“Eppur si muove”

“And yet, it moves.” (How to deliver unprecedented power to politicians, bureaucrats, and activists.)


I think this comment by By TomOMason deserves repeating

“Eppur si muove”

“And yet, it moves.”

Thus muttered Galileo Galilei under his breath, after being forced by the Inquisition to recant his claim that the Earth orbited the Sun, rather than what was the ‘settled’ theology of the day — the universe circled earth. The public vindication, and scientific verification of Copernican heliocentric views would have to wait for more enlightened times.

Today, the well known story of Galileo is an example that illustrates the dangers of both unchecked power and decreeing scientific matters ‘settled’. However, throughout history, Galileo types of observation (of the mechanics of nature) have often caused dispute between those moneyed power brokers and the rational, scientific, observers.

Understand that ‘settled science’ is often used to spur the public to act. No matter how deranged, no matter that this Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change ‘theory’ is still unproven, the public needs to remember that science is not a set of undisputed and indisputable facts but at best, just a series of approximation. And the public needs to remember that these approximations can never be complete or 100% accurate.

And exactly what is the ‘settled science’ of cataclysmic ‘AGW /Climate Change’ trying to convince us to do? Deliver unprecedented power to politicians, bureaucrats, and activists, and for individuals to lose freedoms, choice, rights and responsibilities, and of course, our wealth.


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  1. The only thing that is settled is the utter corruption of the political, industrial and educational communities. Their main goal is to destroy the existing establishment and rebuild the new world as they see fit.

  2. a MYTH!

    (Here’s just one link http://www.historyrundown.com/did-galileo-really-say-and-yet-it-moves/)

    The quoted paragraph is so full of errors it’s embarassing. Anyone who knows anything about the Galileo affair is just shaking their head at how wrong it is. But myths, like the myth that everyone in the middle ages thought that the Earth was flat, live on regardless because they solidify our world views without us ever haveing to question them.

    And the Galileo myth is just the continuation of the supposed Science versus Religion War that Religion is inevitably losing.

    It’s weak argumentation when it’s obvious to any modern unbiased historian that Science was stillborn in a number of cultures (read Stanley Jaki et al) and only grew in a culture saturated with a belief that the world (universe) was rational and could be known. e.g. In the words of Johannes Keppler (an enormously important Christian scientist) he was “… merely thinking God’s thoughts after him.”

    The author of this comment should have applied a little more scientific rigor to his argumentation.

    His main point might be true but his analogy isn’t.

    “And yet, it moves.”

    Galileo didn’t say it. The heliocentric theory was eventually proved to be right but his arguments “proving” it “scientifically” were wrong. And the idea that it was simply a case of “priests versus scientists” is utterly incorrect. There were priests and scientists on both sides. It’s a fascinating story and almost nothing the author has stated as being true is in fact true.

    Twentieth time I’ve had to write this piece.

    Oh, just to be sure, I’m utterly convinced that “climate change” is real – it’s just that we do not yet have the ability to determine it’s causes. And if it warms slightly then people in warmer climates are gonna be unhappy. And if it cools slightly then people in colder climates are gonna be unhappy. But I’m not spending one darn cent to make the temperature go either way ’cause whichever way it goes *someone* is gonna be unhappy!

    Peace out!

    • Ron Van Wegen, you may indeed be correct, or not, about what really happened to Galileo.
      In as much as Galileo affair is well know as a myth or otherwise, it was used as it is well known.
      I was not looking for the absolute historic truth of that occasion (as it is immaterial), I was looking for a well known historic event that showed the inappropriate use of state powers on individuals, and it that form I feel it was apt.

      see for more —

    • You are correct; climate change is real and has been happening for the last 3.85 billion years, starting just about when the Earth first gained a permanent atmosphere.
      However, anthropological climate change based on Hydro carbon burning, producing CO2 as a by-product of a chemical reaction between carbon in the fuel and oxygen remains an unproven 0.004% myth.
      The small amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is continually taken up by Plant life and replenished by some oceanic release, but the vast majority of that replenishment comes from volcanic sources as part of the ongoing Carbon cycle, with increased levels volcanic activity on a worldwide basis, in conjunction with each Grand Solar Minimum.
      The true greenhouse gas of the current atmosphere of the Earth remains H2O in vapour form at 1% of the Atmosphere.

  3. But, but, but . . the article doesn’t say anything about “priests versus scientists” ! !
    If you intend to argue scientifically (which I assume you do) you must surely start by quoting your “opponents” correctly!

    Perhaps you might give an accurate example of the “errors” which you say the article is “so full of”.

  4. Thanks for the link, Ron. I’ve often wondered if Galileo actually said that at his trial. It would have been a pretty risky thing to have done. However, whether he said it or not isn’t that important. It’s a good example of scientific truth versus ignorance, and irrational belief. The AGW brigade are like the inquisition. No matter what you might say to them, no matter what evidence you show, they won’t believe you. And if they could, they’d probably try to burn you at the stake.

  5. Ron,

    You have got to be kidding me. This is the “20th time” you had to respond to something like this, yet you believe climate change is real?

    Talk about avoiding facts!

    Real science has proven unequivocally there is no global warming. Real science has proven unequivocally the earth goes through regular temperature changes, hot for a while, cold for a while. It’s been hot, now it’s gonna get cold.

    It’s an insanely simple pattern. Somehow, you believe that anthropogenic global warming exists, again, without real proof that it does.

    You are listening to scientists who claimed that the oceans would have risen one hundred feet by now. You are listening to scientists who claimed that the glaciers all over the world would be melted by now. You’re listening to scientists who claimed that Greenland would be grass by now. You are listening to scientists who said it would not even be snowing, anywhere in the world, by now.

    Why should anyone listen to you?


  6. Certainty, aka ‘settled science’ has the effect of stifling debate and keeping the public in thrall to the politicians and the powerful.

  7. We all know the truth that the Olympic was sunk on purpose, after they welded the name Titanic over the Olympics engraved name. Titanic, under the welded on name Olympic ;sailed on for 32 more years! We will believe what we are told to believe. When Gutenburg showed off his multi leaf printing press; they said,”O my god,, now everyone will believe whatever they read! ” …and then there’s the famous, ” A big lie told often enough, becomes the truth!” (damned internet!)

    • I would hate to see one of your lies then.

      Olympic was the largest ocean liner in the world for two periods during 1911–13, interrupted only by the brief tenure of the slightly larger Titanic (which had the same dimensions but higher gross tonnage owing to revised interior configurations), before she was then surpassed by SS Imperator. Olympic also retained the title of the largest British-built liner until RMS Queen Mary was launched in 1934, interrupted only by the short careers of her slightly larger sister ships.[2][3]

      By contrast with Olympic, the other two ships in the class, Titanic and Britannic, did not have long service lives. Titanic collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic on its maiden voyage, while Britannic struck a mine and sank in the Kea Channel off Greece in 1916.

      Decorative elements of Olympic were recovered before she was scrapped and now adorn buildings and even a cruise ship.
      Both Britanic and Titanic sinkings involved significant loss of life, please have respect for the lost.

  8. i find it noteworthy that Retraction watch has only picked up on maybe 3 agw items in spite of pal review and some utter rubbish data thats non reproducible. yet when sensationalised and outrageous claims are made for whats passing(poorly) as climate science in media releases even when it is exposed by yourself Robert or anthiny and many others ,jo nova etc its stil NOT able to be forced to be retracted.

  9. Please research this. The camera does not lie. The rusted letters that have fallen off the prow, show the letters underneath them are MPI! Then study the JP Morgans Californian. Do you really believe the damaged, uninsurable Olympic spent the next 30 years in service? And be careful who you call a liar, sir, at least until you KNOW who is lying! You have just fallen into the same trap that the Warmists do; sir, and that is you have relied on the media and politicians and Hollywood for your info. Look at the findings of the cameras, and notice that the starboard propeller was from the Titanic, which is why it had the number 402. The Olympic had been rammed by a British ManO’War, so to put her back in service, they grabbed one of Titanic’s props. But the keel could not be repaired and the British records show the rest of the story, including the mysterious cargo and coaling of the Californian, and the refusal of many crew members who refused to board the Olympic, then bearing the name Titanic!, as they knew the truth! Many others at the top would not board her either.Respect for the lost soul may includ finding the TRUTH; wouldn’t you agree Jimmy boy?

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