any civil or criminal lawyer how to fight administrative law and most will need to have an answer.

    • When the nuclear disarmament campaign fizzled out with the end of the Soviet Union, the CND lot all moved into eco-activism, which is why it is a western thing and the old eastern bloc are not interested in their alarmism.

  9. Excellent, you fight propaganda with truth.
    The other point is this; the leadership of the US Democratic Political Party is the root cause of this war on worldwide people’s living standards, with Academic freedom used to corrupt science to its cause, its method of capturing the hearts and minds of the people using mass media, by saying a lie often enough the people will believe it.
    They aren’t the friends of the people, they are their socialist enslavers.
    They, the so called masters of the universe, the tiny minority of elite globalists which wish to live on the fat of the land, while the vast majority return to miserable lives tied to land and the vagaries of cyclic climate induced famine. Within 4 human generations the world as we know it now will be back in the dark ages and woman who accepted this AGW propaganda, hook, line, and sinker once again slaves of men.

  10. I posted the following to the site in Portuguese. I happen to live in Brazil:
    Every word in this essay is the God’s honest truth. I have been writing and publishing about cold climate change for 10 years when it became obvious that we were in for cold and a lot of it. The left in Brazil is not implicated much in the global warming story but the press is. But internationally it is the globalist agenda to make carbon slaves out of everyone but the French want nothing to do with it and Trump has stood tall against the total scam of man-made global warming, and now thank God Bolsonaro is thinking straight and his ministers are right behind him. Unfortunately the former administrations had no courage no spine nothing to confrong the international madness of “climate change”. We do have intense climate change but its cooling because of the sun mostly and several other factors.
    https://coldclimatechange.com/ My site is all in English so one would have to use google translate.

  11. The Little Ice Age and 20th Century and deep Pacific Cooling.

    Sadly they immediately ruin an interesting paper by ensuring they mention AGW, they can see the natural cycles but chuck the elephant in the room before the discussion begins.


    Here’s a lighter take on it with a little more ambiguity, the journos starting to hedge their bets a little more but then their take home pay from the fraud won’t match the University fraudsters.


    Even by their own admission they are using the usual stabilised computer models then putting anomolies such as wind/alterations in current, yet I find it strange that Typhoons, unless allocated to wind, and most surprisingly EQ’s like Tohoku would not seem to be included.

  12. The observation by Araujo is profound. Others have made similar remarks.
    Mencken’s about governments fabricating “hobgoblins” to scare the public is widely known.

    “Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.”–James Madison.

    “The people want someone to frighten them and make them shudderingly submissive.”–Adolf Hitler.
    In–“Before The Deluge” by Otto Friedrich, Avon Bookd, 1972

  13. Excellent, truthful observation by Brazil’s new government. We are very blessed to have President Trump, and now a much needed ally in President Bolisaro in Brazil.

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