12 thoughts on “EPA Obstructionism”

  1. “If government is the answer, it is a stupid question.” Folks are gonna realize one day that Marx and Keynes were wrong. Dead wrong.

  2. If you have the supremacy of special interest groups dictating policy and rigging outcomes in markets and politics then of course stuff like capitalism and political institutions will not work except for insiders. All of this raises the question, do we really have capitalism or is it really a form of gangsterism that has taken over the world of finance and politics? I am inclined to say it is gansterism in a 3 piece suit.

  3. That about says it all question is what are we going to do about it? Sit back and bemoan the stiuation or get engaged and fight back?

  4. Governments only exist through coercion and force by the barrel of a gun. Governments only exist for the sake increasing their power through any means especially murder. Governments do not create anything or innovate. They only steal, destroy and kill. Governments are the main enemy of humanity.

  5. Would have had more impact if the wagon was a little lower and showed forms, red tape, tax returns, bills for environmental statements, applications for 1000 different permissions,reports on payments to contractors, holiday payments to employees, super payments to employees, Business Activity 3 monthly reports, CO2 emissions, allowable expenses
    etc. all cascading out of it.

    But it still gets the point, Big Government is killing business.

    • Did anyone else see the interview with the Governor of Puerto Rico? He claims to have taken 28 separate permits and created just 1 permit needed to open and run a business there. I didn’t see the entire interview, but it seems he has made a number of other changes which have taken SOME of government out of the Private Sector equation. Supposedly business in PR is doing much better than the National Average as a result.

      Anyone else see the interview or know the facts?

  6. In the 70’s people concerned about the environment joined enviromental groups. Today environmental groups are like watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside – a collection of violent tree huggers, social engineers, anti-capitalists, industrial malecontents, communists, and other assorted malecontents that would like nothing more than to see the legs cut out from underneath America.

    The EPA has gotten way too big for its britches. It is time to enact across-the-board cuts to all bureauracracies. Let them work with less, just like we have to.

  7. What a tragedy if this whole thing falls apart before we master air-breathing ascent to orbit! 🙁

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